iKiss, Chapter 6, Out in the open

''We can...''

Sam's POV

I thought about what I should say as I continued to kiss him. I sighed into his mouth, relaxing a bit, then parted our lips and told him my answer.

''We can get together.'' I said and pressed my lips to his once again. After a few moments, when he came to realization that we're together, it was like something exploded in him. He started kissing me more passionately, pulling me closer to him. His right hand found its way to my knee and cuped it, his thumb caressing the area above it, as his left hand stayed on my waist. One of my hands was in his hair and the other was playing with the top button on his shirt.

Freddie's POV

I can't believe she would kiss him! I mean, he's a kid with his own language! Well, he doesn't speak that language anymore, and he's not really a kid; he's actually gotten hotter in the past two years-Did I just say a GUY is HOT! What if Sam's right? What if I AM gay? No, that can't be, I already like a girl. A wrong girl... Anyway..

I walked into a hallway at Wendy's huge house and rested against a wall. Why did this have to happen to me? Why did I have to fall in love with her? I'm guessing it was because of that kiss... A lot of teenage boys and girls were passing by. Some were laughing, some crying, and some of them were kissing which reminded me of Sam so I decided I would just find a place where I can be alone long enough to cool off. I looked around the hall. There were so many rooms to choose from, but I just picked the closest one since a couple in a liplock was coming over to the wall I was at.

So I just opened the first door and closed it quickly behind me then looked up and saw the thing I least wanted to see. Sam and Reuben making out on a double bed with such passion, too caught up in each other to notice me standing there. His hand was on her bare knee and his thumb under the end of her dress, her hand was on the top of his shirt. It looked like they were.. No, they're sixteen.

Finally, Sam opened her eyes and saw me. She immediately pulled away from Reuben, letting go of him, and trying to move his hands off her, while Reuben still didn't notice me standing there, but continued kissing her neck and jaw. She took his chin in her hand and moved his head towards me. He immediately moved away from her.

''Freddie!'' he exclaimed in surprise while Sam had a guilty look on her face. Probably from being caught in her spit-swapping moment with Reuben! So much for cooling myself off...

Like Sam says; You can actually feel the awkwardness...

''Uh... What brings you here, Freddie?'' Reuben tried to break the uncomfortable silence. At least he was trying...

''I just...'' I realized I coudn't tell them the reason I came here, the reason I needed to cool off, the reason I hated seeing them together, in each other's embrace, so I quickly changed the subject.

''Are you two together?'' I asked them directly, for I needed to know, even though I knew my heart would break for the second time tonight.

''Yeah..'' Sam confirmed. ''We are.'' And then a smile creeped upon her face as she placed a long peck on Reuben's cheek. Wendy chose that moment to come into the room. As if it already wasn't awkward enough.

''Oh, my God, we have a new couple!'' She happily sang. And her cheery voice continued:

''I gotta go tell everyone!''

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