A series of unfortunate events #14

When someone says WHAT their are two meanings to this word as one may say what as in i can't beleive and the other will possibly say what as in can you please repeat that but the what Violet,Klause and Sunny where thinking what as in I can't beleive this!

Chapter 2

It had been long since the Baudelaire's had eaten and they were starved Sunny did not have anything to cook Klause did not have anything to read and Violet did not have anything to invent. It has been count less days and hours since the Baudelaire's had seen count Olaf on his watery grave It had been a while since they seen Kit Snicket who had also had a quite watery grave and it has been a while since they ate the apple and for many more count less things how ever though they had wished there parents were there to comfort them at see. Land ho shouted Sunny who was left in charge while Klause tended to the child and Violet that sound Violet Klause and the infant jumped for what sunny said was true! there realy was land

Chapter 3

The Baudelair's were not aware as what was to happen in this visit to this dreadfull town or aware of the danger they were in and with a infant that they decided to name Melody for she loved to make the vilegers ran to shore they shouted MURDERS Violet,Klause and Sunny gasped there jaw wide open for Melody was far to little to know what to think of this term Some shouted killers wich Melody know the deffinition for but she did not know what had happened for she jumped of the boat and ran into a watery grave for she did not want to be by them she did not want to know them but Klause knowing cpr and how to swim jumped in the water and saved Melody!! she was kicking and screaming but Klause did not let go as soon as the vilegers saw Klause's quick thinking they decided to give the Baudelairs another chance

Chapter 4

The Baudelairs and Melody had a new home they for the first time in a long time felt safe!