Not Without A Fight: Rematch
Annaleise Marie

AN: This story will be a collection of outtakes, scenes, and side stories revolving around Not Without A Fight's Alice and Jasper, as per popular request.

Originally, the first outtake was going to be the story of Alice and Jasper meeting, in more detail, but well, that plan has changed. That story will come next. On that note, you should be aware that I will write what I want to – and what you request – but not in any particular order. You kind of have to read NWAF to get the flow of things. Actually, I hate to say it, but you kind of have to read it to get it at all. So sorry.

Having said that… Ahem… This outtake deals with a part of the story that has been written, but won't occur for at least five more chapters. Please use your own discretion when deciding whether to read it or not, as it's a pretty big spoiler. DO NOT READ PAST THIS POINT IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE SPOILER! No hard feelings if that's the case. I'll see you next outtake.


Outtake Summary: Emmett leaves Rosalie when he and his mom move again. This is Alice's POV of that scene.

I do not own Twilight; that's Stephenie Meyer. I do, however, own "Not Without A Fight". Please do not touch without permission! (Finally, I own something!)


I let one leg dangle off of the porch swing, gently swaying back and forth as I sipped my coffee in the warm, balmy morning air. Jasper was still asleep, taking full advantage of the summer months between graduation and college, but I couldn't sleep on mornings like this.

The air was charged with a heavy sense of dread. Today was the day. Emmett had loaded the Jeep the night before.

I turned towards the door when it slowly opened and Emmett stepped out, pulling it shut quietly behind him.

"Are you leaving?" I asked him, causing him to jump as his head whipped around to look at me.

"Fuck, Alice, you scared me!" he said, shifting nervously and hoisting his bag higher on his shoulder. I just stared at him, trying to decide if he was purposefully avoiding my question or not.

"So you are?" I asked. He nodded. "Awfully early in the morning." Suspicions were starting to form in my head, and while I felt the need to know, I almost didn't want to, if I was right.

"I have a three day drive," he said, not meeting my eyes.

"That, and you're sneaking out," I said, pretty sure now that my suspicions were correct. It broke my heart to think that they were, but all signs were pointing that way.

He shook his head, reaching into one of the pockets of his bag to retrieve a small, plainly wrapped box.

"Give this to Rosalie for me?" he asked, still not meeting my gaze as he dropped the box into my now-extended hand. I stared at it, wondering what it was. Still, whatever may be in the box, it was the confirmation of my suspicions: he was leaving without saying goodbye. There was no other explanation, was there?

"Emmett, you're not," I asked, trying to plead with him to change his mind without straight-out accusing him, in case I was wrong.

"Just give it to her?" he mumbled before turning to me and walking down the front steps to cross the lawn to the Jeep. He was. He was leaving without saying anything to Rosalie. No goodbye, no hug, no kiss, nothing to soften the blow of him suddenly being ripped from her.

Didn't he realize what that would do to her?

"Emmett!" I shouted, flying off the porch to follow him across the grass, my sandals slapping sharply against my heels. They sounded as angry as I was feeling. "You can't do this! You're not even going to say goodbye to her? You can't just—"

"No, I'm not," he said, spinning sharply to face me. I skidded to a stop to avoid running smack into him, surprised. "Don't you get it, Alice?" he continued. "You were always the one who got it with us. Don't you understand that I can't say goodbye to her?"

"No, I don't," I said honestly. "Do you know what that's going to do to her?" How could he not know?

"I can't say goodbye, Alice," he said slowly, as though he was searching for words. "Because if I say it, then that's it, it's over. And I'm not ready for it to be over. If I don't tell her goodbye, then it's not."

"I don't think that's how it works, Emmett," I said quietly. The poor guy. I could get what he was saying, really I could, even if it was completely and totally wrong. "I think it's over either way, and if you don't say goodbye, you're just going to make it hurt more for her. But you can't just leave her, Emmett! Not like this! This isn't right!"

"I'm sorry, Alice," he said quietly, turning away from me once more to open the door of the Jeep. I was left, dumbstruck, at the property line. I glanced down at the box that was still clutched tightly in my hand as the ignition started, trying to think of something to say to him to change his mind.

The Jeep pulled away as I stared at the box, sorrow weighing heavily in every cell of my body. I knew how this was going to go, how Rosalie was going to feel. I knew it, that feeling of ultimate betrayal, of abandonment, the feeling of being alone, of having a piece of you ripped away so suddenly, with no warning, no closure.

Nothing. Just emptiness. Just a gutted feeling in your soul, where they used to be.

I must have been standing there for twenty minutes, unable to react from the second-hand sorrow alone, ready to cry from it, even, when Rosalie burst through the front door, her hair a tangled mess, her pajama shorts and tank top rumpled, her feet bare. She had clearly just woken up. Her wide eyes raked over the yard, coming to rest on the now-empty driveway next door.

"Rose," I whispered when her eyes snapped to me, hearing my voice break.

"Alice, where's Emmett?" she asked, and I could hear it in her voice – she already knew. Knew, but was waiting for me to confirm it. I didn't want to. I didn't want to be the one to break it to her.

"He's gone," I whispered, knowing that the words would just barely reach her, and that it wouldn't matter, even if they didn't. She just wanted someone to say it, to know for sure before she let the world crash down.

I held out the package that Emmett had asked me to give her. Whatever it was, it was all I could offer her; the last piece of him that he had left behind for her.

"He wanted me to give you this."

She walked the few paces down the steps and to where I was standing, still rooted to the spot, to take the box from me. Her shaking hands tore off the brown paper to expose a black lacquered box. She opened it, staring blankly at its contents for a moment before an expression of pure rage took over her previously bewildered face.

I barely had time to duck as her arm drew back and she hurtled the box through the air. I watched as it skipped and skidded to a stop on the asphalt before snapping my gaze back to Rosalie. She had turned and already taken a few steps towards the house, her arms wrapped tightly around herself.

I knew that pose. It was the subconscious stature of a woman trying to hold herself together. It was one of those expressions that could easily take physical form.

"Rose!" I shouted. Whatever was in that box, I felt like she was going to regret throwing it away. I knew that well, too. The grocery bag of shredded photographs in the back of my closet was evidence of my own mistake. "The box—"

"Let a fucking car hit it," she hissed and I snapped my mouth shut so sharply that I could hear my teeth click together as she marched back into the house, slamming the door behind her.

I stood there for a moment before I felt like I could move again. Without really thinking about what I was doing, going only on instinct and experience, I crossed the lawn to the street, crouching down where the box had stopped just inches shy of a storm drain.

I sat on the curb and opened it slowly to see a poesy ring, not unlike the one Emmett had given her at Christmas, nestled in the black velvet lining. The etched words read "Forget Me Not".

I could understand why this upset her, why she wouldn't want it at this moment. It was unfair of him to leave her this way, and then ask that of her. Still, one day she might regret throwing it out, and I didn't want her impulse to be as permanent as mine.

I was about to shut the box, already formulating an idea for how to sneak it into the house without her noticing, when I noticed a small white thing sticking out from under the velvet lining of the box. I ran my finger over it to find that it was the corner of a piece of paper.

Feeling as though I was intruding upon something private, but too curious to ignore it, I pulled out the lining and then the folded note, opening it slowly as I tried to swallow down the guilt I felt at intruding.

It was a list, written in Emmett's small, cramped writing.

1. Never forget that your smile can make everything bad disappear.
2. Never forget that you made Forks the only place, out of all of them so far, that I've truly lived.
3. Never forget that you are my Missing Piece, too.
4. Never forget that you are everything I've been searching for, without even knowing it.
5. Never forget that you rock my world.
6. Never forget that it meant something.
7. Never forget that you meant everything.
8. Never forget that you are perfect.
9. Never forget that all I want is to make you smile.
10. Never forget that I never wanted to make you cry.
11. Never forget that you are beautiful.
12. Never forget that you are strong.
13. Never forget that I would do anything for you.
14. Never forget that this is not the end; I promise.
15. Never forget that you have all of my love, for all of my life.
16. Please, never forget me.

By the time I got to the end of the list, I really was in tears.

I couldn't let this happen.

I had to figure out something.

Emmett had to keep his last promise. This couldn't be the end. Not for them, too.


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