The night was still young. The sun had just barely set behind the horizon, the pinkish red glow could still be seen and a soft breeze blew through the chilly air of the night's sky. Then the wind began to pick up, causing leaves to scatter about the stone driveway of the Sanctuary. Suddenly, two figures dropped from five feet in the air down onto the hard ground below. Both figures groaned a bit as the wind slowly died back down to the light breeze that it had once been before their sudden arrival.

Standing slowly to their feet, the figures looked at one another before taking in their surroundings. The site of the massive Sanctuary before them and the gate which surrounded it for protection against anyone or anything that had wished to cause harm against those who seek sanctuary within it's walls.

"Do you think we made it?" A female voice came from one of the two figures. Her frame was small, standing at only 4'11, thin and weighing in at only 98 pound, perhaps less. Dark chocolate brown hair that fell to her shoulders and her eyes were a dark brown that was surrounded by long eyelashes. Her age roughly about 16, maybe even 17 years old.

Her style in cloths were fashionable, wearing skinny jeans with some nicely placed rips in them. Black high heeled boots that covered the ends of the jeans, letting the boots be seen fully, a silver buckle on the sides of each. She wore a black t-shirt, a logo or design that was hidden behind the light black jacket she wore, half way zipped up. A purple horseshoe and skull on the left side of the zipper just over her heart. Her name, Emily.

"I'm sure we did. It's the Sanctuary." A male voice answered pointing his hand out towards the Sanctuary. His frame was normal, standing taller at 5'11, muscular built and weighing in about 160 pounds. His hair was brown, short but long enough that he gels it. His eyes also brown, surrounded by normal length eyelashes. His age roughly around 17, maybe 18 years old.

His style was also fashionable. Wearing slightly ripped jeans, white tennis shoes that were half way covered by his long jeans. His shirt was dark blue, a logo or design hidden behind the jacket he wore, half way zipped up. His name, Jason.

"Well, looks like we better go find out." Emily stated turning her head to look at Jason a moment before taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly, then she started to make her way towards the Sanctuary doors. Stopping herself just before them, grabbing the brass knocker and gave it a knock.

The two waited patiently outside the door for someone to come and open the door. When the door finally did open, they were face to face with the Big Guy. The Bigfoot looked at the two that stood before him carefully, studying them before finding his voice and asking a simple question.

"Can i help you?" He asked in his usual deep voice as his eyes looked between the two, obviously wondering which of two was going to be answering his question, the male teenager or the female.

"Yeah. We'd like to speak with Dr. Magnus." Jason answered, looking at the Big Guy, standing himself up straight, showing him that he wasn't at all intimidated by the larger framed fella that stood in the door frame.

Grunting a moment before taking one last look at the pair then giving one nod then stepping out of the way to allow them entry. Jason and Emily both walked through the doors and into the Sanctuary then stood off to the side, not wanting to get too ahead of themselves and move on without the Big Guy.

Jason looked to Emily as they waited for the Bigfoot to shut the door and lead them to the destination. "I think we made it." He stated softly and silently so that only she could hear him.

Once the big man had shut the door, he started to lead them up the stairs and towards Helen Magnus's office.

Inside her office, Helen Magnus was sitting behind her desk with a few books opened on her desk, along with her journal, which she happened to be writing in. Her hair was still long and curled, looking beautiful as usual. The outfit she wore that day was consisted of black slacks, black high heeled boots, a white buttoned up dress shirt with a black vest and tie.

Hearing someone moving into her office caused Helen to look up from her work and to whom had come into her office. A smile spread across her lips when she saw that it was Will Zimmerman who had come inside and up to the desk, taking a seat in one of the chairs that sat before her desk.

Will looked the same, other than his glasses were no longer being worn, seeing he now wore contact lenses. He wore a dark grey t-shirt and denim jeans with white tennis shoes on his feet.

"Hello, Will." Helen smiled looking across her desk to him as she set down her pen, giving her fellow friend and protege her full attention.

"Hey. Did Henry get a hold of you, by any chance?" He asked her, leaning himself back in his chair some, crossing his left leg over his right, in a manly way as his hands folded over his stomach.

"No." She answered his questions, shaking her head lightly before sitting up straight while folding her hands on the desk in front of her, wondering what it was that Henry wanted to talk to her about. 'Hopefully not about more upgrades for his systems' She thought to herself.

"Apparently, there was a tiny glitch in the EM shield a few moments ago." Will explained. "It was small and sudden. It disappeared just as fast as it had happened. He doesn't think anything got through but he's not entirely sure yet. It was a split second that the glitch happened."

Helen listened closely to everything that Will was explaining to her. She didn't know what it could be, it wouldn't have been Ashley. though she had been gone and thought dead for several months, Ashley had returned back home, alive. Thought her thoughts did however turn to John, he was a likely suspect but she didn't think that he could have caused a glitch.

"Inform Henry I would like a full analysis performed and set to me the moment it is complete." Helen said picking up the pen she had set down a moment ago and began to fiddle with it some before her attention was taken away from Will and to the door where the Big Guy was standing. "What is it?"

Her question took Will by surprise and he didn't quiet understand why she was asking him that question, until he had realized that she was gazing past him. Turning himself around and seeing the Big Guy standing there. The Big Guy looked between Will and Helen a moment before taking a step inside the office.

"There are two teenagers here to see you." He answered looking across the room to Helen.

Helen was a bit confused to hear that two teenagers were there to see her, it was even clearly written on her face but she gave a light nod. If they were asking for her then she wasn't about to send them away, especially if there were abnormals seeking refuge. "show them in." Helen stated.

The Big Guy nodded his head and turned his body around, looking just outside the door, obviously looking at the teenagers that were standing outside the room. He motioned his head for them to come inside. Helen and Will both looked at the door, almost a bit anxious to see who the teenagers were and what they wanted.

When the teens walked through the door and into Helen's office, the two of them just stopped in their tracks, staring at both Helen and Will for a moment before they looked at one another. Both Emily and Jason seemed to grow even more anxious and nervous all at once as soon as they had entered the office where Helen and Will were waiting for them.

Helen smiled at the two teenagers that had walked into her office and stood up from her chair behind her desk. "Please, have a seat." she offered, holding her left hand up in the general direction of the couches that sat in front of the fireplace.

Without hesitating Emily and Jason both made their way over to one of the couches and took a seat. They sat opposite of where Helen and Will sat when they had walked over. The two teens were silent for a moment not really knowing exactly what to say but knew they were going to have to start sometime, they just couldn't sit there.

"I'm Dr. Will-" Will began to introduce himself to the teens but he had been quickly cut off by Jason who had been nodding the moment When will had begun his statement.

"Zimmerman. Yes, we know. And Dr. Helen Magnus. We know who you two are. That's why were here." Jason stated looking between the two adults. "I'm Jason and this is Emily."

"What is it that I can help you two with?" Helen asked getting straight to the point after she had taken her seat and they had all been introduced. Her hands were folded neatly in her lap as Will sat next to her on her left, her focus was completely on the two teens that sat before her.

Trying to explain what they needed help with was going to be hard, considering that Helen and Will might not actually believe them but they couldn't just give up now, not after they had come so far. They needed to try and explain, even if they failed miserably.

"Well, this is going to sound so far out there but considering what you two do for a living it can't be that far fetched." Emily began. It was obvious that she was a bit more nervous and hesitant, then Jason had been when he spoke up. She was just about to open her mouth to try to form the words but Jason spoke for her, seeing the hesitation.

"We're from the future." Jason stated quickly, his eyes resting on Helen then over to Will, watching them carefully and their reactions. The shock that was on their faces was to be expected.

Hearing those words that had just come out of Jason's mouth had caused both Helen and Will to just stop in that moment and try to disgust what exactly he had informed them of. "The future?" Will was the first to question, not knowing if he could really believe the teens or not.

"I know, it seems like a huge shock and that it doesn't seem possible but it was the design of Nikola Tesla." Emily stated hoping to convince them, her eyes moved back and forth between Helen and Will. "The machine worked and we are proof of that."

"Nikola?" Helen finally questioned, getting into the conversation. Once she had heard Nikola's involvement made it a little more believable that these teens might actually have come from the future like they are claiming. "Well, if it was anyone who was going to build a time machine and succeed in creating it, it would have been him."

"Wait, you actually believe them?" Will asked a bit surprised that she was actually considering the fact that the teens were telling the truth. To him the story was too far of a stretch for him. When he had questioned Helen, that caused both Emily and Jason to shift their gaze from Helen over to him.

Helen paid close attention to the teens before she turned to look at Will, she could tell that they were obviously hurt by Will when he had questioned them but she could also sense that they had somewhat expected something like that to happen. When she focused back to Will she nodded her head. "I admit that it is a stretch but if Nikola was convinced that he could creat such a device then I believe he would do it. But why he did it, is another question."

Will sighed some then gave a nod, knowing that she had made an excellent point, that Nikola was a very determined vampire. He put his hands together as he looked down to the ground a moment or two before looking back up and over to Helen. "I agree. I do, but this is a huge reach. If they could just... I don't know, offer up some more proof then maybe-"

"We can offer you proof." Jason spoke up suddenly, interrupting Will once again. He just wanted them to trust them and allow them to do what it was they had come back to do, then hopefully they could find a way back home, to their time.

"No, we can't." Emily shook her head before turning her attention to Jason. "No, we can't." She said a little more sternly, staring into his eyes threatening him silently without words.

"Em, come on. They want proof...we have proof." Jason argued with her, turning in his seat to face her more.

"Jason.." She trailed off while shaking her head some, fear was present on her face, offering up proof seemed to be scaring her some but the look Jason gave her caused the fight within Emily to crumble and with a sigh she replied. "Fine." She said sternly.

Emily then stood up from her place on the couch and walked herself over to Helen's desk, picking up the empty tea cup that had been sitting there, at one point it did actually have tea within it but Helen had clearly drank it earlier. Taking the end of one of her sleeves and cleaned the insides of any tea residue before setting it back down on the desk as everyone sat quietly behind her on the couches, watching her every move.

Once she had set the tea cup back down onto the desk, she turned around to Jason and held out her hand, causing Jason to dig within his pant pocket and pull out a pocket knife. He tossed it over to her, which she caught easily. Helen and Will both exchanged looks of worry before turning to watch Emily, not fully understanding what was going on or what Emily was going to do but all they could do was just watch and wait.

Emily opened up the knife, so that the blade was out and she quickly without hesitating sliced into the palm of her left hand. Hissing some at the pain before she began to drain the blood into the awaiting tea cup. After a moment or two Emily closed her fist, closed the knife and tossed it over her shoulder where it landed on the couch next to Jason. Where he picked it up and shoved it back into his pocket. Emily held her left hand closed and with her right hand picked up the tea cup and walked back over to everyone back at the couches. Instead of taking her seat once again she held the tea cup out to Helen.

"Test it." Emily stated waiting for Helen to take the cup from her. Helen's blue eyes were starring into Emily's brown ones, both never breaking eye contact until finally Helen looked down to the tea cup and took it from her, but before Emily could move away, Helen quickly reached out her right had to catch Emily's left wrist so that she could examine it but to her surprise, when the teen opened her fist, the cut was gone.

"Your an abnormal." Will stated, seeing that the wound was magically healed on the teens hand before he's eyes looked up at Emily.

"That I am." She answered looking over at him some before turning her attention back over to Helen, pulling her hand gently out of Helen's grasp and stood up straight. "Test it and you'll have your proof."

"A DNA test." Helen stated looking down to the cup that she held in her hand before glancing back up to Emily. "And whose should I test it against?"

Emily looked down at Helen and tilted her head an inch to the right before she answered the question. "Yours."

Alright, that's it for chapter one! I hope you guys like it so far, it just sorta came to me in a dream and had to start writing it. Let me know your thoughts and please if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see happen, let me know and i will take them into consideration.