A/N Wow, I just... I'm speechless. For someone who's written more than 110,000 words, that's quite a feat. I can't believe this is over. I feel a little empty I'll admit and desperately insecure that overall it just doesn't stack up. But I personally believe this is one of the most epic, most comprehensive things I've ever written.

Now that it's all over I can make something else explicit. This is now officially part of a trilogy that starts with A Lion and a Unicorn and ends with A Haunted Lake. I always thought in my own mind that that's where this tale ended up but it's only when finishing this story that I decided to make it clear. The trilogy is admittedly loosely-linked but in many ways make a coherant single story overall.

Below is the contents list to help orient you while you're reading ALiM. Once again, please please consider reading this in the order in which it's written. But if you can't cope with the multiple story lines, you can read it chronologically.

Thank you to everyone who's made this worthwhile: Brickroad16, GuildedDragonfly (wherever she may be), Catindahat, Whirlwind421, Eidolon02 (whose honest and comprehensive reviews got me through the last leg), Elin Marc. Ground (who still hasn't registered after all these years), Terapsina, fire dragonheart (in all your strange monosyllabism), Kizzia, zammierox, n.I.n.A. v.A.p.I.r.A (whenever she drops by), LifetimePasserby (who takes the name seriously), Admiral Lily and a dozen other people who've popped in and out over the last 18 months.

Thank you all so much. Mnem

ALiM Contents List

ALaaU starts during an AU season 3 that came after a cherry-picked season 2 that included everything up to episode 7 and then Lady in the Lake and Sweet Dreams. It's kind of the same AU that 'Twelve Days of Christmas is set in'. That means that ALaaU is set between two and three years after Merlin arrived in Camelot and took place over about three months. So, one year after the end of ALaaU is four years after the beginning of the series.

Before ALaaU

Chapter 100 My Name is Morgana

Chapter 63 Parents

Chapter 67 Plea

Chapter 69 Mordred

During ALaaU

Chapter 28 Envy

Chapter 5 Romantics of a different kind

Chapter 13 I thought you'd died and gone away

Chapter 65 My name is Gaius

A few weeks to a few months after the end of ALaaU

Chapter 10 Doubt

Chapter 8 The plan

Chapter 39 The Servant's Servant

Chapter 23 Childhood sweetheart

Chapter 14 I hate this plan

Chapter 18 My name is Uther

Chapter 27 Phase one

Chapter 21 Would you dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Six months after ALaaU

Chapter 12 Locking the door Part 1

Chapter 17 Locking the door Part 2

Chapter 42 The Innocents of Camelot Part 2

Around one year after ALaaU

Chapter 1 Domestic bliss

Chapter 88 Cracks Part 1

Chapter 19 Locking the Door Part 3

Chapter 26 Destiny and other immaterial things

Between one and two years after ALaaU

Chapter 30 Blue sky days

Chapter 11 Normality

Chapter 32/33 Revelations Part 1 and 2

Chapter 38 Trust

Chapter 58 Merlin saves Arthur, The Abridged Version Part 1

Chapter 62 Merlin saves Arthur, The Abridged Version Part 2

Chapter 66 Merlin saves Arthur, The Abridged Version Part 3

Chapter 70 Merlin saves Arthur, The Abridged Version Part 4

Chapter 37 The Innocents of Camelot Part 1

Chapter 25 Locking the door Part 4

Chapter 34 Influence

Chapter 41 Love and marriage and other oxymorons

Chapter 40 Plague

Chapter 89 Cracks Part 2

Around two years after ALaaU

Chapter 43 Third Way

Chapter 90 Cracks Part 3

Chapter 4 A detour through the ridiculous

Chapter 20 Temptation

Chapter 22 Two of a kind

Chapter 59 What you wished for Part 1

Chapter 60 What you wished for Part 2

Chapter 15 Evil disappearing cat

Between two and three years after ALaaU

Chapter 68 Pragmatism

Chapter 91 Cracks Part 4

Chapter 35 A letter

Chapter 3 A wander through the past

Chapter 36 The offer

Chapter 61 The Innocents of Camelot Part 3

Chapter 31 Locking the door Part 5

Three years after ALaaU

Chapter 2 The Bet

Chapter 16 Camelot's hero

Chapter 9 Drunks

Chapter 29 The hero and the bully

Chapter 64 Dreams

Between three and four years

Chapter 92 Cracks Part 5

Chapter 93 Cracks Part 6

Chapter 45-49 Mercia cycle

Chapter 50 Tea and Sympathy

Chapter 51-55 The mistakes we make part 1-5

Chapter 44 Destiny

Chapter 56 The mistakes we make part 6

Chapter 57 Falling Action

Chapter 82 My Name is Vidor

Chapter 72 Grief Part 1

Chapter 73 Grief Part 2

Chapter 7 A Plan

Chapter 24 The Pretender Prince

Four years after ALaaU

Chapter 74 Excalibur Part 1

Chapter 75 Excalibur Part 2

Chapter 76 Excalibur Part 3

Chapter 77 Excalibur Part 4

Chapter 78 Excalibur Part 5

Chapter 81 Lineage

Chapter 79 Excalibur Part 6

Chapter 80 Excalibur Part 7

Chapter 87 Zenith

Five years after ALaaU

Chapter 83 Decisions

Chapter 6 The end came too soon

Chapter 99 Unforgivable

Chapter 95 Schemes

Chapter 84 The Most Noble Order of the Knights of Camelot

The end

Chapter 97 Rebellion

Chapter 98 Dissonance

Chapter 71 The moment

Chapter 96 Ambivalence

Chapter 85 Warning

Chapter 86 The Former Innocents of Camelot