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Bad boys don't like cats:

Orc is rudely awoken from his nap when a small, furry body lands in his lap with a thump.

"Here," he hears Andrea say from behind him. "Find a source of nourishment for this feline while I locate Odette and gouge out her eyes."

With that Andrea is gone, leaving Orc alone with a purring Mistletoe. She rubs herself along Orc's middle, causing the bully to grunt.

"Just 'cause I gotta feed you don't mean you have to act all…cute."

Orc pokes the cat.


Mistletoe gazes up at Orc with wide eyes. Eyes that clearly say, Can I have a treat?

"No," Orc grumbles. "Takes more than a cuddly cat to make me do something."

"Meow?" Mistletoe asks.

"I said no!" Orc growls, pushing her away.

Mistletoe persists, pulling out her trump card; the licking. No human has ever resisted Mistletoe's charm when she licks their cheek, and Orc is no exception.

"Alright," he concedes, "maybe just one treat…"


Gracie loves to float. She loves her power, loves the freedom it gives her. The ability to soar higher and higher, her arms stretched above her head, until she touches the sky. There is nothing better than this; no sweeter cream, no safer haven. Just her and the starts.

"Gracie?" a voice calls. "Gracie, come down, I need your help."

Starling. Gracie pictures her face; loving eyes, gentle smile, playful laugh. For Starling, she would give up anything. Even the stars.

"Gracie?" Starling calls again. "Please?"

And so the free one floats back down to earth, embracing her chains for the one she loves.


I am addicted. Addicted to dreams; to violence. I see inside a person's very soul when I enter their subconscious. Do you know what it's like to see someone raw and untouched, exposed naked to my eyes?

It's horrifying.

I love it.

There was one…one person whose dreams outshone them all. A nightmarish boy with shark eyes and a wicked smile. I love his dreams above all else; they were dark and enchanting, magical and frightening. They surpassed all of the dreary every-day dreams I had entered pervious; I yearned for him.

But now he is dead; gone and buried under that cave of his. A pity.

But now I have a new subject. A boy whose dreams are violent and haunted. He doesn't give off confidence and a love for the pain and horror: he is filled with fear. Raw, terrifying fear; the kind that engulfs your body, racks it to the bone, makes your heart beat madly until you think it will burst. His dreams are a whole new breed for me. A new desire, a new taste. I have not forgotten the other's nightmares, but for now this one will suffice.

I sit in front of his house, watching as his TV flickers and his eyelids shut.

"Dream, Orc," I whisper, allowing his visions to enter my mind. "Dream of murder and blood again."

Say my name:

"Hey, Healer!"

"What's up, Healer?"

"Healer! How's it hanging?"

These are the words Lana hears all day, every day. Kids who don't even know her call out to her, cheery and smiling, saying that fake title. The name she does not know. She wishes someone would see past her power. She wishes someone would simply see her.

Orc. What an ugly name. It fits the monster within him; the horrible boy who murdered a defenseless girl. He wishes he could somehow permanently dispose of that name and start anew. But who would know him as Charles? It wasn't as if anyone could even remember the days of Charles Merriman. He had long since disappeared.


Both are in the plaza. Neither notices the other until their paths cross over, and even then only a slight nod of the head. The simplest form of recognition.

"Hey, Lana," he sighs.

"Good morning, Charles," she murmurs.

And neither notice what has occurred until they have already passed the other.


Lana is astonished.

Orc is dumbfounded.

And both know something incredible has just happened…though neither knows exactly what.


"Sam!" Astrid screams, shaking her boyfriend. "Sam, wake up!"

Sam gasps, startled into consciousness. He takes in his surroundings; Astrid's worried eyes, his open window, his sheets twisted around his legs. He is home.

"I'm okay," he whispers, closing his eyes. "Just another nightmare."

"About him?" she asks.

Sam stares up at her with tortured eyes; he doesn't have to answer.

"Try and get some rest," Astrid whispers. She leans down and kisses him, her lips soft and light as feathers; so unlike the sharp, sandpaper whip Sam had been dreaming about. Such unsettling contrasts; they unnerve Sam.

"Goodnight, Astrid," Sam whispers, watching as she leaves.

Astrid pauses at the door. She wants to say something…but doesn't.

"Goodnight, Sam."

The door shuts, and takes with it the softness and comfort that Astrid brought with her. And Sam is left alone with dark laughs and darker eyes.

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