The Cult of Skaro: Hurry up and die already!!!

Dalek Caan: I diiiieeeed a thoooouuuusand times.

Then stay dead.

Captain Jack: Not as easy as it looks.

Captain John: Anyone for an orgy?


Angel: Get out of my office Spike!

Illyria: I want to keep Spike as a pet.

Angel: That is such a lame joke, Joss.

Spike: Make me.

Illyria: I will.

Angel: Hoo-rah.

Spike:*places feet on Angel's desk*


Johnny Snow: Can I be in this episode.

Doctor Horrible: I don't have time for a grudge match with every poser in a parka.

Johnny Snow: Squee.

Captain Hammer: WHHHHHHYYY?

Everyone Else:*Stares at Hammer*


Dr Horrible: Cry baby.

Captain Jack: I don't like him.

The Doctor: Of course you don't like him. He's just like you.

Jack&John: Well the guy with the goggles is sought of cute.

Johnny Snow: He's my nemesis!!!

Spike: Why is it my face is always put on lame characters?

Angel: Reflects the original I guess.

Buffy: Hi guys.

Everyone Else: I think I'm in love.

Johnny Snow: She's not even pretty. Stop looking at her Doctor!! You're my nemesis.

Dr Horrible: Dude, you're not my nemesis.

Johnny Snow: I AM YOUR NEMESIS!!!!!

Spike: Someone's acting a little childish.

John: Hey a guy who looks like me. Mmmmm.

Jack: Three men who look like John. I might just take up that offer of an orgy.

Angel: Stop it.

Dr Horrible: Yeah, stop it.

Captain Hammer: Shut up Doctor.

Doctor: I didn't say anything.

Captain Hammer: I meant the other Doctor.

Doctor: But I am the Doctor.

Dr Horrible: He means me.

Captain Hammer: Ok. You're Doctor H and you're Doctor D.

Jack: Shut up!!!

John: He's not cute at all. Don't like him.

Captain Hammer: I'm gorgeous. You pair aren't.

John: You bitch!!

Jack: Easy John.

Doctor: I need to stop this now.


Dr Horrible: With my freeze ray I will stop the…. Arggh.

Doctor: You bastard. You killed him.

Johnny Snow: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Buffy: Are you ok Spike?

Spike: I'm Spike.

John: (To Buffy) No I'm Spike.

Jack: I'm Spike.

Angel: Yeah, you know I could have been…OUCH!!!!!


Angel:*vamps* Little brat.

Spike: Oooh *vamps* a fight.

Rose: Doctor. I'm back.

Doctor: Oh Rose. I love y…

John: Hi Rose.

Spike: You're not as good as Buffy.

Illyria: Your presence displeases my pet.

Rose: Argghh.

Doctor: You killed her!!!

Spike: Bloody hell.

Angel: Illyria!! *Sigh*

Dalek: Exterminate?

Captain Hammer: No dalek. (Pulls off ray gun)(shoots Doctor)

Doctor: Arggh.

Jack: You killed him!!

Doctor: No he didn't.

Angel: How?

Doctor: RTD found a convenient way to bring me back.

Spike: I bloody hate RTD.

Angel: What has he got to do with us?

Spike: *Shrugs* Seemed like a good thing to say.

Doctor: No don't piss off RTD. He'll bring back.

Master: Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Doctor: *face palms*

Jack: *headdesk* oh lord, not again.

Spike: who's that guy? he has style...evil style

John: he's cute

Master: Doctor

Doctor: Master

Master: I love it when you use my name

Spike: Oh he's is so gay for the Doctor

Johnny Snow: Too soon

Doctor: like you and angel are so gay for each other Spike

Angel: What? Spike what have you been telling them?

Spike: Nothing

Illyria: My pet told me you were intimate

John: Can I suggest we just take all this sexual tension and have an orgy?

Doctor: NO!!!!!!!

Jack: *hits john across back of head*

John: Ouch!

Gwen: Jack!

Jack: What are you doing here?

Master: Wow, so many people in one room

Doctor: We could break reality

Master: Goody!

Doctor: Remember what we did back on Gallifrey

Master: Oh your Dad was so pissed at us

Doctor: Yeah

Spike: Seriously

Spike: What were you guys up to?!?!?!

John: what weren't they up to

Jack: JOHN!

John: Oh so they can suggest stuff but I can't?

Spike: That's real fair

Jack: I'm getting a headache from you pair sounding the same

Angel: It's my worst nightmare

Spike: damn, I wanted to be your worst nightmare. Me ALONE

Angel: Spike pick up your shattered pride later

Spike: only with your help *wink*

John: That's MY line

Captain Hammer: Oh god. This must be what pain feels like

Spike: You already said that line

Captain Hammer: It hurts so bad

Buffy: Can I kill him?

Angel: what, you're alive? I thought the dalek killed you


Angel: Who said that?

Joss Whedon: It was me

Everyone: What the hell?

John: God? Is that you?


John: Who said THAT?

RTD: It was me. I am God

Joss Whedon: No. I am

John: 2 gods. This explains why there is so many of me

Angel: You are not god's gift Spike

Johnny Snow: what? they think we look too good to only have one

Spike: Yo

RTD: John is better than Spike

Joss: Like hell

John: I'm better at sex

Jack: No you're not

John: Pretty sure I've had more practice

Spike: I've slept with demons, vampires and slayers

Doctor: You mean aliens

Spike: No. I mean demons

Master: Demons aren't real. There is only aliens

Rose: Uh but Doctor., we've fought the devil

Jack: I've died because of Abaddon

Doctor: Aliens!!

Jack: RTD, stop bringing back the dead

RTD: actually, if I'll die *smug*

Johnny Snow: Don't kill him

Doctor: Why not

Johnny Snow: He reminds me of Horrible

Hammer: How?

Jack: what? I am so not horrible

John: I don't know

Jack: It's a person John!

Buffy: he's kinda cute...immortal style

Spangel: *Rage*

Joss: It's funny

Spangel: Why?

Joss: You won't find out because you're not in season 8 of Buffy

Doctor: I am! *jokes*

Joss: Actually he is

RTD: He's my character!!!! I'll kill you

Rose: so am I!

Spike: I am so killing her

Angelus: I will kill her

Spike: What how are you back

Angelus: John and I went out back

Angel: *walks in* actually *stares* woah


RTD: *whistles innocently*

Buffy: So Angel and Angelus are in the same room. That's impossible!

Joss: Done it before

Buffy: yet somewhat....attractive

John: do I get an orgy NOW?

Jack: No

Master: I have a plan. I will kill off RTD to prevent that from happening

Doctor: That's impossible

Master: I'm doing it this season

Master: No more Russell

Doctor: Who'll write us after that

Steven Moffat: Me

RTD: Get out. I'm not dead yet

Doctor: Who just killed the 4th wall?

Illyria: I detested it

Master: Oooh I like blue thunder

Johhny Snow: I like her to. Argghh!!!

Spike: Well done blue

Master: can we break the fifth wall

Doctor: You're not living on Mars. Not letting that happen

Angel: I want to be an FBI agent

Spike: No

John: Wait a minute. Aren't we the same actor

John: If we break the 5th wall there will only be one of us and we can only go to one universe

Jack and Angel: We're breaking the damn wall

Spike: *growls*

Master: Yo

Master: Back to me. I'm the center of attention

Doctor: Then why did you hide at the end of the universe

Master: They have a great restaurant

Spike; Thought that was at the edge rather than the end

Master: You haven't been there

Doctor: And it was the end anyway

RTD: Wow. I'm the writer not Douglas Adams. Anyway he's dead

Joss: This could be fun

Spike: *shrugs* never paid attention in that movie... it got boring

Giles: Buffy

Buffy: What is it Giles

Giles: I have found a spell that will get rid of all the writers once and for all

Angel: excellent

Willow: I'll do it

Doctor: Are they gone

Master: let me check

Rose: Arggh

Master: She alive?

John: No

Master: They're gone

Doctor: You killed her again!!

Master: Don't worry RTD will bring her back. OH WAIT!!!

Jack: How DARE YOU

Spike: I never liked her anyway

Angelus: Just killed Buffy

Jack: Ha

Angel: You did WHAT?!

Angelus: I just killed Buffy!

Spike: How dare you!!!!

Angel: Let's get him spike *lunges*

Angelus: *dusted*

John: I liked him

Master: Wait. We could now go to every place that RTD has ruined and kill everyone there

Doctor: Uh no

Jack: Thats a lot of places

Master: Well we have a very powerful witch here and...

Willow: Arggh

Spike: Illyria!!!

Illyira: I'm powerful too

Jack: Are we just randomly killing off characters so the plotline makes more sense.

Spike: Yep

Jack: Come here John

John: *steps away* uh no, not going near you

Jack: Sex John. Sex

John: I don't trust you....

Jack: Come on. You know you want to

Donna: Hey everybody

Jack: oh god no

Master: Yes. We can FINALLY kill her

Donna: Arggh

Everyone: Yay

Doctor: OI!

Giles: Why did you kill her?

Doctor: Hey don't I know you? Yeah. You're the brother in charge of the Krillitain

Giles: What. No I'm arrgh

Doctor: JACK!!!

Jack: Sorry thought he was a bad guy

Doctor: He was. I just don't kill bad guys unless I have to

Spike: He wasn't a bad guy. He just never got shagged

Jack: ooooh

John: poor guy

Jack: Hey John

John: yo?

Jack: Pulls out gun

Spike: *jumps in the way*

Spike: I can't let you kill him. He looks too much like me

John: *wraps arm around spike and pulls him close, whispers in ear sexily* we'll shag later

Spike: I'm scared

Angel: Ok. Can I kill you now Spike

John: I'll stake you if you're not careful ponce

Doctor: Won't people stop killing.

Rose: Don't worry Doctor. I'm back

Doctor: But how.

RTD: My plotlines can not be killed off so easily

Master: He's back. Kill me now.

RTD: Won't help

Jack: Okay

Doctor: There is only one way to stop this. A duel between RTD and Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat: I choose the Empty Child!

RTD: I choose the daleks

Doctor: How did we know that was going to happen?

Spike: I'm vouching for empty child

Doctor: Wait. Who's writing this

Master: Good point.

Spike: I'll do it

Spike: I'll make it all rhyme too

Hammer: That's just going too far.

Dalek: Extermina...arghh

Doctor: Well that was easy. RTD is dead.

Buffy: Hey guys.

Jack: Why did we let him do that

Spike: Sorry, I love Buffy to much for her to be dead

Angel: Buffy you're alive

Buffy: No I love Spike

Spike: I may have made a few changes

Angel: *sighs* bloody hell Spike

Jack: Well nothing could get worse.

Johhny Snow: Hey guys

John: Why did you say that?

Jack: It always makes things worse. I like when things get worse

Spike: Hey guys I wrote a plotline for the new season of Doctor Who

Doctor: What's it like

Jack: Oh my god.

Doctor: What?

Jack: No daleks

Spike; I invented some original characters

Jack:*reading* The Sex Lord of sex played by James Marster

John: yup, that's me

Jack: *Still reading* A new evil race that will come back every season

Doctor: What?

Jack: The Angels

Angel: Spike *growls*

Spike: Beaten by the Doctor's new companion who is a much better version of an angel

Jack: Let me guess. Played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Spike: Yep. I've got this great idea for an episode where...

Angel: *Stakes Spike*

Spike: *dusts*

Illyria: MY PET *snatches stake and stakes angel*

Hammer: *Stakes self*

Jack: That was random

Illyira: I feel grief...I feel horrible *runs off*

Doctor: There are no more Joss characters besides Buffy

John: Stand aside

Buffy: *looks at john* you look like spike

Jack: We need to bring everyone back

Doctor: I'll use my sonic screwdriver and arrghh

Master: Laser screw driver. Who'd have sonic

Master: *Shoots everyone* I'll now have my own show called Master Who

*crowd applauds*


Master: What who's there? Come out come out

RTD: Boo!

Master: I thought you were dead

RTD: So did I. There must be a writer of writers writing this

two of us actually

It's quite fun

RTD: So while I'm here I'll bring everyone back

no you don't

We'll stop you

RTD: Well you wrote me saying that

sometimes creations get their own ideas

RTD: Look can I just bring Spike back?

okay, bring back the fang boys

Spangel: We're back


Adrian Ishakov: Hey guys

*Universe explodes*


Nothing can contian the amount of awesomeness that would happen if Angel, Spike and Adrian met

I'm suprised the internet didn't break

me too

Well that's the end of everything

God: Not so fast

That's just mean

*writes him out*

That was effective