A/N: To all who may be reading this, understand one thing: these are random drabbles. I got bored and decided to have fun with Gone. If, in reality, any of these characters actually got together, I would probably stage a formal protest. So, be mindful of my whacky brain when reading and (hopefully) reviewing.

Cold on the inside:

Diana's lips are at his throat, her long, lean arms draped across his waist, her leg casually thrown around his thighs. She's kissing his neck, and Computer Jack shivers beneath her. Diana pulls away, her lovely features just barely visible in the darkness.

"Do you want me to leave?" she asks.

Jack wants to say yes. He wants to yell and scream, to plead with Diana, to beg her to stop this madness. He wants to sleep peacefully again with no body pressed against his side, constantly reminding him to keep one eye open, to never let his guard down; she could turn on him in an instant.

And yet, when he parts his lips to say yes, he can't speak the words of dismissal. Because, no matter how cold on the inside he is, always will be, Diana makes his feel warm and loved on the outside. So, instead, he whispers, "No."

Diana grins, leaning over to kiss his lips. "I didn't think so."

Should we tell her?

Caine and Drake are sitting in the grass, staring at the sky. Caine is playing with the power, causing rocks to float up into the air. Drake is tossing pebbles with his good hand, his whip draped casually around Caine's shoulders.

Suddenly he turns to Caine and asks, "Should we tell her?" Caine turns to Drake, his dark eyes staring confidently into the distance, a small smirk on his lips.

"Nah," he says. "She'll figure it out." He then leans over to kiss his favorite psychopath.


He knows it's wrong, doing what he's doing. He knows that it's not only wrong, but cruel and unfair, and if she ever found out about this, about everything, her heart would break.

That doesn't stop Sam from running to Clifftop.

It doesn't stop him from running up the stairs, stopping at room 312.

It doesn't stop him from flinging open the door, ignoring the barks of an agitated dog, and scooping up the room's occupant in his arms.

None of this stops Sam from lowering his lips to Lana's, unbeknownst to Astrid.

It doesn't stop Lana, either.


As he's kissing Brianna, Quinn can't help but feel guilty.

She's eleven! his sensible side screams as his arms drape themselves around her waist. You're three-and-a-half years older than her! It's practically pedophilia. I'm taking advantage of her.

But, in the end, Quinn's sensible side looses, and he gives in to Brianna's kisses.


Hours later the Breeze is awake. She runs her fingers through Quinn's hair and glances up at the figure before her. It's Dekka; her eyes are bloodshot, her lips quivering. Brianna smiles wickedly, pressing her lips to Quinn's naked shoulder.

After Dekka has left the Breeze leans back against the wall of the old building. Ah, she thinks contentedly, like a cat that has caught a canary, revenge is sweet.

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