Drum roll pleaz *drum rolls*

Introducing…THE SEQUEL

Waking up from a blurry vision for nearly five minutes Relic finally got his eyes to adjust to the light around him.

"Ugh where am I?" Relic asked.

"In the cell…" A cheetah said. Relic looked around. He was in a tiny cell with two wooden beds and nothing else. "We'll be moved in about ten minutes. Better get ready…" The cheetah said.

"Where are we being moved? And where exactly am I!?" Relic yelled quietly.

"Well to be more specific we are in…well in a short way, given our short time we are in storm 4, an extra secure cell block. No one has ever escaped before, anyone who's tried…died." The cheetah said finishing his sentence.

"How long has this been going on?!" Relic asked wondering how long he had been asleep.

"Well after the war the evil black armored knights took over. It's been about seven years, why do you ask?" The cheetah said wondering how he didn't know how long it had been. Relic was dumbfounded, stunned, and speechless. Seven years!

"What about Melonie, what about Alec, what about everyone I know! Are they all dead? I have to know!" He thought in his mind.

"Shh, here they come! Keep quiet unless you want a beating!" The cheetah said shutting his mouth as the guards came closer and closer. The guards came to their cell, they started to get a shiny key out, it looked familiar to Relic. He knew he saw that key before.

"Wait a minute… were in the palace!? How did it chance this much? The dungeons were never this…this…evil looking! I have to stop this! I'm going to break out!" Relic shouted in his mind. One of the guards started to walk towards their cell.

"Cheetah, come with me." He said. The cheetah resisted but was forced to come out. They dragged him into the shadows of the dungeon.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" A scream came after he was dragged away. The guard came to his cell. He told Relic to come with him. Without hesitation he came. Walking into the shadows of the dungeon he started to see blood on the cracked wall. He looked down on the ground to see pools of blood and skeletons and rotting corpses. He saw his cheetah friend slaughtered by some sort of hammer or spike. He looked back forward and saw what killed him. A rather large Dark Knight with a mace as big as a table was looking at him with glowing red eyes. He nodded his head and the smaller one pushed Relic towards him. Not one to die by a Dark Knight in his own home he quickly reacted when the shackles were unlocked and the Dark Knight started to raise his gigantic mace. He used his element and melted the mace and the Knights armor. To make sure no one else would die he killed the knight and made sure he was dead. He looked back at his cheetah friend and frowned, even though he just met him he was his only friend at the moment. He noticed the guards were not behind him and the must have been looking for more prisoners to kill or they ran off. He walked up the stairs careful not to make any noise out of the ordinary. He reached the top and slowly opened the door. He peeked his blue eyes out to see if anyone was by it to make sure no one could escape. He was stunned to see the palace in such ruins. Pillars crumbled, homes in shatters, the temple destroyed. Why did he have to sleep all those years when he could have fought? He thought for a moment on how to escape, coming up with only running he quickly opened and shut the door leading to the dungeon pits. Swiftly he ran to the corner of a building and hid behind it. Good thing he did, five Dark Knights were going to the door. He looked the other way to see if there was anyone spying on him. He used his dragon vision and saw no one in sight. Flying wouldn't help, they probably had archers everywhere.

"I know! I'll take the back way, it is a risk, but maybe no one has found out about it!" He thought to himself. He started to silently sneak across the streets and sidewalks when he heard a cry. Faint as it might be he had to see what it was. He looked around the corner to see if any Dark Knights were there. None were to be seen.

"Man talk about security issues…where are all the guards?" He thought to himself while walking to the cry as it got louder and louder. He tracked it to a small averaged sized home. Peeking through a broken window he didn't see anyone but he needed to check it out. He opened the door slowly and looked inside; there he saw a few broken dishes, a few pieces of wood and splinters. He went inside and closed the door to make sure no one else could notice anything going on. He walked all around the house. He heard the cry again; walking towards it he saw a door. Opening it he saw a blanket moving, probably someone hiding or a Knight pretending to be in trouble to catch unsuspecting foes. It didn't look that tall or wide, probably someone or something about three to four feet high. He walked over to a table and saw a piece of wood by it. Picking it up with his tail he walked to the figure and poked it. It stopped crying and started to scream but Relic quickly pounced on whatever it was and took the sheet off and covered its mouth. It wasn't a knight but only a small fox, about the age of 10. The fox looked terrified and waited to be killed. But death didn't come. He looked into the dragons warm blue eyes. He felt some comfort and started to calm down but kept his guard up. Relic took his paw off the fox's mouth and asked him where his parents were.

"They got killed, I hid over there-in that closet by the table, or whatever's left of it anyway." He said looked at once was a beautiful oak table. "If you want to know my name, it's Ulrich."

"Well alright Ulrich, if you would like I'm trying to escape from here, I've lived here for a while and I know my way around. If you want to escape I'm the best choice you can make." Relic said trying to convince him to go with him. All of a sudden there was a loud bang.

"Well this is the last house said to have anyone in it, who wants to make the capture? I did it last time." The Dark Knight laughed.

"Shh… I'll take care of these buffoons. By the time I'm done with them they'll be crying to their master haha! I can just imagine it right now. Oh and stay in the closet-this is going to get bloody." Relic said grinning. He imagined it to be just like when he rescued Melonie from the Dark Knight dungeon "this will be no different." he thought. All at once the knights came piling in after bashing down the door. All they saw was a dragon standing there with his eye brow raised.

"One, two, three, four, and five… Tell me there are more of you! I mean I've fought against odds a lot but this is too easy-I'll give you guys three more guys. I might break a sweat!" Relic laughed.

"Bah! A wise guy! Kill him!" A Dark Knight yelled. The fox had peeked his head out of the door to see what was going to happen. Relic blew fire at the guards, partially melting their armor.

"Must be new armor, oh well guess you gotta stay with the beauty fashion now a days." Relic said at the knights. One guard slashed at him with his short sword with the other, having a sword in each hand. Tried to cut him vertical and horizontal, neither worked. The other had a mace and shield; he tried to crush him with its weight. While he tried to do that the last two were archers and started to knock their first arrow. One at a time arrows were shot and swords slashed with. Each missing Relics agile body. One by one all fell until no more were left standing. Relic felt some liquid on him and looked down at his chest. They hit him but didn't hit and vital organs, probably just some veins. The fox came running out of the closet like he was running from death.

"Is it over yet? Are they all dead?" He was crying. Relic told him to stay inside the closet. But being only a child he peeked out and saw all the merciless slashes and kills. Blood stained the wallpaper of the houses walls, also covering Relics body-hardly noticeable due to his lava red scales.

"I told you to stay in the closet… *sigh* oh well it doesn't matter now, come on-we have a ways to go before were out of here. Do you want to bring anything before we leave? A toy or some doll maybe?" Relic asked Ulrich.

"Well there's this chest in my room. But the stairs are destroyed, I can't get up there." Ulrich frowned.

"I can get it. What does it look like?" Relic asked him.

"It's a small blue box with red stripes. Oh and it has a little orange ribbon on top of it, it's under my bed, whatever's left of it at least." Ulrich replied.

"Alright, I'll be right back." Relic said running to the stairs and flying to the only room up there. He found a box that perfectly matched Ulrich's description. "This must be it." Relic thought. He flew down the stairs to avoid falling and hitting the floor. He found his new friend sitting by a wall.

"I've found your box. What's inside it anyway?" Relic asked.

"You can open it if you want. It's an old picture of my family." Ulrich sighed.

"In case you didn't know, I don't happen to have fingers." Relic said. The red fox looked down at his paws.

"So you don't, so you don't. Here, give it to me, I'll open it." Ulrich said embarrassingly, thinking he should of known dragons don't have fingers. Relic passed the box to him and he opened it. Inside was a small photo inside a casing of gold colored metal. It was him, his mom, and his dad. They were standing at a mountain close to the palace. It looked like they were having a good time, enjoying a picnic. Ulrich remembered that time. His family would go to an open grassy area and play games, anything would satisfy them. The smiles and laughter, playing and roughhousing, the running and catching. Ulrich smiled and a tear formed on his eye and fell to his orange cheek and then fell to the broken splintered floor. All the fun in life he had, his friends, family, love, and rest. All dead or somewhere hiding or deep in his mind waiting to be reopened again. Daydreaming when he was only five and he had a birthday party. All his friends and family was there. They were at the palaces playground-now a deadly deathtrap filled with archers to kill and catch run-away people. They had the occasional birthday song and cake. He never asked for anything. He said only his family and friends is what he wished for. They ran and played and laughed all day. Even when it wasn't his birthday or some wild day, he always had fun. But now, well that's just right by impossible. Dropping another tear onto the floor he stood up.

"Let's get the heck outa here." Ulrich said smiling and dropping a few tears here and there.