Title: Jealous Stares and Wandering Eyes
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Screencaps taken from the season seven episode Flesh and Blood
Summary: Abby lets Anthony DiNozzo, Sr. take her out for a Caf-Pow!. Gibbs is not amused.

This is a pic!fic, which is a format that this site doesn't currently support. Without the pictures, this isn't going to be the best-written thing in the world, because the reaction shots are what make it. The fic with pictures can be found here (replace the stuff in brackets with the correct punctuation and paste into your browser): http [colon slash slash] hinkykinky [dot] livejournal[dot] com [slash] 46806 [dot] html#cutid1

Text content below:

*Gibbs looks around to see Abby on the arm of Tony's father*

Abby: *thinks* Busted! Gibbs, this isn't what it looks like! Though Tony's dad has been pretty complimentary, I guess. Jealous?

Gibbs: *gives Abby the Gibbs-stare*

Abby: What?! He was friendly, and you were busy... I didn't see the harm in letting him take me for a Caf-Pow! Even if he did keep trying to look up my skirt… Like father, like son, huh, Tony?

Gibbs: Abby, get him the hell out of here and go run those fingerprints!

DiNozzo Sr: [to Tony] I'm so glad you're taking after me, son. All chicks, all the time. [to Abby] What do you say you give me your phone number in the elevator?

Abby: Let's grab your coat from the conference room and then I'll call you a cab.

Gibbs: Make it quick, Abbs…

Abby: You're so hot when you're jealous. ;)

Gibbs: I'll deal with you when we get home… *watches Abby steer Tony's dad toward the conference room* *mutters* If he tries anything with her, I'll kill him.

McGee: *thinks* Don't turn around to look at Abby's ass, don't turn around to look at Abby's ass, don't turn around to...

*McGee and Gibbs both turn to watch Abby's ass*

McGee: *thinks* I have no willpower... But I don't think Gibbs noticed. He was too busy checking Abby out.

Gibbs: Watch those wandering eyes, McGee, or what you'll get will be so much harsher than a headslap.

McGee: *winces*