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Amu: 20




Ikuto: 25


Walking into a cascaded white wall surrounding, Amu drew in a breath. This was what her years of training had lead her to become. Finally she was a fully trained nurse at the hospital of her dreams.

"Well hospital of my dreams is a little over board"Amu thought to herself, as she walked through the sliding glass door. It was just a regular hospital, nothing of real composure.

True, it was filled with sick people, and the smell of a senior care center but, it was welcoming to her. This is what she finally wanted to do. Help people.
Not to mention getting a nursing job helped that dream progress.

She walked to the main counter, where a woman with dark bushy hair that looked like it was trying to escape her pony tail, was shuffling papers.

"A... excuse me" Amu's voice came out a bit huskier then she had liked. "I'm the new nurse, and I'm not sure..."
The woman quickly looked up to her from the desk, with piercing green eyes that made her stop mid-sentence. Although the woman smiled, Amu was still a bit apprehensive to smile back.

Nerves were getting the best of her.
"Oh! You're the new nurse?" The woman questioned, while her eyes began to search for something. Reaching into the dark abyss of her desk, the woman pulled out a clipboard. "Hinamori, Amu I presume?"
Amu nodded in silence, while the woman proceeded to place the clipboard in front of her.
"Please sign right here, ma'am," She said, pointing to a various location.

Amu took the pen and signed, not bothering to read what was on excited to start her first day.
Writing quickly and frantically, Amu swallowed. She then placed the pen down on the clipboard as the woman pulled it away.

"Thank you. Now, you'll be under the care of Tsukiyomi Ikuto."
The clerk pointed to her left and Amu smiled.

It was finally starting to set in. She was actually going to work for the first time in years.

Walking down the hall in a rather quick pace, Amu searched for Ikuto's room. She wasn't really sure where she was supposed to be going but, if he was her boss, she was sure he'd tell her what to do.
She was more excited yet extreamly nervous .As much as she hated to admit it, her nerves were showing more than her excitement.

"That will have to change"Amu whispered to herself, as her search became more and more futile.

The place was ghastly huge, and she was afraid is if she looked down the hall too long, she would get vertigo from the length of it. With this in mind, she tried to keep her eyes on the wall, instead of ahead of her.

Ash she came to a couple of double doors in front of her, They opened quickly; startling her to react in a high pitched yelp .

"Ouch Amu! The doors are see threw for a reason!"
Through her fright, Amu looked at the man in front of her who was holding some sort of clothing. Recognizing who it was, she bowed in apology.
"I'm sorry Nagi."
Laughing, the man just reached out a hand and patted her arm in comfort.
"I understand! It's your first day at a new job! You must be somewhat nervous,. I just didn't expect realize how much."

She liked Nagi from the moment she handed him her resume. He held a demeanor of care that most guys didn't. Even when he took her resume from her shaking hand, he smiled with delight. It was nice to see him again.
As she lightly laughed at his joke, she noticed his expression change. Like a light bulb suddenly went off.

"Actually Amu," He started " I didn't think you'd be this early and I was just on my way to give the clerk your outfit but, since you're here," With one outstretched arm, he held out the white bundle that was draped over it. "Here you are!"

Smiling as he gave it to her, Amu placed it close to her chest."Thank you Nagi"
He smiled his honest smile and nodded in her general direction before he started to walk away.
"You're very welcome Amu! You're first patient is in room 130,. Ikuto should be in shortly to speak with you. If you need anything else, let me know! I'll be around for the remainder of the morning."

Amu nodded, lightly waving as she watched him disappear around the corner, forgetting her whole reason when she bumped into him in the first place.

"What. The. Crap."Was the first thing that Amu thought after she had slipped into the uniform.

The uniform was a tiny, white one-piece short dress, which buttoned in the front from the middle of her bust down to her waist. It frilled out from the buttons in a short, school girl kind of way. Up her legs was were shimmery white panty hose. Her own white flat shoes filled in the rest.
Admiring herself in the tiny bathroom mirror, she grumbled as she attached the last piece of her outfit. A small nurse cap with a thin red cross on it. Wincing as she pinned it in place, she felt her nerves turn into a frigid anger.
Amu groaned in frustration. When she bent down, people could practically see her underwear!
'Stupid perverted hospital,' she thought. 'No wonder they accept young employees.'
As she turned one more time in the mirror; her name tag flashing in the light, another nurse walked in wearing a simple white scrubs uniform. She took one look at Amu and forced out a smile that was caught in-between laughter.
She could see the other woman purse her lips together in hysteria.
"You must belong to Dr. Tsukiyomi."
No longer holding her composure in front of the judging woman, Amu just walked past her, anger flooding her veins.
She could hear the woman laughing in the bathroom as she walked down the hall.

Amu trudged to room 130, trying to avoid the awkward glances of patients and other doctors alike as they ogled her up like some picture in play boy. She watched as the numbers on the room went higher.
"130-130-130" She thought, waiting to find the right room.
After a few moments, the room appeared in her vision. Walking over to the front of the room, she picked up the hospital chart, looking it over to find the subjects name on it.
'I hope my first patient isn't some old perverted man,' she thought to herself as she placed the chart back, pushing open the door.

"Hi!" a little boy's voice called out. Amu stared at the little boy. This was her patient? How cute!

"Hello," Amu replied, smiling sweetly at him. She adored little kids. "What's your name?"

The boy grinned up at her in happiness.
"It's Kai!" he replied, flashing her all his pearly white teeth.

Amu grinned right back at him."It's nice to meet you Kai! My name is Amu, I'm going to help take care of you, okay!?" She held out her hand to anticipation Kai high fived her, still plastered with the same smile.
'He's adorable,' she thought to herself.

"Hey, Kai," a deep male voice rang out. Amu turned around to look at the intruder. She could feel her breath hike into the middle of her throat as she stared at him.
He was tall, handsome and had midnight blue hair with matching eyes. His hair was slightly ruffled and he looked rather bored. He wore a simple white doctor's coat and he looked like he was around 25.

Kai immediately brightened. "Ah! Nii-Chan!"

Ikuto offered a tiny smile at the boy. "Kai," he said. "Been a good boy today?"

Kai nodded enthusiastically. "I have!" he exclaimed. Ikuto chuckled quietly as he ruffled the boy's hair. "I have something for you," he replied, taking a brown paper bag out of his coat pocket.

"What is it, what is it?" Kai asked, taking the bag and ripping it apart. The boys' eyes twinkled as he saw the object of desire.
"Wow! It's the model airplane I wanted! Thanks, Nii-Chan!"

Ikuto smiled. "You're welcome." Proceeding to then he noticed Amu standing there, he looked towards her and grinned. She could feel him eyeing her just as everyone else did.

"I haven't seen you before," he said to her. "Are you new?"

Still a bit flustered from the outfit she was wearing she quickly spat "No shit, Sherlock."
Amu finally finding her 'cool and spicy' mood that she had lost earlier in the day.

Ikuto raised an eyebrow. His look hardening in confusion.

"Hmm," he mumbled while raising a hand to his face, stroking his chin.
What a weird girl. Usually whenever a girl saw him, they'd swoon or flirt with him, even if they were taken. They turned into instant Ssluts.

Ikuto then frowned. This girl had an attitude. Sure, she was cute, and his hands were aching to touch those curves that stood out in the tight nurse uniform she had on, but he couldn't now and he could feel her mood dulling his own.
He would soon change that. Everyone would always change their minds.

Amu stood there looking bored as he had before. Sure, this man was undeniably hot, but she knew she had a boyfriend waiting for her. Tadase-kun. Her heart flipped in her chest as Amu almost swooned just thinking about the blonde.

Ikuto glanced at her. "Well, since you're new, I'll show you around."

"No thanks," she replied ignorantly, turning her back to him in one fluid motion.
Suddenly with a quick pull, Amu could feel something snake around her waist.
Ikuto laid his head on her shoulder, turning her bright red. "Are you by any chance Amu?" he asked her, his breathe hot on her neck.

Swallowing the shiver running down her spine she stuttered "Y-yes," as she then attempted to remove his hand.
Ikuto grinned in her shoulder, achieving another shiver to run down her back. Turning in his arms, she placed her hands on his chest and pushed with all of her force until he regrettably came off.

Pulling away from his prey, he adjusted his coat and looked at Kai, with a smile. The boy smiled in return.
Fuming in anger, Amu turned towards the door once again, wanting to leave. She didn't sign up to be an object of obsession by everyone in the hospital.

"Well then, Amu. I'm Tsukiyomi Ikuto," Amu paused in mid stride. Her hand residing on the door handle.

"Technically you have to do everything I tell you to do , as I am your boss. This includes allowing me to show you around."
Amu gaped at him. No way! This guy… was Tsukiyomi Ikuto? Then the contract she signed…

Ikuto smirked at her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "You should close your mouth, sweetie. A fly might get into it. Unless…"

Amu could feel her eyes widen in horror as Ikuto leaned over her, licking the side of her, to rid the sensation, she turn into him, in an attempt to get him to stop. She could then feel something warm against her mouth and intruding into her mouth. Without thinking, she bit down. Hard.

"Ewe! Nii-Chan! Amu-Chan!" Kai cried, covering his eyes with his small hands.

Ikuto immediately pulled away from her, holding his mouth in agonizing pain.
"Owe!" He hissed at her, looking up at her. There was something that was drawing him to her but he couldn't figure out what it was with the hostile girl.

"Serves you right," Amu shot back at him. She didn't care who the hell her he was. How dare he kiss her especially when she had a loving boyfriend at home
"Hmm…?" Ikuto mumbled in his hand, wiggling his tongue in his mouth, trying to ease the pain of her bite. He watched her. A bit in confusion but a bit in curiosity. He could see that she still wasn't falling for it but, he knew that she eventually would. Every girl wanted to be with him and he knew it.
'Well then,' he thought. 'I'll just have to make her like it."

Straightening up, and moving his jaw around, still trying to ease the pain, she looked from Kai, then to herAmu.
"Well Amu, as you so inexcusablye hurt your own boss, I think it's time you and I had a little chat,"
Amu froze at Ikuto's words.
"Let's go to my office, shall we?"His demur demeanor changed and his words were not a question.
Not waiting for a reply, Ikuto grabbed her wrist before looking at Kai who was staring in childish confusion.
"We'll be back in a while to check on you again, okay Kai?"
Kai smiled at Ikuto, clapping his hands.
"Okay, Nii-Chan!! Come back soon so we can play!"

Ikuto nodded with a smile before his eyes landed on Amu. His eyes were neither friendly nor angry for her.
Knowing she would have to meet with him anyways, Amu sighed as Ikuto proceeded to drag her down the hallway into his office.

"Bye, Amu-Chan!" Kai called out to them although they were already gone.

Shutting the door, Ikuto let her go as he turned to fidget with the sign on the door

Amu gasped at her surroundings.

The room was huge.

There were a few couches and a simple desk in the corner but most of all, outside the luxurious large window held an ocean view that she felt drawn too.

Hearing a click from behind her, she was torn from her beautiful vision and forced to look at her boss who was leaning on the door. His arms crossed in irritation.
Although he had been looking down, Ikuto looked up to her, a smirk rising to his face.

"There isn't a way out Amu-Chan so, let's talk."
Frowning in return, Amu also crossed her arms knowing she would have to one way or another.
Ikuto walked over to her and slipped his hand beside her face, and lightly grabbed her. His face moved down as he brushed her chin with his cheek, sliding his mouth up to her ear.

"Why would you bite me? I was only trying to be nice."
Amu shivered again. He was not only arrogant but he was unbelievable prick.
Flinching from the heat on her ear, she muttered.
"Because you deserved it."
Ikuto smirked at the girl, moving his hand down her shoulders to her waist before he grabbed tight again. Holding onto her tightly he moved himself so they were pressed together.
This made Amu react as she tried to move her hands free from their position to push him away.
"There isn't a way out, Amu-Chan," He whispered in her ear.
Amu swallowed, freezing for a moment...
Ikuto could see she was thinking that over in her head. She was scared and it was cute.

Releasing her from his embrace, he watched as she stepped back from him, in confusion and in shock. She looked for an escape route and Ikuto just pleasantly folded his arms once more.
Amu didn't run for the door. He was her boss and she knew he had more to say to her then just asking a question. Even though she knew that, she still moved closer to the door in case something should happened.

Looking at her as she moved from him, he ran up his hand up through his hair. Sighing as he did so.
Suddenly, he took off his coat and walked past her to the coat rack ;beside the door, hanging it as he adjusted his tie from his neck.

"Amu, we just can't be having that type of behavior in this hospital."

'That type of behavior!?' She thought in anger as he suggested that she had done something wrong.
His back was still towards her as he was fidgeting with something.

"Behavior? "She questioned as anger filled her voice. "It's my first day and I'm supposed to let you kiss me? In front of a child no doubt?!"

She watched as Ikuto sighed once more as he leaned his head back, before turning to her. Finding herself gasping in deep horror she looked at Ikuto's open shirt as he came towards her.
He walked quickly and diligently, before he wrapped his arms around her, positioning his head beside hers.
"You're supposed to let me do a lot more than that, nurse."
He ran a hand down her back ushering her to move into him which, in turn, made Amu angry. He couldn't figure out why he felt such a need to touch her but even though he knew she would try to flee, he had to. He wanted to know why that this girl, out of the many he'd been with, was the only one able to reject him and that alone made him irritated.

"No," Amu stuttered. "You're my boss and nothing else!"
Amu spun from his chest, trying to pull herself to the couch but was quickly pulled back into Ikuto's embrace.
He held her to him. He didn't want to let go.
"You know that I don't need to be." He whispered with such indulgence it made Amu sick.

"Is that why you pick out these horrific outfits?" She questioned, still wiggling from him as his arms tightened around her.
She could hear a shifting in the air behind her as he slid down his hands from her waist to her hands. With a tight tension, Amu could feel something slip around her wrists, tying them together.
Ikuto silenced her before she could usher out a word of question.

"I give these to all my nurses to tell them apart from the others. This is just another aspect of a nurses job isn't it?" He let that linger over her a bit before he grabbed her wrists tied behind her and pushed her towards the desk.
"You help your patients recover, don't you?"

Amu swallowed and began to try to move away. She was panicking knowing that her boss wanted more from her then just a talk. All she could think of was her boyfriend at home, waiting for her to get off her first day at work with remarkable stories to tell.
This was not something she thought off.

Ikuto reached up, and pulled her hair down and out of her pinned bun, discarding the hat to the floor in turn.

He pushed her again against the desk.
"S-Stop it!" Amu cried, trying to loosen the tie. Her wrists were aching from the sudden pressure. Ikuto merely smirked at her again as he leaned over her body, pushing his own into her back.
"Tell me Amu," He whispered as he ran a hand down her back to her bottom, squeezing it with intensity over her skirt. "Why I want you this bad"
She stopped struggling for a moment. It sent an undeniable shiver of pleasure run down through her although she had no idea why. She also had no idea why she couldn't answer it either. She felt that there was something odd about how she was trying to push him away but, was still acting calm in the light of what was going on.
His mood seemed to change from arrogant to confusion, like he was trying to answer his question himself.
She could feel him suddenly shake his head as he ran his other hand down to her bottom, under her skirt, grabbing the very bottom of her butt, pulling it up and squeezing it in his hand. She whined in pain.

"Don't worry, Amu-Chan. I won't make you my own now. It's much too early."

Amu's eyes widened considerably. If he wasn't wanting to do something to her, then what was he doing.?
He retracted from her body and pulled her over so her back was spread against the desk. She shuttered as she tried to sit up but was pushed back into place.
He placed a hand behind her head and ran the other down her side, sending up tingles.

Tadase sprung to Amu's mind as she tried to move up again to get away when she felt his hand snake down to her bottom again. She could see the look in Ikuto's eyes. One of longing and want drifting in and out of his calm faced demeanor.
Even so, Amu struggled again

"Wait, Tsukiyomi what are you-mmph!" Ikuto's mouth crashed into hers, silencing her pleas. His mouth snaked into hers mouth, enjoying her sweet taste. He could smell her strawberry shampoo, and her mouth was as soft and sweet as it looked. He hated the way his name sounded on her tongue. It reminded him of his past which he knew he wanted to get away from.
Amu struggled against him, but her arms were tied. 'Tadase-kun,' she thought, as she tried to pull her mouth away. One arm was wrapped around her waist and the other was holding her face still.

Amu suddenly perked up. She moved a leg, making sure it was positioned where she wanted it to be. Then she kneed him. As much as there was something captivating about Ikuto, she had to think of her boyfriend before anyone else and this situation was no excuse.
Yes, she had kneed theTsukiyomi Ikuto, who had never in his life been rejected by a girl. Not that he's ever done this to anybody other than Amu.

Ikuto winced in pain, reluctantly pulling his mouth away. He saw Amu smirking in victory at him. "Take that, pervert!"She thought, Uuntil she saw him with that same devilish smirk. Amu could feel her body heat up in fear.

"Feisty, aren't we?" Ikuto said, getting up ,wincing. "That really hurt."

took a step toward her. Amu, frozen in fear, was sitting on the desk. Ikuto walked over to her and slightly pulled her to him. He was standing against the desk, her legs parted on either side of him. Grinning mischievously, he began to unbutton her uniform. When it couldn't button down anymore, he pushed his hand into her top, undoing the bra, and using the tip of his fingers to play with sensitive center of her breast.

Feeling the sensation of pleasure and fear wash over her, she tried again to move from him, but he gripped her breast firmer, causing her to moan in pleasure.
Trying to hold her composure together, Amu looked at him.
"Tsukiyomi, you don't have to do this with me."She was more telling then she was denying. As much as she loved Tadase, there was something about him that she wanted and she couldn't deny it although she was trying.
Ikuto looked at her, his gaze a blur when she realized he wasn't going to stop. That frightened her and she could feel herself begin to tear.
"I want to stop." He said in what seemed like a growl as he bent down to his knees, reaching his hands behind her back and pulling her to him until his her breast was in her his mouth. He then began to suck.

"Ah! Stop it!" Amu cried, blushing, trying to get him out from between her legs. She could feel something hard and uncomfortable there that she wished she didn't.

"But why, Amu?" he purred, nipping at her sensitive spot.
She squirmed under his embrace. As much as she knew she wanted this, she didn't want it all at the same.

"Cause this is wrong, and you know it. Look, I have a boyfriend at home and..."

She stopped as she felt her his hand brush her underside sending a shiver up her chest.

"But, you're so wet… Don't you want me to continue? No one said you had to tell him." he pulled down her panty hose, taking her underwear as well. He began to touch her slowly. Amu cried out, her back arching against him.
He couldn't stop himself. He wanted her so bad even he didn't know why. It was sudden but it felt right, and it made him more angered at himself for being so weak.
"No. Tsukiyomi Please Stop," she whimpered. But it was true,. Sshe did want him to continue, even though she regretted it.
'What will Tadase think?' She thought.
Her body was getting hotter, and Ikuto was right. She knew she was wet.

Ikuto stifled a groan as he watched the pink haired girl in his arms. He wanted to make her his, so bad. Ikuto moved his hand, rubbing gently against her slit. Amu whimpered, her tiny form shaking. Wrapping his other arm around her waist, he pulled her closer, standing so he could admire her eyes.

Feeling light tears run down her face, she could feel him wrap his mouth around hers.
Ikuto inserted a finger gently, feeling her tightness closing in around him. Ikuto moaned quietly. He would have to take a cold shower after. Ikuto moved in and out of her, pleased when he heard her cry out every now and then, her face buried into his chest.

"Stop…" she choked out in a mixture of guilt and of pleasure.
"Tadase…" she whimpered, as her eyes brimmed with more tears. Ikuto froze in mid stride. His mouth still lingering over the spots of her neck he was kissing.

"What?" He said aloud as he saw Amu shuffle in her spot.
He heard Amu call out someone's name. Tadase? Who was that? Ikuto's brow furrowed. He felt something tugging at his chest.

'Jealousy? No that's Impossible, she's just another nurse.' He thought in his mind.
He could never be jealous. He never had been jealous.

Extracting his hand from inside her, he quickly pulled up her underwear and panty hose.
Standing, Amu watched as her tears slowed as her he buttoned her uniform back up. Flipping her over quickly, he untied her.
"Ikuto?" She questioned him in utter confusion and in delight. He was letting her go.

"Just get out." He said, as he unlocked the door with a key from his pants; gently pushed her out the door. He'd never felt this feeling. It felt… weird.

Amu bit her lip, tears threatening to overflow. It sort of hurt, and she felt sore now that it was over. Touching her bruised lips, she staggered over to Nagi who was nearby, flipping through a patients chart.

"Amu-Chan? Oh god, what happened?" he asked, as he ran over to her, grabbing her into a hug. He could see that she was in pain.

"Nagi… I don't want to work here anymore," she said, sobbing into his shirt.

"W-What? Amu, it's your first day! Things will get better!" Amu just shook her head.

"I can't work here," she choked out. "Please Nagi."
She felt guilty and ashamed. She had let Ikuto go so far without a fight, and she knew there was love waiting at home for her.

Nagi watched her with pity filled eyes. "Amu, you can't. Remember your contract? "
Amu's tears welled up again.

"What about the contract?" she asked, holding back tears.

"You have to stay here for a period of at least a year; a minimum of 5 years is suggested. You signed it before you started work. Didn't you read it?" Nagi asked her, incredulous. Amu shook her head, numb. 1-5 years? She couldn't survive. Sinking down onto the floor with Nagi attached, she pulled her legs up in-between them and began to cry.

Nagi bit his lip. He wanted to help her, but a contract can't be broken. Sighing, he listened to her cry as he stroked her head.

From his window, Ikuto watched in silent irritation as he watched the purple haired boy stroke Amu.

'"How dare he touch her? She is mine!"' He thought before he quickly snapped out of it, looking down at himself.
'"No, she's not mine. What am I thinking?" He muttered before he walked out of his office, holding a clip board at his side. He fingers were clenched so hard, the whites of his knuckles showed. He wanted to find out who this 'Tadase' boy is. Stalking down the hall, he ignored the gasps and shrieks of girls all around him.