The Bet Chapter 1 Rated M

(REVISED!) Now this is something that came to me while i was dreaming, so bare with me if it sounds corny, but hey it's only a story. Now i as supposed to make this a one shot, but as you all know it's hard to keep things just only 1 chapter long. As many of u have probably read, i'm not doing a sequel to this story. just extending it and making it one long story. Due to my pregnancy please bare with me for updates. For all those who already read this story, thanks for all the reviews. if u have any ideas let me know. *
Mac was over working himself once again, and Stella was trying to get him to join her and the team for a drink or two after the long week they had.

Mac while running his hands through his hair he picked up the picture of their last Christmas Eve Party and saw Stella wrapped in his arms. Mac then started to think to himself. {hmmm Stella, if I can only have you to myself. God Stella, if you only knew how much I'm in love with you. I'm dying to have you in my arms again, holding you, kissing you, heck I wanna make you mine, I want to have you scream my name out. How can I do this if i have so much paperwork. Dammit, I need a break, Stella where are you, I need a distraction.

Now as if it was a coincidence or something Stella now knocking on his door frame,

"Hey Mac!" Stella said while standing on the doorframe.

"Hi Stella." Mac replied while looking at her and running his hands through his hair again leaving it all messy.

Stella: "Um, I was wondering, if you would like to join me and the rest of the team for a drink or two, you know this has been a long and hard week for all of us and well I was thinking you could use the break."

Mac: "Stella, normally I'd say no to you and keep on working but to much my surprise as well, i'll take u up on your offer. I could use the break."

Stella: "Really?"

Mac: "Really!"

Stella: "Maybe we can play some pool, I've been practicing so maybe I'll beat you."

Mac: "Oh, I seriously doubt that, but would you like to place a small bet."

Stella: "What do you have in mind?"

Mac: "Let's say the loser buys the winner a drink."

Stella: "Ok Taylor you're on, make sure u have your wallet ready."

Mac: "So you're planning to get drunk tonight, remember I said the loser buys the winner drinks, if you intend to beat me that means you'll be drunk tonight." (now laughing)

Stella: "Dammit!" Did you do that to trick me Mac?"

Mac: "No i was counting on you buying me the drinks tonight!"

Stella: "Oh so you want to be the drunk one?"

Mac: "As long as you leave me at my house afterwards"

Stella: "Oh so i have to take you home now too!"

Mac: "Why dont we see who loses first, then from there we'll figure out who takes who home. But most likely I'll take you home, I'll feel better knowing I dropped you off myself. Deal?"

Stella: "OK deal, now let's get going the team is waiting."

Walking out with her arm in his they walked towards the elevator and headed to the bar.