Hey guys

Sorry this isn't an update. I'm just starting to recieve some bad comments to this story that I want to nip in the bud before loads more start coming in.

First of all I DON'T HATE MERLIN! I still like the characters, still like the actors and still look back on my memries of the show with joy. What I meant in my last letter is that I just not into it anymore. While I liked the show it started to get borning at least for me. I couldn't get into it anyore and I lost my fangirl for the show. Through I have seen one or two episodes of the last season and I like them I was no longer timing wen the show was on and sitting next to my tele to watch it. I was into other things and just wasn't a huge fan anymore. If the actors are going to be in anything new (I've heard Merlin may be cannaclled and apparently Colin Morgan may or not be the next Doctor through that may be a rumour) I may watch it but I just grew bored of the show.

Again I still look back on the seasons I enjoyed and still remember how much the Merlin fandom had a huge impact on me but...I had moved on. Too soon perhaps but I had moved on to other fandoms. And if I was no longer interested in the Merlin fandom why sould I continue a story if I don't have interest in what I'm writing?

I also didn't update as often as I should and lets face it guys some of my chapters were lacking in grammar and sometimes just seemed like me typing what happens in the show and just slapping Arthur's reaction along with it. And while I enjoyed it at first when you are time and time again, especially if your growing out the fandom, having to watch every episode and copy every word they say down, noting their expression to go with it, it grows tiring.

Again I don't hate the show. I just moved away from the fandom to new ones. Sad I know but I couldn't help it. I'm easil distracted :3

Again I'm sorry for not continuing this story. It was fun even if I did grow tired and started to see it as a chore to write a new chapter. I'm especially sorry for new readers who find this story and find I quit. I have asked someone to continue the story but they haven't replied to my PMs and I don't want to ask anyone just yet in case they just haven't been able to be on for a while.

But PLEASE don't leave nasty comment. I know Merlinfangirl comment wasn't rude at all, I just wanted to clear things up with you so you would understand I don't hate the show, but The Nine Tailed Uzumaki...I know you probably got a huge letdown if you were enjoying the story and like the show but you didn't have to be so rude about it. If the person who wanted to continue the story replies or if I get someone else to continue the story the story will eveuntally be continued for you. You can get mad or critizie my story if you want but please say it politely and not make pretty threats agasint me without actually giving me the reason why you did so. Thank you.

As I said hopefully I can get whoeever continuing this story sorted and you guys can continue reading this just under a different authour. I wanted to clear things up in case things started to get out of hand. I don't hate Merlin I've just moved on from the fandom. I know some of you may find that hard to understand, some fandoms I'm into I can't believe anyone would move on from it but that's what happen to this one. And I am sorry that it did happen but I can't help it.

Just please don't start leaving bad comments on this story unless you wish to critizize the grammar exct and you are polite about it. I don't want this story to have bad reviews dragging it down all because I stopped writing.

Thanks for taking the time to read it. If you still don't understand feel free to PM me but I've hopefully explain everything for you guys in these two letters. Hopefuly the story will be continue - by someone else - soon :)