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~Chapter 1~

Ichigo sighs as he turns his pillow over yet again. 'Stupid summer weather' he thinks to himself, 'makes it so damn hard to sleep'. "ugh" he mutters, "there's got to be somewhere that's not so damn hot". He groans again as his sleep-clothes cling uncomfortably to his sweat-soaked body as he swings his feet over the side of the bed and sits up. "Where, where, where…" he muses as he looks around the room hoping something will give him an idea. "That's it!" he shouts as his eyes fall on his shinigami badge. "I bet the underground training area at Urahara's shop would be cooler".

The second he's decided where to go, he jumps out his window and starts for the shop. The walk itself only serves to make him hotter, and he smiles in relief as he approached his destination. His smile dies though as he realizes that as it was the middle of the night, Urahara would not be pleased to be woken up, and he didn't have permission to use Urahara's basement either. Ichigo shrugs as he realizes he will simply have to sneak in and out.

He successfully creeps to the entrance without being detected, and relaxes as he enters the room. He had been right; the oppressive heat lifted the second he walked in. Ichigo finds an area free of sharp rocks and flops down to sleep, sighing in contentment at the cooler temperatures.

Hours later he awakens, panicking when he realizes where he is and hoping fervently no one has seen him. 'Shit, I shouldn't be here anymore', Ichigo thinks to himself 'I meant to get up earlier. If Urahara sees me here, I am so done for. How the hell am I going to get out of here?' He looks around the underground room, hoping a back exit will manifest itself, however none are forthcoming. 'Ugh, I guess I gotta go out the same way I came in.'

Ichigo successfully manages to get into the main shop without being detected and can tell from the noise level that the shop's inhabitants are just starting to awaken. He tip-toes out the door and shuts it quietly behind him.

"Success! A good night's sleep and I didn't get caught either." Ichigo says as he stretches his arms behind his head. He whirls around as he hears a snicker behind him.

"What was that you where saying Ichigo?" Urahara says as he tries to hide a smile behind his fan, "something about not getting caught? Caught doing what exactly?"

"Nothing!" Ichigo is quick to reply, "nothing, I got caught doing nothing!"

"hmm...I'm not so sure about that, see I think you stole into my basement last night to escape the heat. You wouldn't have done that 'nothing' now would you? After all, why else would you be here right now?"

"errm…." "well, you see… it was too hot to sleep last night and your underground training room was the only place I could think of that would be cooler."

"I see, well then. Good-bye"

"Ehhh?!? You're not mad?"

"Who, me?" Urahara attempts an innocent tone and fails miserably. "What possible reason would I be mad for? Now, run along; don't you have school or something today?"

"Ah! That's right, I do! Later!" Ichigo raises his hand in farewell as he takes off running.

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