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Six children walked towards the nurse's station where Dr. Grey was waiting. They were referred to as the Golden Children by the people at the hospital because all of their parents were the best surgeons in Seattle. They were all coming from swim team or in the youngest's case, swim lessons.

There were the ten-year-old brunette Sloan twins, Elizabeth and Grace who had on hot pink and purple swim bags and had their arms linked with their best friend Georgia, who had on a turquoise swim bag and greatly resembled her mother.

Lagging behind them were eight-year-old Chris and five-year-old Brandon Sloan. Both had inherited their fathers' looks and despite their age difference had become best friends like their fathers had before them. They were currently excitedly discussing the fact that their fathers were finally going to let them watch Jurassic Park. Chris had on a blue swim bag and Brandon had on a red one.

And skipping ahead of all of the other kids and waving and saying hello to everyone was three-year-old Mallory Sloan. She bounced along with her still slightly damp blonde ponytail bobbing behind her and her light pink swim bag bouncing along.

"Hi, Auntie Meredith!" She exclaimed cheerfully.

"Hi, Mallory. How are you today?" Meredith asked smiling at the young girl.

"Good! Coach Robert said I can join the big kid group soon!" She said referring to what the kids in the swim classes referred to the swim team as.

"That's great!" She said.

"I gotta go. Bye!" Mallory said running off. At first Meredith was going to send the girls after her, but then she saw Alex walking down the hallway holding Mallory trying to brief his amused residents on a patient, but Mallory kept talking to them.

"Did Dad rent it?" Chris asked approaching her.

"Yes, he did. And Brandon is going to sleep over so that you guys can watch it."

"Cool!" The boys both said high-fiving.

"He's in his office. He should be ready to go soon." She said.

The boys put their bags under the nursing station and then walked off to Derek's, who was now the chief, office.

Grace, Elizabeth, and Georgia had stopped to talk to a nurse, but now approached the nurses' station.

"Hi girls." Meredith said smiling.

"Hi." They all replied as they slid their bags off.

They were going to say more but then Meredith's pager rang.

"I gotta go." She said

Soon after she left they saw Mark approaching the nurse's station.

"Hi Daddy!" Grace and Elizabeth exclaimed.

"Hey." He said hugging them.

"Guess what!" They said as they pulled away from the hug.


"We're all moving up a group! We're one group away from the advanced group!" All of the girls said at the same time.

"That's great." He said smiling proudly.

"Daddy, can Georgia sleep over tonight?" Grace and Elizabeth asked.

"Fine with me. Go find her parents and ask them to make sure it's ok."

"Thanks." The three girls said before linking arms once again and walking down the hallway.

He glanced at his watch. 5:30. He knew where Lexie was.

He walked towards the on-call room and quietly opened the door. She was taking a nap. They had recently discovered that she was about three months pregnant with their fourth child and while she rarely had morning sickness, she grew tired very easily. They had only told Derek and Meredith yet and Derek, understanding because it was the same way Meredith had been, shortened her hours and always gave her the best residents who would be able to handle a case by themselves.

"Lexie." He said softly climbing into bed with her and putting his arms around her.

"Hey." She said sleepily.

"We gotta go." He said stoking her hair.

"Okay." She mumbled, sitting up.

He laughed as he looked at her.

"What?" She asked.

"You look really cute when you're tired." He said smilng.

"I'm not tired. I'm exhausted." She said flopping back down on the pillow.

"You're still cute." He said, putting an arm across her body and smiling at her.

"I hate you." She said laughing.

"I love you, too." He leaned down to kiss her and then pulled her up out of bed.

She kissed him on the cheek before he opened the door and they went home.

They never doubted, even for a second, that this was the way their lives were supposed to turn out. It had been hard, they had faced challenges, but neither of them would trade it for the world.