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Bulma stomped angrily into her main lab in capsule corp, pulling off and throwing her long white coat as far away from her as possible "Your an asshole" she stated furiously at the prince behind her "The next time you want some entertainment watch some t.v not go scaring the lights out of my employees" she seethed not looking at the source of her fury, why did she have to invite him to live with her? it must have been the worst mistake of her life! The prince was like a super charged dog with a bone, he just wouldn't give up!

"...You keep on mentioning this 'T.V' like I know what it is" Vegeta said boredly raising an eyebrow at the heiress

Sometimes she forgot that this man was an alien and NOT the devils reincarnate "It is a machine that NORMAL people watch when they are bored" she snapped

The man scoffed and crossed his arms "So you sit on your ass doing nothing but stare at this 'T.V'"

"...Yes" she replied almost hesitantly, why did everything sound so bad whenever he said it? was it like some sort of evil gift that only he possessed?

Vegeta grunted "No wonder your race is pathetic" he said maliciously

Bulma dropped her arms to her side with a sigh "Okay then Mr. Macho Saiyan, what do you do in your free time?" she asked massaging the bridge of her nose, somehow the heiress knew she would regret asking that question

"I train"

"OTHER THEN THAT!" she screamed her anger quickly flaring up again

Vegeta smirked "I terrorize your slaves" he almost laughed when she started quaking with anger, fists clenched, glaring heatedly expecting him to combust into flames at any moment. Then as quick as the emotion flooded through her, it died

"You are hopeless" she breathed tiredly sitting herself down in her swivel chair. Work had completely drained her of energy. Mr Breifs had decided to take a holiday for a while with her mother, leaving completely out of the blue and leaving the beauty with a stack of paperwork and a schedule full of board meetings. It was an evil thing to do but she couldn't really complain much, her father dealt with these things all year. It was only fair that every once in a while she took some of the load

Well that was no fun. Where was the fight? Vegeta was extremely bored without training OR scaring the life out of the C.C workers, since she was stubborn not to fix his machine...maybe now he could convince her after annoying her a bit "If you don't like me scaring your servants then fix the G.R" he suggested leaning against her desk casually studying a small globe with mild curiosity

"NO!" she shouted loudly making the prince drop the globe in fright "I told you already that I don't have any time to fix your precious machine" she spat while she started drawing out some kind of blueprint. The dislike for the G.R was very obvious in her tone

What was with this human and work? She had made it obvious that she hated going into meetings and such. So why did she go? If the heiress didn't go to work that would mean she would have more time to herself and more time to fix his G.R "...How long does it take for your empire to hire slaves?" he asked gruffly, furrowing his brow in thought

"AUGH they are not 'slaves' or 'servants' they are employees and very good people!" she growled throwing her pencil down onto the desk and turning to the prince "and depending on the area of expertise a few weeks. Why?"

"So if I blast them then you have a few weeks to fix the G.R" perfect solution

She sat wide eyed with her mouth agape for a few seconds..."YOU ARE IMPOSSIBLE!" Bulma screeched

Vegeta rolled his eyes "No, this way you don't have to work if you don't have any slaves-"

"EMPLOYEES!" she screamed shooting up from her chair, Bulma wasn't about to stand her house guest calling her a slave or her hard working staff

"'Employees'" he repeated mockingly

Shaking her head she stomped over to another pile of blueprints and started sorting them "Even if I didn't have any employees my work just does not STOP!" she started through clenched teeth wishing he would just go away "If anything it just gets more hectic and unmanageable- DID YOU SAY YOU WOULD BLAST THEM!?" Bulma screamed throwing all the sheets she had been holding into the air over dramatically

She was awarded a blank stare "Woman...you are very slow"


"I don't take orders from you" the prince said defiantly. No human woman was going to tell him what to do. Vegeta was a free saiyan now, he could do what ever the hell he wanted to

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD THREATEN INNOCENT PEOPLE FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR STUPID G.R" Bulma exclaimed bitterly. She was really regretting ever making the damn thing...actually if she had never made it then she would have to deal with him ALL of the time, and that was enough to make her shoot herself

"Do you know me at all?" he muttered under his breath


"I threaten you, your father and your mother all the time and only NOW you are giving me a lecture on that?" he asked in a dead panned tone. This girl really was slow if only now she was getting all defensive about him threatening people. If she didn't like it she should build a better Gravity Chamber that doesn't break on the first week of him using it. Feh and she called herself a genius

Bulma huffed and put her hands on her hips. He was right about that, but her parents were very sturdy people and took everything the prince said lightly. The people he was threatening now didn't even know how much of a danger this guy was and nothing was really stopping the prince from killing them "Wouldn't you feel at all guilty if they had kids!? You would leave them without a parent!"

"Wouldn't be the first time I did it" Vegeta said casually, leaving his place by the desk and turning his back to her


"You seem to forget what I am"

Bulma scowled "No, you remind me every freaking day 'the prince of all saiyans'" she said imitating his voice mockingly

"Yes I am...but woman do you seriously think that's all there is?" he asked seriously angling his face to look at her "There is a reason I was feared through out the universe. Killing families means nothing to me, I have done it many times. I considered it a sport to see how fast I could eradicate a whole existence and your trying to lecture me on how these people have families?" he laughed coldly "I could care less about them or their children if it gets me what I want." Vegeta shook his head, chuckling darkly

"The cold hard fact is that I am a killer, a destroyer of planets. Your petty morals and values mean as much as the dirt beneath my feet. Don't forget who I am ever, because maybe then you can save your breathe and do something useful, like fixing that damned machine"

Bulma regarded him silently, taking his words to heart. She knew he was a killer when she had taken him into her home, one of Freiza's henchmen no less, but she couldn't believe that somebody could be that cold...could they? "You have threatened me before"

"Your point being?" he asked dangerously not liking where this was going

"My point is that if your such a big bad killer then why don't you ever follow through" she asked

Cringing slightly he thought about her question. There was really no reason that he didn't kill her- well other then the main points. If he killed her the G.R would never get fixed. That old man was never around to do the job or he would gladly ask him to fix it so he wouldn't have to deal with the blue haired harpy. And the other fact was that if he even hurt the wench Kakkarot would blast his ass back to HFIL without a second thought "I need you to fix the-"

She cut him off with a wave of her hand "Oh that's just an excuse and you know it. You could always go to my father to fix that stupid thing"

"What is your POINT!?" he snapped, getting annoyed that she wouldn't just get to the end of this useless conversation

"My point is that people change!" she retorted keeping eye contact with the prince "YOU have changed. You wont kill me because you are just not the cold blooded killer you used to be" Bulma refused to believe that the man before her didn't feel anything towards those he had killed. It was impossible not to especially with all those deaths under his belt. If she had been in his place the guilt would have turned her insane by now

Vegeta frowned at her theory "Don't be so sure"

"I am very sure" she said confidently "You may think my morals and values are weak and idiotic but the truth is that you have them to, maybe not as higher standard as mine but you have them." she reasoned "You have a heart"

The prince scowled "My heart is only used to keep me breathing, it serves no other purpose" he stated coolly

"You have FEELINGS Vegeta!" Bumla tried fiercely, still not giving up "Nobody can deny having emotions!"

'I can try' the prince thought doggedly "You're deluded" he ground out. The prince didn't need emotions- Not the emotions she was talking about. he had lived his whole life without them so why did she need to convince him that he needed them now? they were nothing but weak emotions that served no purpose. He was perfectly content living with his own anger and hatred. He knew and understood them, they kept him going, they gave him power. It was all he needed

Bulma shook her head stubbornly "No, there is some part of you that feels some remorse over the things you have done in the past-"

Fury filling him entirely Vegeta rounded toward her "THERE IS NONE!" he roared breathing heavily, why couldn't she get it through her thick head and leave him alone! Sure he enjoyed fighting with her but when she went on and on about this wimpy crap and feelings it was just frustrating!

A smug look made it's way to her features, she had gained the upper hand "Then why are you getting so angry?" she asked folding her arms across her chest, inclining her head to keep eye contact with him

"YOU ARE MAKING ME ANGRY." he shouted "You are so lost in your own desperation to see something that isn't there that you completely disregard anything I tell you!" Unconsciously a Ki ball developed in both hands

Bulma ignored him "Your angry because you know I am right"

"SHUT UP! There is no remorse, no guilt, there is NOTHING." He snarled raising his palm up on instinct

A small amount of fear finally etched it's way into her features "Vege-"

"NOTHING!!! So get it out of your head that I have changed just because I don't turn you into a burnt carcass!!"

"You wont do ANYTHING to m-!" she cut herself off with a scream dodging the purple ki that was launched at her. The heiress landed on the cold floor harshly. Vegeta had just attacked her! how dare he! Bulma stared at him in shock for a moment before it melted completely into anger again. In all the time he had shared her home he had never attacked her. That jackass had just crossed a whole new boundary

Suddenly he laughed dryly "You know woman the first thing I'll do when I defeat Kakkarot is kill your family" he said amusingly looking at his remaining Ki ball boredly "After that I'll go after your friends and the rest of your disgusting race..." Vegeta looked her square in the eye "Then! I'll kill you. It wont be quick though. No no I will make you suffer, I will make your death last for days...weeks until you beg for me to end your life. Then we'll see how sure you are about me"

She closed her eyes and faced away from him, it was hard to even look at him "Just more empty threats" she spat checking over her sore arm, it would bruise tomorrow but it was better then getting a whole blasted through her gut. Bulma didn't really want to die today...maybe earlier this morning before the meeting but she had already suffered through that

Turning his back on her again he started to ascend the stairs "No woman that wasn't a threat, that was a promise"

"Don't make promises you can't keep buddy!" she yelled at his retreating back causing him to freeze in his spot

Vegeta gripped the hand railing, anger bubbling in his chest again "When a prince gives his word he is true to it till his death" he retorted smoothly, pushing down the feelings, he wouldn't give her the satisfaction of getting him riled up again

"Then you'll be dead before you lay one finger on me or my family because you will never defeat Goku" Oh it was hard not to blast her after that comment, what made it more frustrating is that Bulma knew she had hit a nerve

Clenching his jaw he replied "Believe what you want" he would defeat that clown one way or another. Nothing was going to stop that, he was too determined to let it. With a huff he pulled the door open and left the heiress in his wake, he was done with the argument, he was done with her - he would fix the G.R by himself if he had too

"You wont kill me..." she said lowly staring intensely at the door he had left through "I'll make you see that your not that person anymore- Thats my promise to you"



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