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Fidem Facere

Chapter 2

By Miranda Panda-chan

Have you heard of the Lonesome Loser?

Beaten by the Queen of Hearts every time!


"Hey kid," he said sheepishly. Her eyes narrowed in an instant as shock was replaced with anger.

"What're you doin' here, Logan?" her voice was accusing, and she was already headed toward an explosion of fury, "How the hell did you even find me? "

"Well…it's taken two and a half years…I can tell you this, it wasn't easy." She ran a hand through her already slightly wind-blown hair. Frustration was evident in her eyes, and he couldn't help but notice that her infuriated expression boosted her attractiveness significantly.

"I cannot believe this," she muttered under her breath. She looked at him and looked away, dancing slightly in the doorway with her fidgeting motions. She was breathed out heavily through her nose turning to look at him once more, "Why did you even bother, huh?" He was silent, and they both knew the answer to that question instantly after she'd said it. She, however, continued on her tirade, choosing to ignore the obvious answer. She continued yelling until finally she stopped as if something or someone had hit her in the face. She had been pacing up and down her entry hallway as he stood on the porch right outside the door. She turned to him slowly, "Logan, I never did catch it, how long did you say that you'd been standin' out there, sugah?" He looked at her guiltily and cleared his throat under her scrutiny.

"Well…long enough to see you kick some jackass out." Her glared increased by ten at his answers, and he should really start to think more about what the other person wants to hear rather than the truth.

"Brilliant," her tone was icy as she took one last look at him. She turned around again, and he was prepared to get yelled at again as she paced…


However, he was not prepared to see the white paint of the door up close and personal.

"Go back to Canada, Logan. The whores are cheaper there." She yelled back, and he heard the clicks to both the lock and the deadbolt as she slid the security to her house in place.

He took a step back, glaring at the door as he growled. He could tear the door down in an instant, and both of them do it. She was just being childish now, pretending that a measly thing like a lock would or could stop him from entering her home and telling her exactly what for if he so pleased!

But they both also knew that he would never do that. Not when it when was her…no, she was the only one that gained patience and favor from the Wolverine…however, she was wearing his patience rather thin…

So he waited, waited like the predator that he had once been. She wasn't getting away from him this time. Not without a fight.

Marie pulled frantically at her hair, frustration oozing out of every pore as she let out her irritation in angered mutterings. She'd tried cooking, and despite the huge load of cookies and the very nice cake she'd baked in the past four or five hours, she could still not find peace within her own house or her own mind. She flopped down on the couch, sulking.

It wasn't like this was unexpected. This had been her teenage dream—having a spat with your soulmate, run away, and have them chase after you…but she was no teenager anymore. Nor was she one to believe in fairytales and dreams.

Dreams only got you hopeful.

And hope only brought heartbreak.

And she was living with one hell of a broken heart. She swore loudly, throwing her couch pillow at the TV. It bounced off with a soft thud as it hid the hard wood floors. She would check out her window every once in awhile, because the man that had appeared was someone she knew. Someone she knew better than most, someone who had once been inside her own head…and she knew for a fact that he wasn't going to actually leave her alone until he got whatever he wanted.

You know what he wants though, don't you?

And there he was, leaned against the tree he said he'd been standing by while she fought with Remy, the two-timing, two-faced asshole. Sighing, she put the blind back down, skulking down the hall to her room.

It should be unnerving, she thought, that there was a burly and huge man standing right outside her window in her lawn…waiting. Just waiting. But...he wasn't threatening her, and she knew his intentions weren't to harm her physically, and she doubted that he meant to harm her emotionally.

But as she'd always said: even if he didn't mean it, he still did.

She looked around her room, staring at her unkempt bed and clothes that littered the carpet. She would have to get Remy's stuff separated from her own…however, she wasn't entirely certain that now was the best time considering her sordid mood. She grabbed the leather collar of one of his two jackets, holding it up to chuck it outside of the four walls that contained her own personal sanctuary. She wasn't entirely surprised when a small rectangular object glided to the floor silently. A card. More specifically the Queen of Hearts…she scoffed as she knelt to pick it up off the floor. He always had been a cheater, she thought caustically. She tried not to feel like she'd been punched in the gut as she emptied the rest of his pockets, all filled with numbers of women, some of which were written on racy photographs of themselves. She'd been a fool.

She'd thought he'd be different. That she'd be his one and only, because he was hers. That the only reason he'd picked her up in the bar after he'd tried to pick up several others was simply because…she didn't have a really good reason, but damn it! He was supposed to love her and only her! WHY WAS SHE NEVER FIRST? She was always second best! Always one mark below Jea-!


She wasn't going in that direction. This was Remy. Not the man outside her home, trespassing on her lawn. Remy LeBeau was the one she was angry at. Not Logan. It had nothing to do with the Canadian wild man, it was completely irrelevant to him.

She growled at herself, rolling the leather jacket into a ball and chunking it across the room. The Queen of Hearts fluttered downward, lying next to her foot as it came to soft stop. She picked it up and stared at it angrily.

"Beaten by the Queen of Hearts every time, huh?" she stared into the inked eyes of the lady for a moment, searching for something, anything, but finding nothing, "Bullshit!" she swore, and tore the card in two, letting the halves float to the floor, squishing one beneath her bare foot as she passed to the bathroom—having every intention to ruin that leather jacket with a nice hot shower.

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