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Chapter Five

"CHEEEEEEEEERS!" Roy and his friends drank juice and softdrinks.

"Roy?" Winry asked


"You know, we've been in the same school since I elementary. But today is the first day we have talked casually." Winry said cheerfully

"Yeah." Roy smiled.
"You became popular when we reached High School. I often hear some rumors about you that are not the good. It's strange." Winry looked afar. "I was sure you liked me. But, I am the only one you haven't kissed properly…"

Roy choked his juice

"Are you still in love with me?"

Roy dropped his bottle of juice.

Winry giggled. "You know, I don't mind if you kiss me." Winry stopped, then, she asked Roy, "Did you really kiss Elizabeth Hawkeye? I am irritated because of that. Why did you kiss her, but you haven't kissed me like you have kissed everyone?"

Roy chucked. "That is because… Riza is cute."

"ACHOOOO!" Riza sniffed. "Hnnn... It's was either somebody was talking about me, or this winter cold is getting to me..." Then, she straightened herself.

"I am just going to peek a little." Riza said as she fixed her disguise. "Alright."

I know it wont stop with just a kiss.

I don't know why I care this much.

"Hmm. I will just go to the washroom." Winry said as she stood up. "Wait for me outside, let's get out of here. So, it would be just you and me."

When, Winry went to the washroom, Roy stood up and went out of the Restaurant. He leaned on the wall. Then, he noticed a girl on the corner of the building, hiding from him.

"What do you want… Stalker?"

"I am NOT a stalker! I am out on a walk."

"So, why are you hiding from me?" Roy walked towards Riza. "Why are you walking around by yourself this late at night? Don't you know it's dangerous?"

"Are you alone right now?" Riza asked as she looked around.

"Yeah." Roy sighed.

"Well, I just thought you were with Winry."

"If I were, what would you do?" Roy walked towards Riza again until he was a mere few inches apart from her.

"Eh... Oh! Would you look at the time! I'm going home." She looked at her watch, then, she turned around, but Roy caught her wrist.

"The walk is over." Riza calmly said as she closed her eyes.

"Since this afternoon, we've been talking about Winry all the time. Winry this, and Winry that." Roy caught her other wrist and moved his face closer to hers, his breath kissing her. "It's very obvious what you are thinking about."

"SHUT UP YOU—" She was silenced when Roy kissed her. Her eyes widened.

This isn't right.

Roy deepened the kiss. Riza struggled to push him away, but, to no avail. Roy licked her lips. She gasped. Roy took advantage of it, and slid his tongue in her mouth. Tears started to form in Riza's eyes and tried her best to push him away. This caught Roy off guard and he pulled away.

Riza cried. "You kissed me without my permission again!" She yelled at Roy. "What is your reason this time, eh?"

Roy was speechless. Riza didn't wait for him to answer. "When you kiss somebody like that…" She sobbed, tears falling down her face. "There are girls who get hurt." She sobbed louder. "AND I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!"

Roy was in shock. He didn't know what to do. Instead, he gripped both of her shoulders and continued the kiss that was interrupted.

"MMMMMMMMMMMPPPFFFFFFFF!!!" Riza wanted to get away, but, this time, Roy's hold was very firm, that even if she gathered all the strength she could muster, she could not push him away.

Roy pulled away. "That was the kiss of hello." Then, he kissed her again, deeper this time.

"Stop! Stop!" Riza tried to pull away. "Stop!" She yelled desperately

"That was the kiss to who I think, is cute." Roy gazed at her Amber eyes for a moment. He saw sadness, and frustration, then his lips took hers in an explosion of desire and to what it looked like anger.

Riza thought it was finished. "W-w-what..?" Riza tried to say as she had no more strength to fight back

"That was the kiss to a person to a person I wanna know better." Then, he pressed his lips more gently, but more passionately to Riza's lips.

Riza was very flushed and her lips were swollen.

"And, that, was the kiss with feelings I have for the person in front of me." Roy said seriously. "I have a lot more types of kisses, but," He brushed his lips against Riza's. "I hope you see the difference."

Then, Roy chuckled. "Do you love me?"

"Ehhh…" Riza's voice broke as she tried to think for an answer.

"If you don't answer me… I will kiss you… FOR REAL."

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