Urahara changes into swim trunks so as not to shock Ichigo by confronting him naked and then steels silently down into the hotsprings.

Meanwhile, Ichigo has finally stopped ranting to himself and is simply playing with his reiatsu in the water – trying to make as big a splash as he can.

It is just after a particularly large spladh that Ichigo looks up, wondering what it was that disturbed him. He peers through the fog, trying to make-out anything other than the rocks. Just as he is about to give up and write it off as nothing, he sees something vaguely human-shaped coalescing out of the fog.

"Hoy!" Ichigo calls out "Who's there?" For some reason, Ichigo doesn't realize that the only person other than him that is allowed to use Urahara's hotsprings, is Urahara himself.

"Ichigo, its me."

"Ah! Sorry, I'll go."

"Huh? No its ok. Stay. Dont go just because I'm here. I gave you permission to use them after all. Anyways, I came down to see what the hell you were doing. What with your reiatsu flaring up every couple of minutes. I figured it's still too early in the morning for you to be training, and I couldn't figure out any other plausible reason your reiatsu would be flaring so much. I mean, I know you can't control it or mask it at all. ... Or for that matter sense other people's reiatsu..."

"Oi! I'm not that bad..." Ichigo indignantly defends himself.

"Hmmm...." Urahara sceptically replies "riiight... Anyways, you made me ruin a perfectly good painting with your wildly flaring reiatsu. So do humour me and tell me... What the HELL were you doing down here?!?" Urahara ends up yelling the last bit however his anger is lost on a quietly laughing Ichigo.

"Y – y – you p-paint?!?" Ichigo snorts in an attempt to not break out in full-fledged laughter, however the attempt fails, and he is soon rocking back and forth holding his sides and laughing uproariously. "AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! YOU?!?!? Paint!??! Hahahaha *snort* hahahaha *giggle* hahahahaha" Eventually Ichigo calms down. "Sorry... its just... the image of you actually sitting down to paint something just seems so... not you."

"I see." Urahara says dryly. "Well its been a hobby of mine for many, many years." Urahara flashes back to a memory of his sensei standing over him and guiding his hand as he first learned to pain. He sighs and murmers "I could teach you sometime..." He moves so he is sitting directly across from Ichigo on the sunken bench on the other side of the hotsprings. "I repeat Ichigo: What were you doing down here?"

"Hmmm? Oh..." Ichigo smiles innocently as he realizes that he still owes Urahara for tricking him into eating elephant treats. "I was doing this." He says as he forces a giant wave to suddenly rise-up and crash-down directly over Urahara.

"Gahhh...ha..." Urahara had gasped and started panting slightly when he felt the beginnings of a massive and out-of-control wave of reiatsu. As such, he was totally unprepared for the powerful wave of water, and was completely knocked over by it. He splutters as he finally manages to fight his way to the surface of the suddenly tubrulent water. Urahara shakes the water out of his eyes and looks angrily at ichigo. "What the hell was that?!"

"Well... you did ask what I was doing down here" Ichigo replies innocently. "Thats what I was doing. Besides - I still owed you for feeding me elephant training treats..."

"Honestly... you free loaders are eventually going to be the death of me..." Urahara sighs as he drops back down onto the sunken seat. He then lets out a small chuckle as his eyes drop to the surface of the water. Ichigo follows his gaze to see what he found so amusing and at first cracks the beginnigns of a smile, then immediately blushes a pale pink. There, floating innocently on the surface of the water, is a pair of swim-trunks with nobody in them. Ichigo's blush flames brighter as he realises that they are both quite naked. His gaze darts hesitantly to Urahara's groin before he jerks his eyes back to his face.

Opps, there go my good intentions Urahara chuckles quietly to himself as he admires Ichigo's blush.

"I...I...I-I-I-I I gotta go!" Ichigo finally manages to stammer out as he immediately turns and grabs the nearby towel and wraps in around his waist in an effort to salvage some modicum of modesty. He then dashes to the large rock nearby that he had left his clothes by and hurridley dashes behind it and throws his clothes on. He then hightails it out of Urahara's shop and doesnt stop running until he has put at least a block between himself and Urahara's shop.

Meanwhile Urahara is still just sitting in the hotsprings in a state of shock at how fast Ichigo had managed to change and run away. If I didn't know better, I would think that he somehow used flash step in his human body.... "Ichigo... you are just full of suprises aren't you."

Urahra sits quietly in the hotsprings remembering the brief glimpse he'd had of Ichigo's cock. Ahh... Ichigo, you have such a nice body... Crap! My painting! My paints and paintbrushes are drying up, and the painting is on my desk and in full view of anybody who happenes to be snooping around where the shouldn't be!

He starts at this realization before bolting back to his office hoping that it would not be too late to salvage his paints and brushes. He quickly puts the lid on his paint and drops his brushes into a pot of water. Haing taken care of that, he surveys his finished painting and sighs. Ichigo...

He shouts in frustration as he looks at what he has painted - who he has painted. Instead of a blooming cherry tree gently raining petals down onto a teenaged couple twined gently together, he had unknowingly zoned out and had ended up painting a very debauched-looking Ichigo. "Argh!!! I can't keep this! What if someone sees it?! What if Ichigo sees it?!?!" He shudders at the thought of Ichigo's reaction to it before angrily destroying it.

He takes out a clean brush and canvas and decides to try again to paint something other than ichigo. Maybe I'll even suceed in painting that cherry tree now that Ichigo and his damn reiatsu are gone. The second his brush touches the canvas however, he realizes that it would be hopeless. Argh, Ichigo... What am I supposed to do?! You just think of me as an old-pervy shop-keeper. How do I make you see me as more than that? Isshin will kill me (I think), if I ask his permission to court you, and would certainly kill me if I didn't ask him...Stupid people following stupider old customs. If I ask you, you will probably just laugh it off as me being strange and making a perverted joke... you probably have a girlfriend or something anyways... Maybe its Rukia... gosh knows she spends enough time staying with you and your family...