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Chapter 2

Fairytales tell, as their labels imply
Stories of magic, of beings that fly
There's romance and danger and plotting of schemes
There are good guys and bad guys, for that is the theme

"Annabeth!" Rachel screamed, her voice reaching all ends of the house. "Get my tea! And I want it hot at exactly sixty degrees!"

"Yes, your highness," Annabeth grumbled nonchalantly. It was only six in the morning, and Princess Rachel is already starting to order her around. She usually started at eight. Annabeth wondered what was special with today.

That's when she remembered that the invitations were supposed to arrive today. The invitations for the prince's eighteenth birthday. A grand ball was to be held, and every young lady above sixteen was invited. She couldn't help but be excited herself.

The King and the Queen themselves made it public that the prince is to look for a wife, seeing that it was compulsory for a prince to have a wife by the time he takes over the throne. After the night, he should have made his choice, and the lucky girl is to be married to the prince of Canadia. Prince Luke.

Annabeth sighed like the lovesick puppy that she is, completely enthralled by the thought of his Majesty. Prince Luke. He's so… so… dreamy.

Luke Castellan, son of King Jupiter and Queen Juno; respected for morality and charity, an icon for excellence and integrity, and a paragon of everything that is right. Not only was he the exact carbon copy of the King who had resolute leadership, but he also earned the unconditional kindness of the Queen. Who wouldn't dream of being married to the Prince.

But who was she kidding. She was a mere habitant, habitually spending time at the outskirts of the kingdom, and nothing more than a servant to what others call family. The odds of her being chosen by the prince were roughly zero-to-none. Still… Hope bubbled inside of her as she remembered the fairytales her father usually told her when she was young.

As she considered, realization dawned on her.

She wasn't able to finish her train of thought though as Rachel hissed at her. "Annabeth! Get your lazy butt moving! Now! Tea! Hot! Sixty degrees!"

Annabeth nodded indignantly and made her way for the kitchen as she plotted on spoiling her step-sister's tea. Again. But Rachel added, "Celsius! Don't play that stupid fahrenheit thing with me again!"

She was running out of ideas on how to ruin her step-sister's day, not to mention it was freaking six in the morning. She can't possibly come up with anything at this ungodly hour. Doing whatever Rachel asked for wasn't exactly what she wanted for the day, but she had no other choice.

Ever since she lost her father Frederick to death, or so it would seem since he never came back after going on an expedition ten years ago, she was treated as a servant and declared the maid of the house. She was forced to do all the housework by the other three occupants. Her stingy, vain, and proud step-family; Hera and her two daughters, Rachel and Thalia.

Annabeth never met her real mother since she died during childbirth. Most fathers would be angry and would blame the child, but Frederick has always been loving and kind. He took care of Annabeth on his own. He only remarried because they needed the money, and because Annabeth needed someone to be with her as Frederick went on his expedition.

She sighed as she plopped tealeaves in the teacup and watered them with boiling water. Leaving the teacup on the counter, she opened the window to breathe in fresh air. She dragged a wooden stool and sat near the window, leaning on the wooden ledge for support.

The streets were placidly quiet, exactly how she preferred them over the bustling way it was during the day. Sunlight began to emanate from the horizon, illuminating everything it comes upon with splashes of vermilion. It was so peaceful, she couldn't help but let her thoughts go free, dwelling on a memory of her father...

"He took her hand, and he kissed it. Then he swooped her up on to his horse, and the beautiful princess and the handsome prince rode off to his castle. And they lived happily. Ever. After. The end." Frederick closed the book and tickled the young blonde next to him as he said the last line.

Annabeth giggled on her bed and almost fell over. "Do fairytales come true, dad?" she asked with her hopeful six-year-old eyes.

"Well… no." Frederick's brows furrowed as he saw the look of disappointment on his daughter's face. "But… You can make your own fairytale. Just like how you can make your own dreams come true."

The young Annabeth tried to stare away for a minute, processing the thought with her stormy gray eyes that her father loved because it looked so much like her mother's. "Do you have a dream?" she asked after.

"Yeah. My dream is that you'll grow up, fulfill your own dreams, and maybe someday, you'll live in your very own castle like in fairytales," he declared, hugging his daughter tightly. "But you know, Annabeth. Fairytales aren't just about finding a handsome prince and marrying him. They're about fulfilling your dreams. And standing for what you believe in."

She smiled up at her dad and hugged him back with her eyes closed. "I love you, dad."

"I love you too, sweetheart." Frederick kissed the top of her head and pressed her closer to him.

Then a shrill cry issued from above, "Annabeth! My tea!"

Annabeth jerked from the stool she was on and glared at the general direction where the voice came from. She walked towards the teacup, then groaned as she felt it. It turned cold as she daydreamed.

Sighing and shaking her head slightly, she dumped the contents of the teacup into the sink and the tealeaves into the trash. She has no other choice but to make another one.

This was mostly likely the highest point of her day. Serving vain idiots was very tiring. And she has a long list of chores coming up.

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