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Sleeping on the ground lay a scratched and bruised dragoness. Days prior she was just getting water with her mate. Now alone once again, separated from him; again. Dreaming, one of the few happy things in her life, but this one was much different. Weirdly enough it almost felt like she wasn't asleep, but in a Trans, as if seeing through someone else's eyes. She couldn't do anything but listen and see to just what was happening. It was a black abyss, with about six or seven others in a circular formation, facing each other. They spoke and their voice echoed off of what seemed like nothing.

"So… he lived. This is…most unfortunate," a voice growled.

"Yes, that may be true… He defeated them all; almost dying in the process though. But nonetheless… the dragon defeated them…" another said. "He was the one we, the creators of this very galaxy, chose to die for it, and he did not die…"

"Perhaps," the one Melonie was "bound" to spoke out, "perhaps we are growing weak… our time could be nearing its ending. Like the greatest of suns… turn into the hole of black. And galaxies turn into nothingness…" the room became silent. No one dared agree with him, fearing it may be true. "But maybe, my brothers and sisters, we chose the wrong one to die for it…"

"Yes…" they all agreed.

"The blue one, ice dragoness- his mate, should be the one to die for the world she is in. The glorious sacrifice!" a grin on his face became apparent, and disappeared just as quick. Once they all agreed within seconds it was done. They soon vanished, with the one coming up with the idea last. "This shall be… most interesting, to say the least."

She woke up instantly after that, heavily breathing.

"What-what WAS that?" she panicked. It was a dream but it felt- so real, almost like she was there. She had to move, if they chose her to be the "Glorious Sacrifice" with her in a deadly swamp with death lurking around every corner. She better run. But still being heavily injured, managed to get off the ground where she slept. The mud caused by an earlier thunder storm was now dry, both on the ground and her, which she didn't like at all. The dirt was getting in her scrapes and probably infecting them. Her instincts sent a shiver up her spine, something was somewhere around her. She walked in no particular direction, just wandering in the cold air. Now usually being an ice elemental, cold air wouldn't affect her, but with the cuts and slices being infected, let the cold air seep through her unprotected skin.

"Just for once… ONCE, I wish something could go my way…" she started to get angry with herself, blaming everything that happened on her. "If I knew how to fight none of this would have happened! I could have joined in the war and might have won it! Relic would have… not have known me… since I was captured… because I didn't know how to fight…" sighing and laying down for what seemed like forever. It had been days, maybe a week since Relic "died" for her, again. But before she didn't know if he was dead or not. This time she saw it with her own eyes. Him transforming and killing every creature that dared threaten her, then suddenly his transformation stopped and he fell to the ground. His heartbeat was totally gone by the time she got to him. She dug in the ground with her claws and grinding her teeth angrily, with a tear coming from her left eye. She remembered the promise he made, before all this happened.

"Don't worry Mel, I'll find time for us to go to our little getaway. We can relax with each other. After all, even if we don't get much time with just the two of us, once the war is over we can have much, much more time! You'll see, everything will be perfect once this thing is done with!" Relic said confidently, smiling with hope for the future. That was what made her love him. That he would do anything for the ones he cared about. He wasn't half bad on the looks either…

She chuckled at her last thought. She felt happiness return to her, but it faded away instantly once she remembered just what situation she was in. A dead swamp with monsters that will kill you with no motive, possibly poisonous plants and mostly dirty water which was also probably dangerous to drink. She felt that same spine tingling sensation again. She knew something was tailing her.

"Show yourself, whoever or- whatever you are!" she yelled. But still nothing appeared. Just the night sky to stare at her. "Am I losing it or something?" but she heard whispering. The blood in her veins froze. She looked around for a bit, and noticed something. A pair of eyes, staring at her. She tried to speak, but her words were breathy. She was terrified of what others could be lurking around

"Wh-wh-what do you want? Just leave me alone!" tears were coming out of her eyes. More whispering, which further frightened her. She was too scared to try to listen on what they were saying. But even though she was this scared and terrified, still managed to somewhat think straight. As if on cue, figures jumped out of the bushes and looked at her with a look in their eye that lusted for murder.

"Run!" Melonie shouted in her mind, and she did.

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Me: So, how was being blown into the air thousands of feet high?

Brother: Oh, it was great- I'M ONLY IN A FULL BODY CAST BECAUSE OF IT!

Me: Oh and by the way I have a present for you.

Brother: Oh? :D. Gimme gimme!

Me: Here ya go!

Brother: /opens and quickly throws at me

Me: W-What was that for ;_;

Brother: It was a bomb, duhr


Brother: Oh… Well at least I got revenge for some of the horrible stuff you did to me :D

Me: Not really… Look under yer bed

Brother: O_o… Nothxkbai:D


Brother: /Looks, seeing a present

Me: :3

Brother … o_o What's that smile…?

Me: o –o, nufin

Brother: /Opens carefully/ Oh hey it's a mask!

Me: Here let me show you how it looks on me!

Brother: Bu-but

Me: /Takes mask/ FUS… RO-



/World explodes/

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Me: No I said I'd turn the tables a little bit, not fully _;;

Brother: …

Me: …

World: /Dead/

Brother: Wait, if we were on the world when it exploded, how are we alive?

Me: Dunno, must be I'm too good for that kind of stuff. :D

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