Epilogue~ All for love

I closed my eyes as the plan prepared to take off i just wanted to go home and forget everything . My hand slides across my belly and settled on my lap as a movie of my life replays in my head. I had a great life every was perfect until some sick fuck tried to destroy that. But I guess thing couldn't have been changed at the particular time and the natural course of life had to be taken. To much from that night is blurry, or blocked out according to Jasper. The mind does crazy things to protect the body from a melt down. I had to laugh at the thought.

My body should have shut down months ago,with the fucked up life i had, but things are starting to look up. I nestle my head further into the pillow as the memories started to become more vivid. The last thing I recall was saying my wedding vows marrying the love of my life . Glancing at my son. Longing to have another child, a girl to complete our family. I can hear the screams, see and smell the blood all over my hands. I most have fainted from all the commotion. It wasn't until I was in the ambulance that I heard my love sobbing for me. He shouldn't be sobbing this was all part of the plan. i couldnt bear to hear my angel sobbing

Yes a plan that Charlie and I had worked out, to make James and his people believe that he had succeeded in his plan to destroy my and my loves life. For restitution for his sister's life. The plan was simple I'd wear a bullet proof vest designed to fit around my dress with blood packet laced in it and when he shot me they would think I was dead. But no one took into consideration that I would be shot on my side where the vest wouldn't protect me. I tried to open my eyes, I could see Edward with his head in his hands crying . i reached up to wipe his tears

" baby please don't cry" I choked out reaching for his hand. His head flew up

" I don't understand I saw him shoot you, I check you myself you held no pulse" he was kissing and rubbing my face

" it alright baby" I tried to sit up to show him it was a part of the plan when the ambulance door flung open and Charlie jumped in

" Bells are you ok baby, what you did was brave, James is dead and his people arrested its over" he squeezed my arm and looked at Edward

" our girl is crazy" he laughed

" came up with this plan all by herself"he chuckled nervously knowing it could have went either way and they would be planning my funeral

" why exclude me" he asked oh my love im sorry but you would have ruined everything

" well for one you wouldn't have let me do it and for to we needed them to believe I was dead" I told him softly

" but you had no pulse"

" when dad hugged me before the pictures he injected me with some heart slowing drug he saw James and his men making a move and knew it was time" I reached for his hand and kissed them gingerly

" please baby forgive me" he kissed me and hugged me tight crying "forgive me my love" i say with tears streaming down my face

" nonsense you did what I would have done, now what" we both looked at my dad

" well we go on with the plan and have the funeral tomorrow" Edward shook his head

" the thought of you dying is to much to bare I can do it" I held his hand

" use that thought to make it real we need to end this so we can live our lives" he nodded solemnly

After being stitched up I was hiding out in some secret FBI location biting my nails when my boys walked in

" please don't ever make me bury you again" Edward dropped to his knees and hugged my waist I ran my fingers thru his hair as he sobbed

" I wont baby I wont i promise i would keep" I cooed it killed me knowing he had to go thru this shit

I shifted in my chair as I felt the tears sliding down my cheek, I felt a cool hand wipe across my face and settle on my bulging stomach yea i found out i was pregnant with my Mr. Wonderful's baby the morning of the wedding i tried to brush it off as symptons from all them shots but Alice knew i dont know how but she always knows, so she made me take a test and when we saw the double lines she told she knows its a girl , i have long since doubted Alice or her visions i pat my belly " isnt that right Mary Elizabeth Renee Masen Cullen your aunt is never wrong" i smile up at my handsome husband,"yea that quite a name baby " we both laugh he shakes his head chucking to him self as Anthony pokes at my belly "sister" i cry tears of happiness over the beautiful life we have now compared to the hell we have endured. i cant say that i would change anything it has led me to where i always wanted to be happy..

" its ok love were safe now" he whispered in my ear kissing my lips slowly our fingers laced together rubbing our princess,her not so soft kicks lets us know she is listening, i reached for my vibrating phone, a text from Alice letting us know her and Jasper are patiently awaiting our arrival. we have been moving around for the past six months an extended honeymoon of sorts but we just want to make sure that no one was following us. We stepped off the plane with Anthony between us walking hand in hand, where our life would take us we didn't know, it didn't matter as long as we were together I kissed my husband and ruffled my sons hair and patted my Elizabeth, I smiled at my family as we headed towards our next destination.