I had my cock in my hand stroking it . I licked my lips tassting her sweet nector. I knew I wanted to feel the walls of her pussy wrap around my throbbing dick . I pushed her down on to the bed spreading her thighs apart . " im che viene per quella dolcezza" im coming to get that sweet pussy I thought enough of the foreplay time to fuck. She was trembling waiting for me to put my dick in ..

I teased her I rubbed my head on her clit " Plllease fcuk me" her begging sent me in a frenzy I needed to feel her . I pushed my cock in her slowly at first I didn't want to come right away I needed to pace my self.. Im far from a minute man but all this has been … to much .. I was on my third nut of the night .. When I came in her mouth it was incredible. The thought of the way she sucked me dry had my cock throbbing now all over again or the way she continued to jerk my shaft dripping with my cum in her mouth made me cum again ..

"oooooooooh" she moaned taunting me with her desire I pushed deeper . She arched her back thrusting her hips to meet the fullness of my cock "scopata" I groaned it was intense . I grasped her by the ass pulling her forward as I pounded my dick in and out of her. falling down to my forearms using just my pelvis as I looked into her eyes I was in heaven .. She moaned as she reached for my hair.. I licked her lips she bit my bottom lip . So erotic . I began pumping her was with force I could feel my cum building up, raising fast her body was shaking .. " ooooh god" she let out "harder" with pleasure her eyes opened wide as I held her by her shoulders and thrusted in and out harder and faster. "oooooh" I lost my hold it was to late she shuddered against me her walls tighten around my cock she came as I shot my hot load into her pussy I fell on top of her breast staring at the night stand, trying to catch my breath and suddenly realized I fucking forgot to put a condom on………