Growth of the magic

Summary: with Arthur being such a prat, a gypsy seer feels that Merlin destiny might not come true especially since Merlin feels he can't tell him of his magic. So she decides that the best way to tell Arthur is to show him....Merlin's past.

1. A rude awakening

The wind howled and threw trees spiralling through the air, but still she didn't move. The thunder cackled and the lighting flash, but still she didn't move an inch. The rain collided with the ground, sounding like crashing cannonballs, but she carried on sitting there. If anyone came by they would have thought she was a painted statue somehow created to look like a young women but every so often she would blink.


She moved to that, turning to a small stone cauldron that lay in the middle of the ruin yard. Somehow the rain didn't touch it while she and the rest of the ground got soak, it stayed dry expected from some almost frozen water inside.

She looked inside and saw a young raven hair boy being shouted at by a golden hair boy. Merlin and Prince Arthur. Quite a destiny awaits them. But by the looks of things it didn't look like it was going to happen.


"Merlin, you bumpkin, that's the fifth time you've been late this week!"

"Sorry, sire, I-I had to help Gaius with the remaining wounded people from the dragons attacks."

"That's what you said yesterday!"

"Did I? Well, there still some about..."

"And I went to Gaius' yesterday to find that everyone had already gotten better."

"Oh, w-well it must have been someone sick from something else."

"You're my servant, Merlin; you can't skive off and turn up to work whenever!"

"I-I haven't been skiving, Arthur."

"Then where have you been??!!"

Merlin sighed. He actually had just gone to a stump in the forest of the outskirts of town, to think about everything. He had been thinking about them and how it was his entire fault.

But of course he couldn't tell Arthur that.

"L-like I've said, with Gaius."

Arthur moaned at his servant, "Look, if you still want this job, get to work! I want my armour polished, clothes mended, stables clean, horses groomed, chambers spick and span...."

Arthur carried on with his huge list, while Merlin tried to remember them all. He had hoped that after the dragon incident, Arthur wouldn't be as bad. But telling him that he had slain the dragon had just made him as big-headed as ever.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get to work, before I sack you!"

Merlin bobbed his head as his little bow and hurried to work. Arthur stretched, frowning at his servant's retreating figure. Honestly, he was lucky. If that had been some other master, Merlin would be long sacked. With a tired groan, Arthur went to the fighting grounds to train.

When he came back to his chambers that night he found it a mess. The bed clothes were flung everywhere and Merlin was searching for something underneath the bed.


Merlin bumped his bed and scampered back out. Arthur was too angry to notice his face before it change into a mask.

"Sorry, sire I was looking for something." Merlin mumbled as he turned to tidy up the bed.

"Merlin, I didn't ask you to look for something! I asked you to tidy my room."

"And I am. Well was. Anyway, I can't find it so I just tidy up again, sire."

Merlin hurried to make the bed, keeping his back facing Arthur. If Arthur wasn't such a prat, he might of notice that this wasn't at all Merlin's behaviour.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't sack you on the spot!" Arthur shouted.

That did it. Merlin felt himself snapping as he turned to face Arthur, rage boiling in his usual calm eyes.

"Oh go on then! Sack me, do I care??!! You are the stupidest arrogant prat in the world!"

Arthur flinched at Merlin anger, but didn't back down. "That's no way to talk to your master let alone a prince. Get out of my sight!"

"With pleasure." Merlin snarled and stomped out of the room. Arthur stared after him and then turned over a table in his rage. How dare he??!! He was lucky; someone else would have beaten the boy. Did he not understand that??!!

Arthur flung himself on his bed, a tiny bit thankful that Merlin had made it before he snapped. Arthur growled, trying to calm his rage.

If he wasn't as angry and tired as he was, he might have realise there was something up with Merlin.


Arthur groaned as he found himself floating back to consciousness. He had fallen asleep and now someone was waking him up by calling his name.


"Merlin, I told you to get out of my sight." Arthur groaned groggily as tried to open his eyes. It was then he realised the voice was a woman.

"As much as you call you're manservant a girl, I doubt he actually looks and sounds like one."

Arthur jumped up and found at the foot of his bed a young woman with long brown hair watching him. He pulled out his sword.

"Steady, boy, I'm not here to hurt you. And I thought you're not meant to pull a sword out on a lady."

Arthur looked at her and her clothes. She wore a flimsy purple dress and a bandana over her head that is only worn by the second most hated person by Uther apart from sorcerers.

"You're not a lady, gypsy! Get out of my room!"

"Oooh, touchy! And I not just a gypsy. I'm a gypsy seer, one that actually sees, unlike the impersonators. Anyway I have been seeing you and I am worried. You're destiny with Emyrs is crumbling."

"Who on earth is Emyrs??!!"

"Oh, he hasn't told you yet, has he? No wonder. If you really want to be king you really need to back down your prat side."

Arthur sat up higher in anger. Being called a prat by your manservant was one thing. Being called it by a magical gypsy was too much. However the gypsy ignored his outraged protests.

"Hrmm, it makes it more difficult. I shouldn't be the one telling you but if I don't its bad news on my people. Hrmm." She sighed and glanced at Arthur. Then she smirked. "However, I can show you."

"Show me what?"

"You will soon see, prince. Now get some sleep." And with that she was gone.

Arthur stared at were she stood. What was she talking about? Who was Emyrs?

Sighing, he laid back down on his bed. By morning he would forget all this, he hoped.

How very wrong he was.

Arthur opened his eyes to find himself not in his chambers but in a field. He jumped up and looked around. Where the devil was he? Carefully, he walked to the fence on the other side. He jumped over it and followed the road, hoping he would find Camelot soon.

He soon came across a small village that he easy recognised. Ealdor.

Arthur scratched his head as he walked into the village. Why was he here? And why wasn't he just turning around and heading back to Camelot?

Maybe he should see Hunith, Merlin's mother. Ask her if anything, was up with Merlin these days, as he remembered Merlin's rage. Being his mother, she should know what was going on in his head. Then again, nobody knew what Merlin head was filled up with.

"Excuse me?" he asked a by passer as he realised he had forgotten where Hunith lived. But the by passer walked on, completely ignoring him. How rude.

Suddenly a small girl, racing a boy ran through him. Yes, through him. She carried on running hardly noticing she had run through a prince. No, she didn't notice him at all. He was just a piece of invisible air to her.

Arthur stared after her in shocked. Did that gypsy woman creased his existent? Arthur looked around helplessly and his eyes fell on a couple. The woman was crying and the man looked like he was going away for a long time. He gently tucked a lock of curly hair behind the woman ear.

Arthur stared at her. She was younger and the motherly face she has, hadn't came yet. But her curls were easily recognisable.

There in front of him stood a younger Hunith.

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