This story is a teamwork between Gouken 2010 and myself, and any likenesses to existing stories, or plot-lines is purely coincidental. If you know of others that have done similar, please let me know privately so that we may enjoy the insanity.

Joke's on You

A Naruto fanfiction by Sailor Ranger with help by Gouken 2010

Disclaimer: I do not own Batman, Naruto, nor any of the characters and appearances that are used in this fiction based on the characters of those universes. All credit goes to those original owners.

Sometimes life does not go your way, sometimes it does. The key to surviving and remaining sane is often just keeping from focusing on the bad days, and instead keep thinking about the good ones. Sadly no one told Naruto Uzumaki this, and now all he has is one day of hell, one day that will be forever remembered as the day Konoha doomed itself; all because of one bad day.

Naruto grumbled angrily as he stormed back into the apartment, today had been a horrid day. Not only at the academy, but also afterwards, and late into the evening. The only thing that made it decent enough to live through was that there were no people living in the apartment building, meaning that he was free of more aggravation for the night. He wanted to make them all pay, especially that Sasuke, the so called genius and last of the Uchiha clan. He was just so infuriating! Slamming himself into the couch, he growled lowly and cataloged what few instructional scrolls he had left. Most of which had been destroyed by Sasuke showing off with his stupid katon jutsu. Didn't he know how fucking expensive they were?

His thoughts were torn away from him, as the couch let out a loud crack and he was sent sprawling backwards. Picking himself up, he looked at the hopelessly beat up couch, and noticed something odd in the bottom. Reaching out he began pulling out sheets of strange paper, they were all shiny, full of colors, and it showed the most interesting character.

Putting together the pages, he found that it was from some ancient manga, and that most of the words had faded. In fact, most of the story seemed to revolve around the antics of one person. A man with a white face and bright red lips, and neon green hair, strode through the pages in his purple suit, orange shirt, and green vest and bow tie. He could only tell that the man was pulling pranks on people with weird weapons that seemed to explode at one end, and he was winning. Even without the words, he could tell this man was completely winning over everyone. He even had a hot woman in red and black on his shoulder. She had similar face paint on, but her eyes had an extra black patch over them creating something of a mask.

However, the cover had one word he could make out, despite being half missing. 'The Joker Pranks Back' was all he could make out. Now Naruto knew how to prank, and if this man could do it, then why couldn't he an awesome ninja in training do so as well?

Thinking about it, he smiled widely, his lips curling into the image of the Joker's own grin. A hand seal later, he called out "HENGE" and reappeared in a perfect replica of the man in the book. Running his hand through his green hair, he let out a manic laugh that filled the empty apartment building. He had some things to set up, but soon everyone would fear the name of 'The Joker', and nothing would ever be the same again.

This was going to be fun!