Winds of Change

By the Mighty Lu Bu

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AN: This only the first part of the Dual Nature Saga. The Sequel will follow shortly


As Xena and Callisto walked out on top the hill they saw several of the people from the realm of Chaos. Xena's eyes fell on Borias, he was still alive. That fact made Xena happy, she blamed herself for his death, and now he would have a second chance. Xena observed Ephiny with Phantes and Xenan. Things have changed.

Callisto saw her mother and tried to approach her, but her mother said, "Stay away from me!"

Callisto stopped in her tracks and reached out her hand to her mother as she said, "Mom.."

She replied coldly, "I'm not your mother. I saw everything you did. All those people you killed. Every kill was like you stabbed me in the chest. Stay away from us. My daughter died in Cirra that day. I don't know who you are." Callisto's mother and her sister both walked away.

Callisto begun to weep as she called out, "Mommy! Please, mommy!" Her mother would not answer as she left. Callisto pulled out her sword and began to drive it towards her self when Borias grabbed her hands saying, "No!"

Callisto said exasperated, "Why not? I lost everything! Everybody hates me! I'm a monster, I should die!"

Borias said as he brought himself closer to her, "Not everyone hates you." Callisto stopped.

She stared deep in his eyes. He continued, "I lo.. care about you. I can help you find peace. I'm going meet my son. Please come with me."

Callisto felt happy that someone wanted to around her. That someone would accept her. It gave her a chance, a hope, that maybe her sins wouldn't always haunt her. Callisto said tearfully, "You mean it. I can come with you."

Borias answered, "Yes." Callisto put her sword back into it's sheath.

Then Athena approached Callisto, putting her hand on the blonde warriors shoulder as she said, "I will let you have peace for now, but you are now my chosen. I will call on you needed. I need the sword of Zeus back. It must be returned to my father." Callisto unsheathed the Thundersword and handed it to Athena. Athena said "Go now, find your peace." Callisto left with Borias heading toward Kaleipus lands.

Ares went to Xena's side as he said touching her gently, "There is still a place for at my side. My offer is always the table."

Xena removeded the War Gods hand from her body as she said, "No, I won't be anymore suffering."

Ares threw up his hands as he walked away, "Well, it was worth a shot." He teleported away.

Ephiny came up to Xena. The two grasped hands firmly. Xena could see the joy in Ephiny's face with her having her husband back. She said to Xena, "Glad you weren't serious."

Xena raised an eyebrow as she replied, "I wouldn't have killed you."

Ephiny replied with a chuckle, "That's good to know."

She then hugged Gabrielle. Gabrielle had tears coming down her face, but they weren't all happy tears. She was happy for Ephiny but her own family was gone forever. Then Ephiny went with Phantes and Xenan and left for home.

Xena snapped her head in the direction of Athena as she asked, "Is it over?"

Athena stared hard at the warrior princess as she answered, "No. The world has changed. Much has been altered. I feel ancient evils stirring. I also fill the presence of some of the lesser Gods of chaos. It is never a good thing to alter the timeline. However this has and will have disastrous consequences. You will fight future battles with dangerous beasts and rouge evil Gods. The world has changed for the worse. I must go now, father will be expecting me."

Xena nodded as Athena left. Gabrielle asked with a concerned voice, "What does it all mean?"

Xena looked at the bard. Gabrielle had been so radically changed in the mere month the were in the realm of Chaos. Xena said, "Things are worse than ever. We may not be able to ever undo the damage Chaos has done. I expect we will soon be fighting another battle."

She looked at Gabrielle seeing the sadness in her eyes. Xena asked putting her hand on the bards shoulder, "Are you ok?"

Gabrielle replied trying to be strong, "Yes."

Xena stared at her in with a look of doubt in her eyes. Then Gabrielle said fighting her emotions, "No. Borias gets to see his son. Callisto's family lives again, even if they did reject her. Phantes is alive and can be a father to Xenan. You know what I got?" She paused for reflection. "Guilt. I lost everyone I ever loved. While everyone else got there families back I got nothing. Nothing except my guilt."

Xena looked away as a sad look graced her face. Gabrielle asked, "What is it?"

Xena answered, "You said you lost everyone you ever loved."

Gabrielle replied, "I didn't mean that I didn't love you. I love you Xena. I'm sorry."

Gabrielle hugged Xena. Xena said, "As long as we have each other we will always have someone to love and someone who loves us. Don't you forget that. Xena kissed Gabrielle's forehead." Xena and Gabrielle turned to watch the sun set in the distance. Her friend had been through so much. Still she maintained her light. Xena didn't get much back either, but one thing they both knew. They would always have each other.


Two days later Borias arrived at Kaleipus hut, Callisto stood in the background. Kaleipus asked, "How?"

Borias answered as he grasped the Centaurs hand, "Chaos. He brought me back. I want to meet my son."

Kaleipus happy face was replaced with a sad one. Borias said reassuringly, "I don't wish to take him away, I wish to stay here with him. I want to be a father to him. But I won't take him away from the only father he has ever known. I know that pain." Kaleipus smiled again.

He then called in Solan. Borias's eyes teared up. Kaleipus said twisting the facts a little "Fate as brought your father from the grave. This is your father, the noble brave honorable hero of the Centaurs. Borias."

Solan approached him carefully. He said "Father?"

He walked slowly towards Borias who grabbed him and hugged his son. Borias let out some silent tears. Finally he would get to be with his son. Callisto was (really) misty eyed as she watched the whole scene. Then she exited the hut to give them some private time.

Later that night when no one was around. Callisto got herself an old chest to put some stuff into. She removed her sword and it's sheath and placed it inside the chest. Her other sheath however, she kept out, as it held the Thundersword before she gave it up. She took her dagger and it's sheath and placed it inside the chest. She put the dark chakram inside as well.

She took off her boots and put them inside. She then removed her top putting it inside. Then her skirt. She was completely nude as all of her gear was now in the chest. She closed the chest and locked it tight.

She then slipped into a villagers dress she had set aside. She dug a hole behind what was soon going to be her hut. Once done, she put the chest inside. She buried it, hoping that she would never ever need it again.

She would finally have peace, she determined. Here among the Centaurs she would start over. Become a Callisto she could live with. Before she went to her new bed to sleep. She said one last thing, "Thank you Xena." Callisto slept the sleep of peace for the first time in her adult life. It was over, or so she thought.


In a realm unknown to all

The being Chaos looked around him and couldn't see a thing, he knew where he was, he had been here before and just like before, he would get out.

he mused to himself thinking of his future, "hmm, I still exist. I guess you can't kill Chaos. isn't that special."