Pinocchio awoke as soon as the dream ended. It felt so real , as though it actually happen. It was rather silly of himself to think that it was true. He yawned loudly and stretched out his arms, remembering today was market day and that he needed to go down and sell the baskets with Lampwick in order to help his small little family. His eyes still blurry with sleep Pinocchio rubbed up and down on his face with his hands.

But it didn`t feel wooden/ like it was before. It felt like flesh. Gasping in amazement Pinocchio stretched out his arm before him. No longer did wooden joints hold his limbs together. No longer was his skin designed by wood markings .He rung his hands ,feeling the relief of the soothing feel of his now fleshy hands and traced his palm lines. He was what he wished to be... a real boy!

Unexpectedly he cheered excitedly after seeing this. Pinocchio then noticed his surroundings for once. He was a simply , but elegantly furnished room. The broken armoire was fixed like magic and ne no longer slept upon quilts on a floor. He was in comfortable bed with a brand-new blue and white quilt upon his lap. Pinocchio looked round again and saw a wash basin, a bed side table , and another bed . He leapt out of his bed , getting to his now human feet to see that his nightshirt was brand new. Pinocchio gazed into the mirror to see if this dream was true.

And just as he wished and prayed for, he was a boy like any other in the reflection of himself. A boy with black hair, olive skin, and deep sapphire blue eyes was staring back at him! I gotta tell father! Pinocchio thought. He was about to race downstairs when he was a lump in the next bed over . "Lampwick!" Pinocchio cried ,running shaking the boy awake to tell him the good news. Only Lampwick`s fire red hair could be seen from under the covers.

Lampwick gave a groan and mumbled " Five more minutes ". He pulled the quilt up high so his entire body was submersed under his sheets .

"Lampwick I`m a real boy!" Pinocchio cried , heart and mind bursting with joy. He did not need to shake , this time Lampwick actually flipped off the covers . "Wait! what did you say?" One glance however , made Lampwick realize that Pinocchio was not lying. His best friend who use to be a wooden marionette was now a true boy , flesh and all!

Lampwick gave a smile and before he could react with happiness for his friend , Pinocchio had flow like a dove down the stairwell . "Father ! Father!"Pinocchio cried over and over again , awaking the entire household. Lampwick followed Pinocchio`s actions and walked downstairs. Before him , he could see Pinocchio embraced in his father arms . Miriam stood alongside them, holding Figaro in her arms , with a shock , but equally as happy look on her face."This calls for a celebration!"Geppetto said as he ran with Pinocchio atop of his shoulder to the clocks and hitting them with the palm of his hand in order for the cuckoo clocks to make boisterous noise . Geppetto set off his fancy music boxes that he carved by hand crying "Music professor!"as he pressed the button on a conductor`s music box.

The woodcarver and his boy began to dance about as Geppetto played his fancy accordion . Figaro flipped into Cleo's fish bowl and kissed her on her watery lips, before joining Pinocchio to dance. Jiminy Cricket chuckled a bit and said "Well this is practically where I came in!" He smiled , whistling a fair tone similar to that of the accordion as he crawled through the open window.

It was still relatively dark outside and the sky was glittered by the moon and stars. He looked upon the wishing star and said , taking off his hat , "Thank you Miss Fairy. He deserved to be a real boy..."

A glow of golden light circled him ."What the?" Jiminy said looking at the brilliance around him. It vanished to revile a badge - made of solid gold!- that said "Official Conscience " upon his jacket. "Why I`ll be!" He cried astounded, chuckling slightly . He shinned the badge with his shirt to make it glimmer more. " Solid gold too! Oh , I think it`s swell!" He looked up to the star with a smile as it twinkled brightly like a polished gem as if to say" You`re welcome".

Eventually , the party ended and Pinocchio began to play with his kitten who purred up against the boys feet. Lampwick watched the boy marvel at his skin knowing that it was no longer wooden. "Lampwick may I speak with you?"Geppetto called from the kitchen .

Lampwick walked into the kitchen where Geppetto was making breakfast upon the cheap stove . The old man gave a sigh as though he was beckoning on courage in order to say it , for he had never done such a thing in his life.. " How would you feel if I adopted you?"

Lampwick blinked and rubbed his eyes , staggered by what Geppetto just said. "Excuse me?" He asked , his ears didn`t believe it.

"I mean," said the woodcarver. "You`re already like a son to me. Why not make it official by me adopting you and making myself you legal guardian ?"

Lampwick didn`t think anyone would do such an action for him. When his mother passed on from her untimely and tragic death , he felt as though no one would ever love or care for him anymore. He felt lost and alone in this world , and perhaps , he only went to Pleasure Island in order to cheer himself up with a game of pool and some cigars and junk food. Before that though , he thought he was just another orphan , only to work hard and odd jobs for the rest of his miserable life. For Geppetto to adopt him was outstanding! t was a dream come true!. Having another father that actually cared would be great.

Lampwick hugged Geppetto ,who was surprised by to see how well the boy took it."I think it`s swell!" He then realized that by being adopted by Pinocchio`s father that it would make him the boy`s older brother. Even in his wildest dreams he never thought that he could be a brother to his best friend, who he only met eight months before on a coach to a place was suppose to be fun.

Lampwick ran to Pinocchio and picked him up, holding him close , for he couldn`t get over the excitement within him . "My brother... my very own brother."Lampwick said. Pinocchio stuttered in amazement , blink hard to try to believe what Lampwick just said. Lampwick explained the entire story to Pinocchio, Jiminy and Miriam.

"I can`t believe it!" Pinocchio cried looking out at the wishing star in the window as it glowed radiantly. "Two miracles !"

Even though Pleasure Island had turned them into donkeys , ironically it had made their lives better aided them to get what they always wished for. Pinocchio became a real boy , Miriam became a human , Geppetto got the sons he wished upon a star for , and Lampwick got what he wanted most - a family. It couldn`t of happen without Pleasure Island. Though he could never replace his mother , she stayed very dear to his heart. In the end , everything turn out just swell.

Who knew that such an evil and dark curse set upon some naive boys could bring together a group of friends and made them a family? Fate is awfully funny like that.

The End...or a new beginning ?

This is the final chapter ( will I do have an Epilogue coming up soon so you can wait for that). I`m a bit sad to stop writing this , it was my favorite to write. Thank you all reviewrs for sticking with me for this long of a time.