Sorry for the hiatus but I've ACTUALLY been busy for the past few weeks. Quite a surprise considering I never actually do anything. Anyway, this came as a request from my friend who wanted something Valentine's-y for, well, Valentines (which I constantly remind her is AGES AWAY.) Apparently she's quite the SasoDei fan, so…enjoy, AC, and the rest of you who read this. I will update all my other fanfics ASAP.

Valentine's Day was unimportant in light of the other items on the Akatsuki agenda, and they all found the day somewhat meaningless, but each and everyone one of them agreed that it was difficult to simply "ignore" the fact that it existed. Konan was the only member with no shortage of Valentine's Day presents, with her office in the Rain painfully carpeted in white chocolate seashells, roses, tulips and gold origami paper.

"Okay, bachelors," Hidan boomed on the first morning of February. "This year, something has got to happen. Something other than listening to another one of her damned singing cards," he jerked his thumb at Konan, who gave an exasperated sigh.

"Maybe you guys should advertise yourselves," she smirked, sliding her finger beneath the flap of a lemon-scented envelope.

"I don't approve of that," Pein deadpanned. "When I said we need publicity, I didn't mean that sort of publicity," he paused thoughtfully. "But it's a good idea,"

"So are we actually going to do it?" Hidan asked hopefully.

"No," Pein and Kakuzu answered firmly in unison. Hidan sighed in disappointment.

"This is just fucking depressing," he said.

Something the other members did not know was that Itachi, too, received hundreds upon hundreds of Valentine's Day presents, and last year he had actually spent it with one of the senders after hours of reading through all the letters, notes and cards that accompanied the presents. Itachi smiled into his hand, which was cupped over his mouth as he feigned a yawn. Hidan complained to no one in particular until the atmosphere was effectively blackened and the group disbanded, their moods clearly dampened.


Sasori slumped down on the wooden workbench next to Deidara, who had to be one of the most unaffected by the Valentine's Day chat they had held before. The Iwa nin was moulding a large clay cube and was humming a small song to himself as he worked his fingers into the brown, earthy material. Sasori found himself momentarily mesmerized, before he shook his head and slid the various vials from inside his pocket and set them on the table.

"What are you going to do today, hmm?" Deidara set the cube down and dusted his hands free of excess clay. He dipped his hands into the small bowl of water and then dried them on a towel.

"What I always do," Sasori answered, his tone flat. Deidara chose to ignore his partner's evident moody state and peeled another chunk of clay from the gargantuan pile.



Deidara had almost fallen asleep—almost—when he felt one side of his mattress sink, the result of someone settling their ass on his bed. He opened one eye lazily.

"Sasori no Danna," he croaked, his tongue heavy with drowsiness. "What the hell do you want?"

"Shh," Sasori put a small finger to his prim lips. His pale skin appeared to glow in the moonlight that seeped through his partially opened curtains. "Don't speak so loudly, you fool,"

Deidara arched his back in a stretch, and sat up, his hand reaching behind him to move the pillow so that it supported him. He rubbed his eyes.

"I was thinking about Valentine's—,"

"Oh please, un," Deidara stopped mid-rub and rolled his eyes at Sasori. "You're still not over that?"

"No," Sasori said, his eyes suddenly murkier than usual. "But hear me out before you make such remarks,"

"Fine, fine. For you, I make an exception,"

"I was thinking about Valentine's Day and how I have never spent it doing anything peculiar. Pein doesn't want us to do anything but I personally want to spend my Valentine's Day well. I want something to happen,"

Deidara stared at him for a while, then slumped into his propped up pillow. "I shouldn't have made that exception. That was a shit explanation, un,"

"And I was thinking…do you want to spend it with me?"

There Sasori thought, not really liking the heat that had now come to his cheeks, making them feel like they were on fire. I said it.

Deidara blinked three times in quick succession.


"Look," Sasori reached over and closed his fingers around one of Deidara's slender wrists. For the first time it felt unbelievably good beneath his touch. "I've never spent Valentine's with anyone before,"

"But…I'm a guy," Deidara stammered, unsure of how to handle the awkward situation.

"You think I didn't know that?" Sasori hissed. Then his features softened again. "But, seriously…don't you want to…?"
"Have sex with you? No," Deidara was about to snatch his wrist away from Sasori's grip when it tightened. Sasori locked Deidara's eyes with his own.

"Come on," he whispered. "Just try it,"

He leaned forward and, even though he had no idea how it was going to feel or what he was doing, gave Deidara his first kiss.