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Fidem Facere

Chapter 1

By Miranda Panda-chan

It didn't make sense that all this time the answer, the loophole to this problem had been so stupidly under his nose.

"So you've been lying to her all this time." It wasn't a question. Logan didn't answer. The bald man just smiled knowingly, "You know, Logan, it has been my experience that it is far my chivalrous to let the young lady to decide for herself what she does and doesn't deserve."


"Logan, I told you I wouldn't help you find her. I made her a promise, as did Storm. The student, however, have never made such a promise…"

And that's how he'd wound up in Texas on Serendipity Drive standing in front of a fairly nice house. He was nervous as hell—he'd go as far as to say he was scared shitless. She was his world, a world that he'd not been able to enter into since she'd left him two years ago. He sighed, trying to ignore the sweat gathering on his palms.

He knew she held at least some type of hatred for him, and if ever was a woman scorned he was fairly certain she could claim the fury that hell could not even create. He wondered how much she'd changed in those two long years…wondered if she'd colored those skunk stripes of hers, or if she ever slipped up with her new name.

He still didn't what she was going by these days.

He sighed; he wouldn't get up the courage today. He'd only gotten here a few hours ago, and the sun was starting to go down, leaving the sky a pinkish purple. He was about to turn to leave when a door slammed open. On instinct, he hid in the shadows of a very large tree on the far side of the house, farthest from the road…and he didn't know his way around this place yet to trust himself to be able to get back here without his map.

"Yea, you hear right, sugah! I want you outta this house NOW, and don't you dare even think about touchin' my underwear drawer, Remy, or by God your fingers'll be shoved so far up your ass-!"

"Alright cherie, just let Remy get his stuff-."

"Like hell I'll let you get your stuff—get out and I'll have your stuff on the lawn by mornin', you bastard!" a moment of silence occurred as Logan finally laid eyes on the all too familiar Southern belle that was currently shouting and cursing like a sailor. His eyes raked over her form. She seemed tinier than last he'd seen her. Her hair still held the familiar skunk stripes, courtesy of Magneto. She was in a white tank top and rolled up jeans that still dragged the floor and no shoes. Her nails were painted a Pepsi can color of blue, including her toes. Her hair was up in a ponytail, put up in something to the effect of a bun except that she still let quite a bit hang over the top of the clip so it gave the effect that her hair was significantly shorter than it really was. Her voice pulled him back down to Earth once more.

"Remy LeBeau! I will call the cops if you don't get your ass outta mah house this fucking instant!" her accent was thickening with every word she spoke.

She was furious when the male finally showed his sorry self, and her eyes only narrowed as she looked him over once grabbing his arm and swinging him out of her doorway.

"C'mon cherie, where will Remy sleep?"

"With the other two-face lying, cheating, dogs—now offa my property. You can pick your stuff up in the morning by the mailbox, unless the dumpster gets here first, of course." She sneered as he gave her a hard stare. Logan couldn't have been more proud of her—he always, at least, had the knowledge that in the world of men, she could take care of herself…mostly. The man picked up his bag he'd managed to get out of the house with him during his banishment and slung it over his shoulder.

"You will miss Remy, cherie. And when you come to your senses, Remy will not back to you." He said very seriously.

"Fine by me," she glared daggers at the taller man with the Cajun accent. He shrugged before turning to walk away. He'd only gotten about halfway across the lawn when she yelled again, "and don't forget to take your stupid, stolen ring!" she pulled a small object off of her left ring-finger, and Logan could only see it by the quick shine of light against what he assumed was probably some sort of gem, a diamond by the looks of it. It flew across the green lawn only to hit the back of the man's head. Remy swore loudly as it bounced off of his skull into the thick grass. He immediately fell to his knees searching.

"You're crazy, cherie. You know how hard Remy worked to get this for you!"

"Yeah, by stealing it off someone who actually bought it—but you wouldn't know anything about that would you?" He glared at her but smiled as he found the offensive object, he gave her a sneer of his own as he stuck it in his pocket.

"So long, cherie." She flipped him off, but he blew it off, blowing her a kiss as he made his way across the street to a motorcycle propped up against a tree. The motor roared to life as he road off down the street. Rogue watched him go, still leaning against her doorway. Her eyes were narrowed as she glared at the ground, Remy being too far out of sight to still be pretending to watch him.

Her shoulders suddenly dropped in defeat as she muttered something to herself and took on a much more melancholy persona rather than anger. Logan could smell the tears brewing behind that too calm gaze of hers. He growled low in his throat.

He continued observing her though from the shadows, taking more of the girl that he known and protected since she was seventeen. He wanted nothing more than to pull her to him and bury his nose in her hair…but they hadn't parted on the best of terms. He knew that, and therefore he was stuck at the crossroads as to whether or not he should act or just walk away like the spineless coward he felt like.

He didn't know in this situation. Depriving the Wolverine of his desires was what had gotten him in this mess in the first place, but the sensible side that was Logan argued fervently against such a rash action…besides she was already fired up today.

She finally began to walk back inside when she suddenly felt like she was being watched. She shivered, hating the feeling, and all to familiar with it due to Remy.

"Is anyone there?" If it was Remy, he'd know he'd been caught. If it was someone else…well, she then she needed to get inside and grab her revolver, "C'mon out, seriously." She tried to sound braver than she felt. Logan watched her carefully. She had a vague idea or sense of where this unknown intruder was because she kept looking in his direction…but she'd yet to see him. She laughed nervously, rubbing her hands up and down her arms as she walked backwards to her door, opening it quickly before turning around.

She screamed loudly before having enough restraint to cover her mouth to muffle it, surprise and shock evident on her face as she stared at the face that haunted her thoughts…, "Logan?!"

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