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The Saga of Xena and Callisto and their battle of with the God of the land called Chaos starts now

Duel Nature

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Xena and Callisto fought it out on the top of the chariot, each vying for supremacy. Xena would get justice for Gabrielle's husband Perdicas and Callisto would get her vengeance for the death of her parents. They fought exchanging fists aboard the chariot when the unguided horse snagged a rock sending Xena and Callisto flying into a quicksand pit.

As they were sinking into the hole, Callisto was happy that they would die together, Xena's keen mind had already worked out a solution when a portal appeared above them. A purple swirling light engulfed them, taking them. The feeling of moving through the portal made their stomachs lurch in irritation.


Xena and Callisto fell roughly on a hard stone surface. Xena awoke first to try to see the world around her. The world she saw overwhelmed her keen senses. The sky was a shallow purple and the clouds were jet black. Xena looked to her left and saw Callisto standing over her with a sword smiling manically. Xena could only roll her eyes at the blond warrior. Callisto smiling, waved with her free hand playfully, "Hello Xena, how will you ever get out of this one?"

Before Xena could move Callisto stabbed her through the heart. Xena had thought it would hurt, but somehow it didn't. She looked to find blood where the sword was stuck but was surprised to see that there was none. Callisto pulled out her sword and examined it, putting her hand to her chin with a inquisitive look on her face saying, "Well, that didn't work." While she was distracted Xena tried with her sword. She stabbed Callisto in the abdomen turning it to increase the damage to the wound, smiling at the tought of stabbing the woman who had done so much wrong to Gabrielle. However as Xena pulled the sword out she discovered that there was no wound. Xena inspected her sword. She said puzzled, "hmm, No blood."

Xena looked around at the ground which was made of smooth stone. It looked like the face of a clock, the hour hand sat solidly upon the eleven o'clock hour. The minute hand sat one notch past the ten. This time of 11:11, was familiar to Xena as a mystical time in some ritualistic belief systems. It commonly meant that you could ask a wish and get it when it was 11:11 (this is an actual belief)

She was wondering just where the hell she was when a voice spoke, "Welcome to the world of Chaos. I'm Chaos," Xena looked at the being that floated in front of them, he was wearing a purple court jester outfit. He wore a long cape that hung to below his feet. Thin and lanky wearing a pointed headdress that had seven points pointing in seven directions. He had what appeared to be a staff but Xena realized that it was a nun chuck weapon designed so that it could be used as a staff.

He bowed casually in a respectful way but still showing that he was more powerful than Xena and Callisto. Xena said, "Let me guess. You're the god of Chaos."

Chaos answered in a high pitch mocking voice, "You're a quick one. I'm also the God of trial and choice. In fact in this world I'm the lord and master. But enough about me, lets talk about you, both of you. If you haven't noticed you can't kill each other here. It was fun to watch you try. No your not immortals, your life forces have been bonded. You two are bound to one another, you can't kill each other no matter how much you want to, and you can't go no more than ten feet from each other. Now if you want to you can spend eternity fighting it out or you can get free. If you both survive all I'm going to throw what I put before you and coexist, I might let you go."

Xena questioned full of suspicion, "Might?"

Chaos replied somewhat chuckling "Yes might. After all this is my world and if I don't want to let you go, I won't. Don't worry I'll be fair, sort of."

Xena then said with an eyebrow raised "Sort of?"

Chaos replied now irritated "If I were you I'd just take what I can get."

Xena asked with her typical steely gaze in Chaos's direction, "Why are you doing this? What's the point?"

Chaos answered in a somewhat pompous tone, "I'm a fan of the show." Xena and Callisto looked at each other confused as to what he meant by that.

Xena said "What show?" Chaos then said with an irritated sigh, "Mortals, you have to explain everything to them. I'm bored, so I want to see what you two will do, I want to see if you both can survive my world and escape, if not I'll give you an idea what's in store for both of you." A purple light emerging from his hands impacted both their heads.

Xena saw all her loved ones suffering and being tortured while she could do nothing but watch. Their screams were soul shattering. She saw Gabrielle in particular on the same cross that Caesar put Xena on, but unable to die. Callisto saw Cirra and her family die. She smelled their flesh as it burnt, heard there screams. Chaos spoke, "As you can see, if you fail to amuse me the both of you will suffer for it. This game is about the both of you, but don't think you're the only ones here. I've combed your life for your friends and enemies and brought them here to. Yes Xena I even took your irritating blond friend and placed her somewhere in my world."

Xena sneered at the thought of Chaos taking Gabrielle. Callisto said something in her never ending patience, "Enough Games! Tells us what do to get out of here." she was nearly pulling her hair.

Chaos began to disappear saying, "You two figure it out."

Xena and Callisto stared each other down coldly. Xena looking at Callisto frustrated having to work with one such her. She shook her head in disgust at the thought. Callisto looked at Xena with a psychotic grin thinking that 'this might be fun'. She unsheathed her sword preparing to attack. Xena raised her eyebrow as slowly unsheathed her sword. They would deal with Chaos and his world, but first they were going to have to iron a few things out.