"Funny how fate can come back and bite you in the ass." Yami said as he stared down at him.

"How the hell did you get here? I thought I got rid of you." Marik said, coughing as he spit up blood.

"Well you thought wrong. Ryou actually was the one who summoned me back. Apparently someone hasn't been behaving too well in my absence." He said mockingly.

Bakura ran across the bed and dropped to his knees beside Anzu who had been turned on her side so that Mai and Serenity could wrap her back. He put his hand on her cheek so that she would open her eyes. As soon as she did, they began tearing up again but she fought against them, knowing he hated it. She moved to sit up but he stopped her.

"No you need to let them finish." He whispered.

She slightly nodded her head as she carefully moved back down. Soon the two girls were done and they had the guys turn around so they could add a final wrap covering from the top of her breast to right above her belly button, covering the wounds of her back. Bakura took off his shirt and helped Anzu put it on then buttoned it up for her. Once he was done she collapsed against him, hugging his waist tightly and pressing her face into his chest trying not to cry.

"I knew you would come."

He carefully wrapped his arms around her, ensuring her safety and protection.

"It's all right to cry." He whispered to her as he kissed the top of her head. And at that she started as she hugged him tighter.

Yami heard her on the side of the room and his heart swelled with joy when he saw her in Bakura's arms.

She was going to be just fine.

"Well Marik it seems your time is coming to a close. You'll regret ever messing with me or my friends." Yami said.

"My only regret Pharaoh...is not killing that albino rat when I had the chance." Marik spat.

Bakura snorted from the other side of the bed. "Like you could stand against me?" he asked.

Marik chuckled. "You are such a fool. I let you escape."

"And that was your mistake." Yami said as he turned away.

As soon as he turned his back, Marik jumped up and launched himself at Yami.

"Yami, look out!" Yugi cried.

As soon as Yami turned around, Marik was being knocked to the ground by Bakura. They had to pull Bakura off or else he'd kill him. Yami still wanted Marik to be alive after all while in the Shadow Realm.

Anzu had crawled onto the bed and was now looking down at Marik.

"You stupid bitch! I loved you and you betrayed me!" he growled.

"But I don't love you, and…I never did…and I couldn't even if I tried. You are getting what you deserve and you won't hurt another person ever again." Anzu told him, choking back her cries then she turned to Yami. "Please make sure he doesn't come back."

Bakura sat beside her and pulled her into a loving embrace. She turned her head away, not wanting to watch. She heard an agonizing cry as the room filled up with a sense of darkness and then it was gone. When Anzu looked back up he was gone. Then Yami turned to Bakura and Anzu.

"I'm sorry to do this." He began.

'What is he talking about?' Bakura thought as Anzu's face took on a look of worry.

"I am sorry that you all had to be put through this and because of me." He said.

"Nobody's blaming you Yami." Anzu began. "I don't."

Then she looked up at Bakura silently saying with her eyes to say something. "And I chose to duel Marik, that was my doing and because of that I almost lost Ryou. And if it weren't for him I wouldn't be here." Bakura added.

Then a transparent Ryou appeared beside Yami. "But you didn't lose me. I was already prepared for that duel and was ready for any possible outcome. Under that tough exterior you do have a heart and you do care about other people. You showed that when you took the hit for me when you went up against Yugi and then just now with the way you so viciously kicked Marik's ass and then how you carefully tended to Anzu when in another time, you wouldn't have cared if she lived or died. Those actions made you more of a man than anything else." Ryou explained to him calmly. Bakura looked at him with such an expression that he almost mimicked Ryou's innocent look.

"Bakura?" Yami started.

Bakura flicked his gaze to the former Pharaoh giving him his attention.

"I am only doing this because I truly feel you won't cause harm to anyone just because you want to how you used to." He said.

Bakura frowned and turned his head completely Yami's direction. "What are you getting at, Pharaoh?" Bakura spat.

"I am willing to separate you and Ryou." He said.

Both Ryou and Bakura had a surprised look on their face, obviously neither of them expected him to say that.

"But it's only if both of you are willing." He continued.

Ryou looked over at Bakura who was currently staring at the ground as if thinking over it. He didn't really care if they were separated or not. It was entirely up to Bakura. But the thought of having his body back with Bakura in it was very appealing to him.

Bakura raised his head, looking Yami square in the eye. "Will there be any complications?" He asked.

"I'm pretty sure you won't be missing anything valuable." Joey joked.

Bakura sent a dangerous glare in the blonde's direction, shutting him up.

"That's not what I meant, mutt!" He growled.

"No there won't be any problems. You two will be just like another set of twins. It'll be like you've had your own bodies all along." Yami told him.

"All right then," Bakura paused. "I'll do it.

It had been a year now.

When I am lost

A year since Marik was destroyed.

You shine a light for me and set me free.

Now Anzu was able to live peacefully with only memories of his torture and abuse…but those were slowly fading away with time.

When I am low

You wash away my tears

And she had Bakura, who every night would remind her how much he loved her and she enjoyed the endless hours of it.

And take me through

The loneliness

And emptiness

Through the darkest night

Somehow I survive

Through it all

Though he seemed far from it, he was the angel sent to save her from her never-ending despair.

When you tell me I'm the only one you need

Sweet and tenderly

He shined his light brightly into her life and gave her the will and need to live again.

And your love

Breaks away the clouds surrounding me

All I have I want to give to thee

And since then, he was always by her side and never let her down. He would comfort her on nights the past came back to haunt her.

If I should fall

Your love is strong enough to life me up

If I'm afraid

You chase away my tears

She would hold him tightly, begging him to never let go as she sobbed against his chest.

And take me to

A brighter place

Beyond the rain

And I feel alright

Because you're by my side

Through it all

He would hold her tight, running his hand through her hair with promises of his protection and undying love. He always relieved her pain.

When you tell me I'm the only one you need

Sweet and tenderly

And your love

Breaks away the clouds surrounding me

All I have I want to give to thee

Slowly and surely her cries would settle as she drifted back into a deep peaceful sleep. Never waking again until morning.

You take me through

The loneliness and emptiness

And I feel alright

Cause you're by my side

Through it all

He knew that being with her meant he had to accept her friends and let go any grudges that he once had.

You tell me I'm the only one you need

Sweet and tenderly

And your love

Just breaks away the clouds surrounding me

And baby all I have I want to give to thee

He loved her and would continue until their dying day.

Want to give you all of my love

Now and forever my love

All I have I want to give to thee

And now it's over. I'm really sorry for the long wait on this, life decided it wanted to be first for awhile =/. The song here at the end is Music Box by Mariah Carey from the album, Music Box. I am working on the next chapter of Hate Me, It's Easier. That has been a slow work in progress as I'm trying to figure out where I wanna go now with it. I've kinda got an idea but gotta work on it some more.