Alien Squared

Ending the call quickly, Clark Kent sheds his night-clothes. In a matter of seconds, Kent had donned the red and blue costume of Superman. The famous S-Triangle could be seen streaking heavenward towards the energy burst.

Scanning the skies with his powerful vision, in a matter of moments, Superman had spotted the silver-skinned alien hurtling towards Earth. The energy mass the Surfer had entered from shone like a beacon behind him.

Putting the danger that he may be exposed to behind him, Superman flew head on to meet the exile. "Hold! Stand away from your...


Barely glancing at the Kryptonian, the Silver Surfer continued his journey towards Earth. Again, Superman blocked his path.

"Under the authority of the Justice League, I order you to accompany me." demanded Superman.

Hoping to avoid confrontation, the Surfer responded,

"Order? I did not escape from one prison to arrive at another!"

Picking up speed, the Surfer skimmed by Superman with the shout "Now, leave me ALONE!"

Kent was unimpressed by this pleading, and thought, "So, an escaped prisoner with enormous power?". Superman shot after the gleaming traveller, "There's no way I can allow him to go free."

Grabbing the hand of the fleeing alien, Superman calmly spoke,

"Surrender quietly or I'll have to use force."

Dismayed the Silver Surfer turned to confront his attacker with exasperation.

"In all dimensions, Earthmen must cause harassment to the unusual."

With a small blast of the Power Cosmic directly into the face of the Man of Steel, the Surfer shouted "I shall say it no more: LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Wiping his mouth from the energy release, the Man of Tomorrow was shaken but not hurt. He thought "If that's the extent of his power, then he is no threat to Superman."

Speeding like a bullet after the former herald, Superman quickly caught up with the gleaming skyrider. "Regrettably, you have forced me to use violence", said the Man of Steel as his fist connected to the jaw of the Surfer, "now come..."


Superman observed the atmosphere crackle around the interloper. Wild sparks of outrageous energy poured forth, lighting a halo around the board rider. Driven to anger, the former herald raged,

"Is it not enough I sacrifice my freedom to save your planet? My one desire for peace constantly thwarted by the Earthmen's insane lust for control!"

The extent of the Power Cosmic assailed all of Superman's senses. It registered on his X-Ray, telescopic and microscopic vision. The Man of Tomorrow's acute sense of smell and taste were assaulted by the energy exuded. Superman thought "His power! It's enough to shatter worlds!"

In tears, the Surfer continued to wail desperately, "I have no desire for battle. Merely to be free of the barrier that constrains me to Earth."

Sensing perhaps that the constraint and obvious pain of the Surfer may have indicated a confusion in regard to the threat posed by the gleaming alien, Superman offered an olive branch.

"I am also not of Earth. I only sought you out due to the energy that accompanied your arrival."

His head in his hands, the Surfer bowed agonisingly towards the Man of Steel.

"Again, I have misjudged the inhabitants of this planet in my desire for freedom." sobbed the Surfer.

With his hand on the shoulder of the shining prisoner, Superman slowly coaxed the saga of the Silver Surfer out of the tearful exile. The anathema to the gleaming alien's depression, Superman enthusiastically responded,

"Perhaps we can help? This planet has magic and science of great power. Maybe there's a way we can break this barrier for you."

The Surfer's face lit up in a way that had not been seen since his time on Zenn-La. "Magic? Perhaps this could accomplish what the Power Cosmic could not, for my powers are weaker in this dimension. Mayhap, the barrier be also!"

Looking over his shoulder, the Surfer could see the rip in the dimensions still fizzing with energy. However, this was just a temporary rent in the fabric of space. The alien explained how short his time may be in this dimension. Superman responded with an optimistic "Then let's head to S.T.A.R Labs and get you home again."

With that, the depression of the Surfer returned.



Superman asked, "A loved one?"

Nodding in agony, the one once called Norrin Radd explained, "Freedom with no Shalla-Bal is but the worst banishment of all!"

In great torment, the former herald soared towards the rapidly-closing dimensional rift.

"Then my choice is made." spoke the spacerider. "The Silver Surfer shall return to the madmen of Earth to suffer indefinitely."

"For that universe has suffering but also Zenn-La, Shalla-Bal and...


Peace be upon you, my alien friend, peace be upon you.

Dedicated to Big John Buscema

- no finer Chrome Dome artist -