Emily's death was devastating to everyone. Though, she hadn't been in the past that long, Emily had touched everyone. They all cared about her and was hoping that they would have been able to save her in the end. No one could speak at the harsh reality of the situation that they weren't able to save her life. There wasn't a dry eye in that office. Even Nikola's eyes were tearing up, but he was trying so hard to be strong for Helen, who was hurting the most. Well, almost the most.

Jason was a complete and utter wreak. He couldn't even function in that moment. He didn't want to believe that Emily was Dead. There was so much that he wanted to tell her. But he never got the chance. Tears fell from his eyes, unable to control the amount that was being shed and he really didn't care. Kate had taken notice of the poor teen, the state that he was in was just sad. She made her way over to him carefully, trying not to slip on the ice, then kneeling down beside him and pulling him into a hug.

Ashley was just as upset as both her mother and Jason. She had just lost her baby sister. All she could do was just hold onto Emily's hand. Not really believing that she was gone. How could they not save her in time. 'Something has to be done.' She thought to herself before slowly letting go of Emily's hand when she had felt someone pulling it away. Turning her head to see who it was that was there beside, giving a soft and weak smile before letting Will pull her into a comforting hug. Something that she was in desperate need of.

A moment after Ashley let go of Emily's hand and accepting the hug from Will, a flash filled the room, emanating from Emily's body. Causing everyone to stop hugging everyone to shielding their eyes from this bright light. When it had finally disappeared, everyone was shocked at the sight before them. Emily was gone. Disappeared into thin air. Along with the ice that covered the entire office. They really were left speechless after that.

"Where'd she go?" Henry asked confused as he looked at the sofa, then around seeing that all the ice was no longer surrounding them.

Helen slowly stood up with Nikola, looking down then around the office carefully, almost waiting and expecting for Emily to just walk in from the next room or something. But she never came. She turned her head looking to see if Jason was still there. He was. Looking just as stunned as everyone in that room was. It wasn't everyday that a body just disappears right before your eyes.

Jason stood up from where he was kneeling, his eyes not leaving the sofa. He took in a deep breath before turning to look at Helen and Nikola. "She went home." He said softly. Nikola and Helen looked at him, not really understanding. Emily was dead. And no time machine had been built yet. "Emily hasn't been born yet. So technically, she doesn't exist here." He explained, once he had seen the confused looks on their faces.

Helen seemed to understand as well as Nikola. "Which means, we still have the opportunity to save her." Helen said softly, looking at Jason some, who nodded his head with a smile. "Nikola." She stated softly before turning around and facing him. "I think it's time you start working on a way to return Jason to his proper place in time."

FUTURE: In Helen's office, Emily layed lifeless on the same couch she had been laying on in the past. She took in a deep breath and slowly her eyes began to open. She was alive. Her vision was a bit blurry but it was slowly starting to come into focus. Allowing her brown eyes to take in her surroundings. As she did this, she noticed a couple of things. One: She was no longer in any pain. Two: She was alive. Three: All the ice was gone. And finally: That Helen and the others were no long beside her.

Shifting herself some while taking in a couple of deep breaths, thanking the lord that she wasn't having to fight for them any more. Then she began to wonder. 'Is this heaven?' She thought to herself. 'Am I in heaven?' Moving both her elbows back before propping herself up, then leaning back on them while looking at the fire that was burning in the fire place. Not really understanding what was going on.

"I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to wake up." Helen's voice stated from behind Emily, causing her to turn her head around. Her eyes widened a bit in surprise when seeing her mother sitting behind her desk, looking down, writing in her journal. She had to be in heaven. Her mother was there. Taking in a deep breath as her mother looked up at her, a smile spreading across her face.

Emily had to admit that she couldn't take her eyes away from her mother. This was her mother. Not the one from the past, but her very own mother. She knew it in her heart. Shaking her head some, trying to stop herself from staring, looking down at her hands then back up at Helen. "I, uh, I'm sorry. I was really tired." She stated softly, coming up with an accuse quickly.

"It's alright." Helen smiled, pushing her chair back some before standing up and making her way over to her daughter. Sitting herself down on the coffee table, right in front of her daughter. Tilting her head a little to the side, then narrowing her eyes a bit when she noticed that Emily continued to stare at her. "You alright?" She asked getting a bit worried.

Emily nodded her head with a reassuring smile. "I'm fine." She answered softly. Moving forwards and hugging her mother tightly took Helen by surprise. But Helen didn't deny the hug. She embraced it. Hugging her child firmly before both her drawn out of the hug by a familiar voice speaking to Emily.

"Hey, Emily." A male voice called over to her. When she turned her head towards the door to see who it was that had caused her to break the hug off with her mother. When seeing Jason standing there in the doorway, a smile spread across her lips.

'Maybe I'm not dead after all.'She thought to herself as he walked himself farther into the office, till he was standing in front of the fireplace.

"So, you ready to go to the movies?" He asked as he shoved his hands into the front pockets of his pants.

Emily looked at him for a couple of minutes, then turning her head back to look at her mother, who was giving her a smile then a light nod. Letting her know that she could go. She smiled back at her mother before looking over to Jason. "Actually, can I get a rain check? Maybe go see the movie tomorrow?" She asked, biting her lower lip, hoping that he wouldn't be mad at her sudden change of plans.

"No, that's cool." He nodded his head with a smile on his face. "We have all the time in the world."

Nodding her head at him when he replied to her. "Yeah, we do. But right now. I want to spend some of that time with my mom." She said before turning her gaze back to the mother who was still sitting on the coffee table in front of her. This was a big surprise to Helen cause it usually took much more effort on her part to get either of her girls to spend time with her. And for the first time, since Emily was a small child, she actually was wanting to spend time with her.

Jason understood, he gave one more nod before leaving both mother and daughter alone to bond. Once he was out the door he closed it. So that no one would bother them.

Back in the past, everyone walked out of Helen's office, leaving her alone. Helen looked around her office a moment, then she made her way to her desk. Sitting herself down and placing her forearms down on the table before her. She took in a deep breath before glancing down at a picture of herself and Ashley that was on her desk. Turning her head more towards it. That's when she saw it. Ice in the upper right hand corner. Helen smiled, taking that as a sign of some higher being letting her know that she would succeed in saving Emily. And that filled her heart with joy.

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