Moka waved good bye to everyone as she entered the bus and sat down. She watched as she went through the tunnel that led out of Youkai Academy and into the human world. She sighed and thought ' I never thought that I would give the human world a second chance'…….

Human world…

As Moka walked off the bus she heard the bus driver say "Remember what your getting yourself into kid" and drove off.

She blinked and told herself 'there is no going back now' and started walking to her new high school.

New School…

Moka nervously entered the class room and faced the class, almost immediately the class looked at her and whispered things like "she's cute".

The teacher cleared her voice "Everyone I would like to introduce our new student Akashiya, Moka"

"Akashiyay san would you tell us a little about yourself?" The teacher questioned

Moka looked arownd nervously and tried the best she could to keep her voice from shaking " m My name I is Akashiya, Moka and I came from Youkai Academy, I am pleased to meat you"

She bowed and her long silky pink hair flowed in front of her , she then rose and looked at the teacher with her pretty blue green eyes "Sensei where do I sit?" Moka asked in a polite tone

The teacher pointed to an empty desk next to a girl with brown hair that went all the way down her back " you may sit next to Ms. Tohru Honda"

Moka nodded and began walking to the desk , as she was walking she heard some whistles and comments about her and blushed a little

When she reached her desk, Tohru smile at her and welcomed her to the school.

Moka sighed and instantly regretted coming to the humen world and deciding to go to school there for awhile.

Moka listened to the lesson for 5 min and then her mind seemed to trail back to Youkai Academy and her friends there, she sighed and seemed to start her journey into her memorys, until the bell rung signaling that class was over.

As quickly as she could Moka gathered her stuff and began to walk to the door, but was stoped by the girl named Tohru.

"Hello again Moka san" she said in a cheerful voice " would you like to hang out after school?"

Moka thought for a moment, smiled, and replyed in a soft voice "Hai"

Tohru beamed and started walking towards the door "great why don't you come over and we can get to know each other better"

Moka nodded and followed, as soon as they where outside she noticed two boys calling out to Tohru.

One boy had grayish hair and the other had bright orange hair

Tohru ran up to them and Moka followed, as soon as Tohru was right in front of the two boys she introduced the boy with grayish hair as Sohma Yuki and the one with orange hair Sohma Kyo.

Moka bowed to them and introduced herself in her usual soft soft voice "its nice to meet you I am Akashiya, Moka"

Yuki bowed "its nice to meet you Akashiya san

Tohru asked in a tentative voice "umm Yuki if its not too much trouble could Moka san come visit the house?"

Yuki nodded and smiled, then suddenly Kyo asked in a some what annoyed voice "can we get going now"

Everyone nodded and began walking

Shigure's House

As everyone walked into the house they saw Shigure sitting down on the table reading the newspaper.

"Were home" Yuki, Tohru, and Kyo announced while Moka stood beside them

As soon as he heard their voices he put down the newspaper and said "ahh your back" and looked at each of them.

Finally his eyes landed on pretty pink haired girl with green eyes "and who might this be?"

Moka looked at him and murmered in a tentative/soft voice while blushing a little from nervousness "I am Akashiya, Moka" She bowed

Shigure gave her a some what perverted look and introduced himself as Sohma, Shigure

As soon as Yuki and Kyo saw the look he gave Moka the shouted "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!"

Shigure gave them a fake innocent look "Oh what ever are you talking about?"

Tohru quickly cut in"I hope its not too much trouble that I invited her over" She stated and bowed.

"Its no trouble at all" Shigure stated as he looked yet again at Moka and his eyes fell on the Rosario around her neck.

Moka noticed him looking at her and then the Rosario but before she could explain Tohru asked "What is that around your neck?" in a curious tone

Moka watched as all eyes fell on the Rosario around her neck and she blushed and explained "This is a Rosario, it's a very important item to me"

Everyone nodded at her answer and Tohru asked "why don't we all play a game? In her all too familiar cheerful and happy tone, while she got a deck of cards out.

Everyone nodded and Tohru asked "How about a game of old maid, I will even get some snacks" and with that she ran off to the kitchen leaving Moka alone with the 3 Sohmas .

Moka just silently sat there hoping that Tohru would come back soon and finally scented Tohru come in with snacks.

She watched as Tohru put the snacks on the table, shuffled the cards, and gave each person the number of cards needed for the game.

Time skip..

Finally the endless game of cards seemed to end as Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo yawned.

It was already late at night witch no one seemed to notice until Moka stood up and bowed "Arigoto for having me over, but I should get going" she smiled and began to head for the door until she was stoped by Shigure.

"Its late out and I don't think a pretty girl should be walking back home at this hour, why don't you spend the night?" Shigure asked

Yuki and kyo automaticly asked "what are you thinking you perverted dog?" Tohru sweat droped and turn to Moka and Shigure

Moka looked at Shigure and said in a polite soft gentle voice "Gomen but I don't think…" but before she could finish Shigure cut in.

"We have pleanty of room and its dangerous for a cute girl to be out late at night like this" He winked

Moka blushed, thought for a moment, and put a slender finger on her cute and innocent face that had her thinking expression on "I guess one night woun't hurt"

Yuki and Kyo fell over anime style at how easly Shigure got Moka to spend the night and then said their good nights as they walked to their rooms.

Tohru smiled "you can borrow my Pj's and stay in my room" she stated

Moka bowed to Shigure "Arigoto for letting me spend the night"

Shigure smiled "don't worry about it"