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Sum: After an encounter with Gabriel, Sam and Dean find themselves in a sticky situation. Turned into toddlers again. And unfortunately, Castiel has to be the the babysitter. Divine punishment much? Hell yeah.


"Yeah, Bobby here." Bobby picked up the phone after a pause, recognizing the caller ID to be Dean's.

"Hello, Bobby. It's Castiel speaking here. Could you do me a favor and tell me what exactly is the use of Pampers." The angel Castiel's monotone came through the phone a bit muffled as if he was speaking with a mouthful of pillows.

Bobby raised an eyebrow at the words and shrugged. "Well, it's a kind of diaper for babies. Why?"

"Just answer the question, Bobby." The angel sounded slightly stressed.

Bobby snorted. "Just who do you think I am? I'm a hunter, not a diapers salesperson."

"Please, Bobby."

The old man sighed and turned to the window. "They are diapers used for kids when they have an 'accident'. Why are you asking me about diapers for heaven sakes?"

"Do you think Sam and Dean would need them?" the angle asked innocently through the phone and Bobby choked on the beer he was drinking.

"What the hell…" he groaned and wiped a hand over his face. "OK, what did they do now?"

"They pissed off the Archangel Gabriel who though it would be funny to turn them back into toddlers, well in Sam's case, an infant." Castiel's serious voice made Bobby want to both laugh and strangle him.

"Do you want to talk to them? Well not them no. Sam can't speak in full sentences yet." The angel said.

Bobby sighed. "Yeah, put Dean on the line."

"HI BOBBY! CASSIE'S LETTING US BUNK WITH HIM FOR THE NIGHT!" the tiny high pitched voice blasted through the phone and Bobby groaned as he held the phone a few inches away from him. Then Dean started singing.


"Oh what the hell." Bobby hung up and the next moment, Castiel was standing behind him, his breathing hard and ragged. Bobby raised an eyebrow at the angel's torn clothes and sighed.

"How much candy did you give them?" he asked in an exasperated voice.

"May I sit on your couch?" Castiel asked politely and groaned in relief as Bobby nodded.

"So tell me the details." Bobby prompted.

"Dean and Sam were going down to Manchester for a string of murders when they met up with Gabriel and Dean ran out of bullets so he decide dot throw a bit of profanities and insults at the Archangel. Apparently, he convinced Sam to follow his steps and Gabriel got angry when they touched the subject of his betrayal to Heaven." Castiel threw an arm over his face. "Then Gabriel dumped them onto me. What did I do to deserve this?"

The angel looked like he was on the verge of tears. Bobby sighed in sympathy and tossed him a beer. The angel popped the cap and drained it in one long gulp. He looked stressed.

"Well, I can tell you from experience, don't give them anything that has sugar in it. Unless you want to die a very painful death." Bobby said. Castiel looked a bit uneasy.

"How long do you think a giant slushie will keep them like that?" he asked as he tried to pull off the crooked tie.

Bobby groaned. "You're so dead. Those guys were demons themselves when they were young. Speaking of kids, where are they?"

"Opps, I forgot them at the hotel."

He looked up to see an empty couch.

Castiel took a deep breath as he pushed open the door to the motel room. Loud music shook the ceiling as Dean and Sam jumped up and down on the two beds. The sheets were ripped and what looked like the 'accident' Bobby had mentioned earlier smeared on the bed sheets.

Castiel's face paled. But he didn't have much time to think about anything as the two kids, a six-year-old Dean and a three-year-old Sam rushed at him with monstrously large pillows.

"Pillow fight! Let's kill the angel!" Mini Dean roared.

Castiel had just enough time to take a deep breath before he went down in a small explosion of goose feathers. He wondered vaguely if this was divine punishment from the Big Boss for failing his mission.

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