This is a 100 drabble-prompt challenge between Josiyx and myself. The prompt list and rules for the challenge can be found in the depths of either of our livejournals.

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note.

001. Anywhere

"Anywhere, Ryuk." Light breathes in excitement. "I can kill anybody anywhere, any way, at any time."

He has only had the notebook for a month now, but already he has exhausted almost half its pages with the names of criminals who deserve to die for their crines. "Righteous punishment," Light has explained to Ryuk on more than one occassion. The shinigami doesn't really care how many people the human kills so long as the boy continues to amuse him.

Light leans back against his chair and folds his arms behind his head as he eyes Ryuk with a devious smile on his lips and a terrible glint in his eyes.

"Soon, the world will bow to my justice."