"Time is up Akashiya! you now must prove your real hair color!" the student council president declared.

Moka had a frightened look on her face but turned to Yuki in determination. He nodded and handed her the hair dye remover. If her pink hair went away and back to her supposed natural color then that would mean she had dyed her hair. If it didn't then her natural hair color is pink.

"Tohru, would you mind helping me?" Moka asked

Tohru shook her head "no, not at all!" she then followed Moka into the girl's bathroom. One of the student council girls followed them into the bathroom to make sure that they didn't try anything funny.

Tohru took the remover out of the box and helped Moka wet her long pink hair. She then spread the liquid on her hair and let it sit for about ten minutes. When the ten minuets were up, she helped Moka rinse her hair, which proved to be quite a difficult task. When they were finished Moka ran a brush through her hair and walked out of the bathroom with Tohru and the girl following.

The president observed her hair. "I clearly have not yet seen everything" the president said with anime tears running down his face. He then left with the girl.

Moka sighed in relief. She took the towel from off of her shoulders and handed it to Tohru.

Yuki and Kyo blushed a bright red and quickly looked away. "umm" was all Yuki could say. Kyo was speechless.

"Oh my gosh! Moka san, your shirt..." Tohru said and then looked away with an embarrassed face. "don't worry i haven't seen anything!" she added hurriedly.

Moka freaked out and covered her shirt with her arms. Her face was as red as an apple. "w-what do i do?" she cried.

"I could lend you one of my shirt!" Tohru said

Moka nodded and accepted the shirt that Tohru handed to her. She quickly went into the bathroom and changed. She walked out of the bathroom. Yuki's and Kyo's eyes popped out when they saw her.

The uniform shirt looked a tad too small in the front, so it looked like her breasts were about to almost pop out.

Kyo felt his nose bleed and quickly yelled "i got to go" and ran away. Yuki excused himself and walked quickly away.

"What's wrong?" Moka asked innocently

"N-nothing" Tohru said. 'i can't tell her that her breasts are sticking out so much!'

Moka nodded and then walked to class. A lot of the guys stared at her bouncing chest. Tohru was blushing the whole way.

When they all got back home Shigure was staring and Moka and asking her odd questions. Kyo and Yuki hit him and then asked Moka to go change. She gave them a confused looked and then nodded. She came back downstairs in a cute white sun dress.

"You look nice, Moka san" Yuki said

Moka blushed "thank you, Yuki"

Tohru nodded, and then took Moka's hand. "Would you like to come grocery shopping with me?"

Moka nodded "Sure". They walked there, but it wasn't a far walk. They bought all kinds of foods.

"Would you mind if we buy some tomato juice too?" Moka asked tentatively

Tohru cocked her head to the side "sure" she said not really knowing why Moka wanted tomato juice. They bought about a case, and Moka half carried/dragged it home. Tohru offered to help but Moka said she was fine. When they got home they put everything away and Moka drank a can of tomato juice like it was food.

"Dose that tomato juice have a special purpose?" Tohru asked

Moka nodded "it helps keep my hunger for blood at bay, it's nothing compared to the real thing though".

Tohru then went to go make dinner. Moka sat at the table deep in thought. Her Rosario then came to life. "You're not falling in love with a human, are you?" her inner self asked.

Moka blushed "i don't know. All i know is that i really like him"

"Well stop it this instant. If you fall in love with a human then i fall in love with a human, a high born being like myself should never have to associate with such vermin!" Inner Moka yelled.

Moka flinched "i-i understand" she said and then hung her head.

The Rosario then went to sleep once more. 'What should i do?' Moka asked herself and felt tears coming. She had never felt this lost before.

The door crashed open and in came. A Yokai! it came up to Moka and held her up by her dress collar. "I have come to defeat you, Akashiya Moka!" it roared

It looked quite unattractive. It had huge horns and resembled a bull. It threw her into the wall and the impact caused the house to shake.

"What's going on?" Yuki and Kyo yelled as they ran down the stairs.

When they caught sight of the bull they couldn't help but freeze in fear. Tohru came running from inside the kitchen. She saw Moka lying on the floor in pain. "Moka!" yelled and quickly went to her side. The bull roared "don't interfere!".

It then charged at Tohru. "Miss, Honda!" Yuki yelled and went to go help her. Kyo followed and they both managed to stop the bull's giant fist from hitting her.

"Please get some where safe, Miss Honda" Yuki said and then grunted from the weight of the bull's fist.

Kyo clenched his teeth. "The rat's right, get out of here, we will take care of the bull".

"B-but" Tohru was about to protest but quickly thought better of it. She half carried Moka and left the room. She ran outside and hid behind a bush. Moka woke up. "What happened?" she asked

"There's a giant bull like creature in the house. But don't worry Yuki and Kyo are going to take care of it"

Moka immediately stood up. "I have to help them, they don't stand a chance against a Yokai, please remove my Rosario".

Tohru looked into her eyes and nodded. She wasn't really looking forward to seeing the scary but beautiful Moka, but she took the Rosario off anyway. Moka finished her transformation with a kick and ran into the house.

The bull was currently holding Yuki by the scruff of his shirt, and Kyo lay unconscious on the floor. "You have come to pick a fight with me?" Moka said.

The bull turned around a smirked. He dropped Yuki and charged at Moka. She dodged all of his punched and Kicked him out of the house, causing a big gaping whole to be made. "Know your place!" she yelled.

She approached Yuki. He had a couple of scratches and bruises. He had a cut on his arm, but other then that he would be ok. She turned to Kyo and he seemed to be in about the same condition. She snapped the Rosario back on and fainted.

Moka woke up. She was on a futon and it appeared to be night time.

"Good morning, err night" Tohru said

"Is everyone ok?" Moka asked

Tohru nodded. "We did't even need to call Hatori over"

"That bull must of not wanted to actually hurt them then"

"You called that thing a Yokai" Kyo said

Moka gazed at him for a moment. "Yes that is what he is"

"What exactly is a Yokai?" Yuki asked

"A Yokai is something like a monster as humans call us. We all come in different classes. Class S-F. S being the strongest"

"Which one do you fall under?" Tohru asked

Moka looked away "i am a class S vampire"

A/N: i know i said i was going to introduce Moka to black Haru in this chapter, but i just couldn't find the right time for it yet.