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Elizabeth Hawkeye. She spent her 18 years without making friends or boyfriends. One day, she injures a popular boy in school, Roy Mustang, because of a misunderstanding but for some reason it seems that he liked her and one-sidedly claims that they're friends. Then, he not only protects Riza from a stalker, he does it with a kiss!

Chapter One


"How many years have been without a friend?"

"Or a boyfriend?"

"Shhh! You shouldn't say that to her. It's obvious it been 18 years!"

"But she's so funny!"

"Worse than living without a boyfriend, she has no friends! Not even one!"

"Yeah. I don't see her with someone."

"You know, I haven't heard her voice."

"I don't need friends." Riza whispered to herself as she ignored the people talking about her. She kept on walking and walking.

"I'm 18 and I never had a boyfriend. Besides, I have never even have a friend." Riza sighed

Finally, she reached the bakery where she was working part-time after school.

"Ahhhh! Michiko-chan! I want Chocolate Danish… But, I also want an apple bun." A girl said as she chose bread from the rack

"Sure! Hmmm… If I buy the Chocolate Danish and you buy the apple bun, we can share together." The older girl said as she chose the bread

"Yaaay! Thank you!"

"You're very welcome."

As Riza stared at the customers, she can't help but think to herself.

"I have some friends, but they aren't friends for real, though."

Next Day…

"Yesterday was impossible!" Maes said as he yelled at Roy. "The cute one, Gracia, seems to after you!"

"It wasn't on purpose, sorry about that." Roy said as he flashed a sincere smile at Maes

"I went because there was supposed to be a lot of cute girls from The Grand Central Private Girls' School, but, there were only the ugly girls." Maes stopped and asked Roy, "Wait, did you exchange cellphone numbers and email addresses with her?"

"No, I didn't."

"You're pretty sadistic, you know?"

"'Cause she gave me the 'please ask' face, so, I did the opposite and not ask. AND she's pretty boring, and I'm not interested on on boring people." Roy waved his hand

"Die, you bastard!" a vein popped on Maes' head

"Ah!!! Roy!" A girl shouted from 30 feet away and ran to hug Roy

"Ah, Gracia!" Maes said disappointedly

"You know, I tried to call you yesterday, but you didn't answer my call, Roy." Gracia said as she waved at Maes and Roy

"Ah, I'm sorry Gracia." Then, Roy offered, "We're eating out, wanna come?"

"Uhhh, please invite Maes-san too."

"Oh, that's right!" Maes said triumphantly

"But, I forgot, I have something to do… How bout, let's go out and eat… Next time." Gracia said cheerfully, but there was a hint of sadness in her tone


"Bye then!" Gracia waved as she turned her back from them an walked away

"You know, it's totally unfair!" Maes yelled again

"I don't understand." Roy said, confused of what Maes was talking about

"Whatever." Maes rolled his eyes, and saw something that gave him interest. "Hey, Roy."

"Hmm? What?"

"Wait here and watch me." Maes said as she walked to the girl who just passed them and bumped her.

"Ah, sorry, Elizabeth, I didn't see you there."

Maes and the others around the campus laughed out loud. But, Riza just stood up, ignored Maes, dusted her clothes, and walked away, like nothing happened.

But, Before Riza walked away, she glared at Maes and Roy.

"Aww, come on, said I was sorry, right? It wasn't on purpose." Maes said as he snickered

When, Riza walked away, far from view, Maes resumed his chatting. Roy was just staring at the space in front of him, obviously ignoring what Maes was saying.

"…and she walks off just like nothing had happened. Tch. Everything she does is funny to watch and she is very fun to tease. Hey, Roy, are you listening?" Maes wave a hand at Roy's face and Roy snapped back.

"Sorry. Yeah, I was listening."

"Well, she's Elizabeth Hawkeye from my class. She's pretty and all, but, I think she's weird and gloomy. No one has ever heard her voice." Maes yawned and said, "And I'm sure she never had a boyfriend. She's a virgin."

"Really?" Roy asked in awe. "I hear girls from 18 year old nowadays aren't virgins anymore."

"I don't know if I agree with that, though." Maes said, turning serious.

Flag Assembly, the Next Day

"Arrrgggghhh!" Maes shouted as he was to go up the stairs. "Who the hell invented Flag Assemblies for the school? I feel so heavy." Then, Maes and Roy saw two girls holding their miniskirts in front of them

"Tch, don't wear miniskirts if you would just put your hands over your butt to cover them." Roy said, annoyed

"It's fine with me!" Maes said as his eyes focused on the girls' butts

"Well, for me, it's not!" Two veins popped out from Roy's head. "I can't see their underwears and butts!"

"Tch. You sound like the old Roy. I thought you have given up on liking girls who only like to wear miniskirts?"

"Yeah, but, it's times like this that you wanna see them without your effort of telling them that you like it." Roy sigh, then, focused on the legs of another girl infront of them.

"Rare knee high socks." Roy muttered. Then, he looked up to see the girl's face. "Elizabeth Hawkeye." He told himself

"Ah, Roy! It's Hawkeye!" Maes whispered to Roy as he tugged on Riza's skirt

*Tug* *Tug*