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The policeman's eyes widened as he looked over to the car next to him. The red light was still blaring its ugly color and the man took his time staring at the small child in the car next to the cruiser. For a moment, he thought he had imagined it but after a few slow blinks, he realized it wasn't an illusion.

The kid in the next car was flipping him off.

Then the lights turned green and the car shot out in a cloud of burnt rubber and squeaky tires. Dean grinned from his car seat in the back of the Impala and turned to give Sam the famous Dean Winchester smirk, complete with the wiggling eyebrows. Sam rolled his eyes and took a small bite of the Happy Meal next to him. Dean's mouth opened to moan about the messy turn Castiel made just then and Sam, tire of his brother's constant whining, swiftly stuffed the wrapping paper into Dean's mouth. Sam smiled innocently as the angel in the front tore his eyes from the road with some difficulty.

"Don't fight, Dean."

And if looks could kill, the angel and Sam would have been zapped to burnt dust by Dean's ultra-stun-rays-of-doom. They had practically scraped the small Dean off the hood of the Impala that morning. Dean had pronounced his undying love for the car before attempting to meld himself onto the hood of the car. It was only when Castiel had threatened to zap them to Kansas without the Impala that Dean grudgingly let go. So as Sam tried to teach the angel the rules on driving, Dean kept up a constant flow of colorful profanities. The old lady across the street practically dropped dead at the words. Then it was time for the angle to get behind the wheels. Dean nearly fainted again when Castiel sent an overloaded trash can flying out into the street. The angle had screamed he had been blinded when a piece of black lingerie slapped itself onto the windshield. Sam was quite certain he would never be a driver instructor again. It was going to be a long trip. Sam was already having a headache from all the loud heavy metal music blaring from the radio as Dean wobbled his head to the music, his voice off-tune as he shrieked at the top of his lungs.

After an hour of the ungodly torture, which Cass and Sam were both sure the hell spawns from the Pit had taught Dean a few singing tricks, they decided to stop at a McDonalds.

"Oh, god, this is good stuff. I'm like getting a fucking brain freeze right now." Dean took another loud slurp of the slushie and groaned as he fell back onto the car seat. How Castiel had managed to find two car seats and a bag of Berber baby food from nowhere was a mystery to Sam. Dean had immediately snatched up all the ham and turkey flavored ones and left the veggies to Sam, which suited the boy just fine. They were reduced to eating baby food. Sam sighed. If only Lucifer could see what his vessel had become. He shrugged and pushed back all the unhappy thoughts as he took another bite of his food.

"Let's go over this again. I'm supposed to be your father from now on, we drop you guys off at the daycare center and I linger in the background while you guys do your thing, right?' Castiel turned to face them, forgetting all about the road. The loud blast of a horn made the angel turned back as Sam choked on the salad. A loud cough from beside him told Sam his older brother had also choked. Dean wiped the slushie from his chin and glared at the driver.

"What the hell, dude! Keep your beautiful angelic eyes on the fucking road, Cass. If you get one single scratch on my baby, I'm gonna skin you alive. By the way, can we make a stop, I need to pee.""

"Go right ahead, Dean."

Both Winchesters turned to look at one another.

"Uh, Cass, I think you have to find a restroom and uh…make a stop before Dean craps in his pants."

"Hey, shut up dog boy. It's not as if you haven't had an accident before."

Castiel nodded tersely and stepped down hard. The car moaned as it lurched forward, accompanied by a tiny heart-broken sob from Dean.

"Uh, Sam. How do I make this metal box stop?"

Sam resisted the urge to scream and bang his head on the window. It was going to be a long and painful journey indeed.

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