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Why did wires have to be so annoying and confusing? He was only looking for one bloody wire and it seemed to be avoiding him at all costs. Like the goal of the super saiyan level...oh now that just made him even madder. Why the heck did he have to bring that up? Vegeta growled and reached over the ground for another one of those wrench things to try and pry open another panel full of wires without denting and pounding the hell out of the machine.

Really, the urge to throw it into the sun was almost unbearable sometimes. All this week of avoiding that blue haired version of Freiza was seemingly impossible sometimes since she was everywhere.


Unfortunately his training clouded his judgment for a second halfway through jumping up and attacking he smacked his head on the bottom of the G.R...hard

With a shout of pain he clutched his head painfully, squirming on the ground for just a second before sliding out and glaring at that evil she devils spawn of hell. Aka Bulma Briefs. He suppressed the ki build up in his palm and just opted to glare at her angrily hoping she'd get the message and drop dead on the grass right there.

Bulma giggled and folded her arms over her bright white lab coat "Keep going on like this you'll find that your more like me then you think" she said with a smile, playing the innocent card on the fact she had scared the crap out of him. Point 1 for Bulma Briefs today

He wrinkled his nose and shook his head "NNngh What the hell are you talking about?" he asked in a strained voice, really not liking those little black squares dancing around in his vision.

"Working on a project way beyond sleeping limits" She snickered again, trying to keep down the bubbling laughter in her stomach. "It's three in the morning, I just got out of the lab 10 minutes ago" she concluded sitting down next to him, watching him rub hand through his hair. She briefly wondered about how the his hair stood up perfectly like that, Bulma doubted he used the same hair products she did to keep her own hair perfect.

Vegeta growled and glanced at her "Congratulations, I don't care" he rolled his eyes and slid back under the machine carefully, he didn't want to hit his head again, especially with THAT thing next to him around.

She narrowed her eyes and smiled "As I would have guessed" Well it wasn't that hard, this was Vegeta she was talking too, not Goku. If it was he would be reprimanding her and give her that puppy dog look to try and guilt her into going to bed earlier because she 'needed sleep'. The younger saiyan was probably right but it didn't help that she was too stubborn to give up on a project just to sleep. Sometimes she argued with herself that it was a waste of time but alas every time she woke up, drooling on the desk with a sore neck she was proven wrong all over again and told herself to head to bed at least an hour sooner then she intended that morning.

Getting sick of pulling clumps or grass out of the dirt she slid underneath the G.R and next to him "You know if you connect that wire there, and cut that one you'll have it to at least half power until I can fix it" she said knowingly, pointing to said wires with his dropped wrench. And of course she got a 'look' from Mr DIY, which she promptly ignored with a big smile.

He growled again and pulled at the wires roughly, tolerating her presence was some what of a challenge "I'm re routing the gravitational pull unevenly around the room" he mumbled, hoping it was a good enough reason for her to keep that nose out of his work.

"WHAT!" Bulma screamed suddenly, making him jump again and pull out a wire...which was definitely not supposed to be pulled out.

He swore, very very loudly

Punching the panel beside the tumble of wires he turned to her angrily "The gravity wont be the same at different parts of the room you IDIOT!" he yelled, and this woman called herself a genius, seriously!

She growled and smacked him in the chest with a wrench "I KNOW WHAT YOUR SAYING BUT ARE YOU CRAZY! THE WHOLE SYSTEM WILL OVERLOAD AND KILL YOU BUTT FACE" she shrieked hitting him again

"Butt face" he frowned "...that's...a new one" he concluded slowly. It was odd, never in the whole of his life had he ever been called a butt face...it was an amusing insult to say the least, but at least it wasn't one of the insults that usually littered her sentences.

"NO WAY IN HELL I AM LETTING YOU DO THAT!" she screamed again, sitting up for emphasis...then smacking her own head on the bottom of the G.R. She fell onto her back with a thump, holding her head in her hands groaning. That had to be one of the stupidest things ever. She ignored the snicker and amused look he shot her and just decided to yell at him more "Don't you understand that the sudden changes will be throwing you across the room! You'd probably kill yourself before it even explodes!" she yelled, pain lacing through her words. Oh man her head hurt. Vegeta was just lucky he had a fat head to protect that small brain of his from that hit.

Vegeta shook his head, biting back a grin "Ki control" he said simply

He was rewarded a glare "I am not allowing this" she bit out firmly

"Just try and stop me"

"Fine!" she said through clenched teeth, crawling out from under the G.R on all fours making sure to keep her head down. With a quick turn she jumped to her feet, grabbed his ankle and dragged him from under the G.R with all the strength she had..no matter how short that man was he still weighed a fair bit, and she was still not as fit as she probably should be. Yeh yeh boo on her for not running as much as she should but she was a busy woman! And deserved to eat all the cookie dough she wanted. Bulma still thanked her genes everyday for her natural figure.

Managing to drag him about 4 meters away from the G.R before landing very ungraciously on her ass and flopping onto her back, the dizziness did not help at all in this situation. Vegeta, arms crossed and eyebrow raised, tilted his head to the side and stared at Bulma with the 'Is that all you got?' look. Her eye started to twitch angrily "FOR ONCE WILL YOU STOP BEING STUBBORN AND THINK ABOUT YOUR WELL BEING!" she screeched, flapping her arms dramatically

Vegeta scoffed and sat up, rolling his shoulders "Why the hell would I do that?"

"Because people worry about you!" she said sitting forward quickly, he looked at her as if she had just admitted to being the earths overall lord and master. Okay maybe not a lot of people worried about him. Bulma rolled her eyes "I WORRY ABOUT YOU!" she yelled exasperated

Frowning at her he stood up quickly and made his way back to the G.R in a few easy steps, sliding back under in one fluid motion "I am not dead yet"

Instead of giggling about how the back of his shirt and pants were almost wet right to his backside she scrambled up and grabbed his ankle again, pulling him back out "But if you keep on going on like this you will be!" she snapped hovering over him. With two wires clasped between each hand, he gave her a cold look. That look reminded her of a particular scene in 'Treasure Planet', she could have laughed about being the robot had she not been so angry.

He regarded her coldly. His tolerance of her lowering all the more with each and every time she dragged him out from under the G.R...it was annoying enough that he could feel the dampness of his shirt on his back, but the grass, broken leaves and various twigs just made it frustrating and itchy, he didn't need her making it worse "I am getting stronger" Vegeta stated coolly, shifting uncomfortably on the ground as a twig scratched between his shoulder blades

Dropping his ankle in frustration, she pulled her hair and kicked the pile of grass she had created earlier "YOU ARE KILLING YOURSELF!" she hissed, shoulders shaking as he rolled his eyes and went back to working on the wiring. Taking in a deep breath she scooted under slightly and kneeled next to his legs. If the screaming and yelling approach wasn't going to work, she would have to use her other charm. Placing a gentle hand just on his knee, ignoring the flinch he gave when she did, the heiress looked at him with her best Goku puppy look "Stop"


She resisted the urge to grab the wrench and break his knee cap "Look I'll fix the G.R to full power by morning if you just stop! None of this re routing shit, just practice you ki control some other way!" she pleaded, tightening her hold around his leg only slightly but it still made the muscle in his leg jump. It suddenly occurred to her that the physical contact between them other then hitting or the occasional patching up injuries when he was caught with one he couldn't do himself was almost nonexistent.

The saiyan snapped his head up to meet her stare "I have spent the week making modifications and NOW you want to fix it?" he asked caught between being amused and the familiar feeling of anger. Really if all it took was some stubbornness and an idea for rewiring the G.R to get her to fix the machine, he would have done it a lot sooner and saved himself some more time for training. He mentally shrugged, at least he got some of the updates he had been egging for, and got to rub it in the woman's face that he wasn't incompetent in fixing the machine himself. That was a big score 1 for the Prince of all Saiyans.

Bulma gaped, almost horrified by the statement "MO-MO-MO-MODIFICATIONS?" she stuttered

Finally fixing the wires in place and shutting the panel cover with bolts back in place, the G.R hummed to life "Finished" he mumbled to himself, the edge of relief faint in his voice. But hell he deserved to be relieved, if that hadn't worked then he'd have to retrace his steps again and work from where he though he went wrong...he wouldn't have been surprised if it was multiple places inside the machine. He was a warrior, not a scientist.

The noise of the G.R seemed to snap her out of the shocked look she had on her face and look around, he had actually fixed the G.R all by himself. Vegeta made a move and scooted out from underneath the G.R. Her brain caught up with her a second later then it should have when he opened the door to the training room, she shook her head and crawled out quickly "I AM NOT LETTING YOU USE THIS MONSTROSITY" she screamed grabbing the wrench unconciously, getting to her feet and stomping in after him.

He looked over his shoulder and glared at her "Too bad" he snapped, pushing and activating the controls of the machine.

She shrieked and stomped on the spot childishly, not knowing what else to do "VEGETA STOP BEING A SUICIDAL PSYCHO AND LISTEN TO THE BRAINS THAT CREATED THI-You gave it a fridge" she stated suddenly, mood changing drastically in a matter of milliseconds...he gave...the G.R...a fridge. Oh the inner workings of a saiyan's mind never ceased to amaze her. She gaped and looked at the appliance just sitting there in the corner of the room. It was just like seeing a pineapple in the middle of a box of apples, it just stood out. Bulma couldn't help it, she laughed.

Vegeta clenched his fists but still kept his temper in check "I made it more efficient for space travel" he started, narrowing his eyes at her "The gravity ducts I put in the ceiling were modified to produce different measures of gravity on command, there is no restriction on heightened use so it WONT cut out on me after 6 hours" he glared at her then, he really hated it when she applied that little rule. He would be training under 350x gravity, then suddenly it would cut out and he would fly into the roof. The number of times she had caught it was no more embarrassing then the amount of times then it had actually happened. That number will never be revealed "And it already HAD a fridge, I just gave it a bigger one" he concluded, folding his arms and staring her down

...She was gaping again "H-H-HOW?"

Vegeta huffed, he really hated explaining himself to this girl "Blueprints, you have devices that occasionally need a gravitational function, I simply applied some of it to this machine"



"You- YOU- YOU-" She took in a deep breath and shook her head "I don't know whether to be pissed off or amazed you did all this BOTH without my help and without me even noticing" she put a hand to her forehead, taking in all the information in one big wave.

Vegeta decided not to mention the amount of times he had electrocuted himself while doing the modifications, especially the time when all of a sudden it started raining when he had been messing around with the main power...he was a little surprised she hadn't found the Vegeta shaped dent in the side of her home. Yes...that had really hurt, he knew now never to touch the main power whilst wet. He blinked suddenly out of his thoughts and grunted "You decide on your way out the door"

She shook her head "No, I haven't talked to you in a week and NOW I find out you actually have a brain in that head- a psychotic one but a brain none the less - TALK to me" she pleaded excitedly, twitching her fingers with wide eyed child like curiosity. When people started talking machines at an genius like standard, she turned into a little kid at a candy store. Not many people could keep up with mechanics like her so the prospect of being able to actually talk about something in an expert level she hadn't been apart of was just mind boggling. Yes her sudden giddiness in the situation was weird but come on! She was a scientist finding new information!

The prince's eyebrow twitched "About what! I didn't spend that week just to talk to you about HOW I did it! It's for my training so LEAVE" he snarled, pointing towards the door with a firm hand.

"NO!" She shouted, determined to get the information she needed "How did you get into my lab?" she asked quickly

Vegeta sighed and slumped slightly, she wasn't going to leave unless he snapped her neck and threw her out into the gutter. Massaging the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger, he decided he may as well get it over and done with "Your code was simple- and stop staring at my ass and using as you code, it's disturbing" the prince growled lightly, blush faint on his cheeks. He had been relieved that it was a numerical code, but alas his curiosity got the best of him and he decoded the numbers. But at least only the person who created the code and himself knew the alphabetical aspect of it, he didn't like the thought of the woman's father or mother typing that in and thinking of him every time.

Bulma on the other hand, looked like a tomato ready to burst "How did you find that out!" she exclaimed in a hiss

'You left a bloody sticky note with the numbers on your fridge' "I wish I hadn't" he mumbled angrily, eyebrow still twitching

If he hadn't known better, he would have though steam would shoot out from her ears "SHUT UP! I need to change it every week for security reasons!" which was true, she did, but it still didn't lessen the embarrassment at all...

"And I was the only thing on your mind?"...especially after that comment

The heiress gaped, the heat rushing up to her face with more intense, fist clenching around the cool metal in her hand "WELL YOU ARE AN ASS" she screamed with a higher pitch

Vegeta chuckled and shook his head "Vegeta's Ass, not Vegeta is an Ass" he corrected, enjoying the way her cheeks puffed out as she got angrier. The prince was definitely winning this fight 7 points to her little 1

"It needed to be short..ish" well actually it could be as long as 'Yamcha is such a JERK! He should rot in HFIL for all eternity with the Freiza poking him with a pitchfork right into his lying, cheating ASS!'...She had to change the code after two days because nobody remembered it but was a surprisingly good week in the end. The hairdresser had fixed her hair and she had went on an extra long shopping spree for her new autumn wardrobe.

The prince scoffed "Whats you code next week? Vegeta's -"

She cut him off quickly "SHUT UP!"

"LEAVE!" he shouted



She growled almost demonically, wanting to whip the wrench right at his head. The embarrassment from before just coiled straight into anger, the mood change almost gave her a head spin "WHY IS EVERYTHING A DAMN BATTLE WITH YOU! I AM TRYING TO HAVE A CONVERSATION AND YOU-"

He cut her off and glared at her murderously "I NEVER WANTED TO HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH YOU, I WANT TO TRAIN" he roared poisonously

She rolled her head with a dramatic groan "I WANT TO SLEEP BUT YOU DON'T SEE ME COMPLAINING" she shouted

"But you ARE COMPLAINING!" He retorted, dropping his arms angrily "YOUR COMPLAINING THAT I AM NOT HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH YOU THAT APPARENTLY DON'T WANT EITHER! SO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU FIGHTING WITH ME ABOUT!" It. was. 3. AM. Did this evil woman never sleep? Even the blonde one slept! Why couldn't the blue one!

"BECAUSE YOUR YELLING AT ME" She explained childishly

Vegeta gaped at her "YOUR YELLING AT ME!" he yelled accusingly

"YOUR. YELLING. BACK!" she stomped forward, poking him in the chest with the wrench with each word

"THEN STOP BLOODY YELLING!" he exclaimed slapping the tool away




"...Double fi- TRIPLE FINE"


"WILL YOU JUST GET OUT!" he yelled exasperated


"FINE" quicker then she could comprehend, he slapped down the activate button and she went crashing to the floor under the weight of the gravity.

Bulma yelped in both shock and pain at the metal floor. Not even able to flail helplessly. The weight was heavy, it felt as though it was crushing her ribs, a small wheezing gasp left her throat "TURN IT OFF" she cried, unable to move any type of limb. A bead of sweat traveled down her face as the air left her lungs along with her anger, fear replaced everything. Her teeth clenched in sudden dread when the thought of Vegeta watching her suffocate under the gravity gripped at her brain, he wouldn't really let her die...would he? after everything she had done for him he couldn't just kill her!

Then suddenly as quick as the gravity was activated, he thoughts were answered as it was shut off. She coughed and hacked slightly, taking in large gulps of air, the sound of blood thumping in her ears slowly dying away. The heiress flopped onto her back and glared angrily at the emotionless prince staring down at her. That. Asshole. She wanted to pounce him right there and scratch his eyes out. The heiress got to her hands and knees to pounce him when the sound of small glass shards colliding with metal reached her ears. Blinking gently Bulma looked down at the floor...and her heart sunk down to her stomach "You broke it" she said weakly, touching the shards of red glass.

Vegeta scowled, arms crossed once again "I didn't break anyth...ing" his eyes widened a fraction at the crushed object lying at the woman's knees "Is that-"

Bulma stared up at him furiously "A scouter YES and you broke it" she snapped, collecting the bits and pieces of the machine. She stared back down at the shards, careful not to leave any behind. Her shoulders shook with anger, she had worked so hard on fixing it...

A mixture of emotions bubbled up in Vegeta's chest at that moment, and for the first time of the night his heart rate started to rise. He didn't know what to say but he felt he had to explain himself somehow, it just made him angrier "I never lay a hand on you!" he snarled, stepping back, clenching and un-clenching his fists.

"It doesn't matter! YOUR ACTION CAUSED IT TO BREAK" she shouted back, not looking up at him "And now I am not sure if i can fix it...I have been working on it for 3 days" he could barely hear the weak words come out from her mouth, he wished he hadn't.

The confusion and emotions only got stronger "Why?" he asked darkly

Bulma looked up at him, shrugged and shook her head, tears of anger and frustration glittering at the edge of her eyes "I DUNNO! MAYBE TO HELP YOU REMEMBER YOUR GODDAMN LANGUAGE YOU UNGRATEFUL JERK!" she screamed sarcastically, biting her lip and looking back down at her hands. She looked like a lost child holding a broken animal in the palms of her hands, not knowing what to do about it or how to wrap her head around what it was that happened "I just...wanted to help"

He let out a slow breath, composing himself before daring to say a word "I never asked for this"

"NO you didn't! I was giving it to you!" she hissed quickly

"But WHY!"

"BECAUSE I CARE DAMNIT! You looked so CRUSHED that you couldn't remember that I just wanted to make you HAPPY!" Bulma shouted finally, and then she went quiet. Sitting there helplessly. It really shouldn't have upset her as much as it did, but she had been so proud to be able to help him with something other then his training. To be apart of something he actually felt so strongly over just made her feel...happy. She had been so sure he'd appreciate it too, she wanted him to trust her badly. To get through to him. She felt that thought and goal was crushed right in the palm of her hands at that moment.

Vegeta didn't move. He was trying desperately not to blow up the walls around him trying to grasp exactly what he was feeling at that moment. The anger was there but that other little bubble of emotion was almost enough to knock the air out of his lungs. The whole sinking feeling he had only ever felt when he knew he was going to die tightened it's hold. The prince shook his head and took another deep breath, concentrating on something around him for a distraction. The little red spots on the cool floor spilling through a white coat was definitely a distraction "Your bleeding"

She sniffed and looked up at him, eyebrows furrowing in confusion "W-What?"

"Bleeding" he repeated, sitting on the haunches of his legs, pointing out the growing splotch of blood on her coat.

Bulma blinked, looking down at her coat. Yes she was definitely bleeding "Oh...the shards must of cut me" she explained quietly, opening her coat slightly to spot the wound on the side of her abdomen. Vegeta shook his head and grabbed her wrist gently, pulling her to her feet and leading her around the G.R. His hands were rough and calloused, but his grip was surprisingly tender. Bulma's face softened, any type of anger or frustration melting away like ice on a warm summer's day, even with the shards and pieces of the scouter poking her hand. Did he feel bad about the scouter? She didn't know...and she couldn't really bring herself to care at that moment, she was just so drained. The heiress sighed tiredly as she was instructed to sit down against the wall near the new fridge, Vegeta appeared with a small box of First AID with a towel over his shoulder a second later "Installed medical supplies too?" she asked casually

The prince didn't spare her a glance, just nodded "Your mother fusses when she sees me bandaging up anywhere in the house" he answered, moving her coast away to inspect the wound. There looked to still be a bit of glass inside the cut, he growled "You need to remove your coat if I am going to clean and bind your injury"

She looked half surprised for a moment before mumbling out a 'sorry' and taking off the stained piece of clothing. The sudden biting chill of the room on her arms made her shiver "I thought you do first aid in your room" she said, watching him remove a small piece of red glass from her side, a spike of pain traveled up her spine but she opted to keep quiet. He looked so concentrated there that she didn't want to break it.

Slowly he put pressure to the small bleeding cut with the towel "She is everywhere, I try to do it in private and she is there!" he mumbled darkly, a growl lingering in his throat. It was easier avoiding Bulma then her mother.

"In your room?" She asked with a small breathless giggle

"Everywhere!" he said louder, his shoulders tensing. Memories of her standing over his bed in the morning was almost haunting, he tried to get up earlier then her but even 4 in the morning was a little too extreme, he liked 5:30, and unfortunately so did the blond devil. He did not like to have the same sleeping patterns...maybe he should drug her 'tea' or something

Bulma looked around the room, a small smile on her face "Except here?" she asked condescendingly as he removed the blood stained towel and dabbed disinfectant on it, she let out a small hiss.

He looked up and narrowed his eyes at her slightly "Coded lock and disabled camera, no entry point at any place inside or out, if she finds her way inside here...I'll kill myself"

"She's that bad huh?"

"Worse, I can feel her stare at me through walls"

She giggled again, the pain slowly dulling as he pressed on the bandage square and taped it to her body "She loves you for some reason, thinks the world of you" she mumbled

"Tell her to STOP" he growled

Bulma tilted her head, a beaming smile gracing her face. He knew what that meant, she was about to make a smart arsed comment "Really? I thought you would have loved someone petting your ego every second of the day" He hated knowing her so well, she shook her head lightly, dropping the pieces of the scouter beside her and looking down at his handy work underneath her stained cyan tank top "Thank you..." she murmured sincerely "Where did you get that fridge anyway?" she asked crossing her legs

The prince rolled his eyes, packing the bandages and medical supplies back into the box "Some place in the city"

"You STOLE a FRIDGE!" she laughed, slapping her hands on her knees

Vegeta shrugged, getting to his feet smoothly and walking back around the fridge "They didn't stop me" he said nonchalantly

"No!" She laughed again "They were probably shitting themselves because you lifted a fridge over your head with one hand and flew off with it" the image of just that made her laugh even more. Damn she was glad no reporters decided to follow him back to her place, she didn't think she could explain his superhuman strength and ability of flight without actually putting him in danger of dissection and study, or from keeping a mass murder of scientists happening in the city.

He poked his head out the side of the fridge "Whats your point?"

"You don't just steal a fridge"

Vegeta rolled his eyes, he didn't need the 101 on what not to do on earth from her, he was a saiyan, he was pretty sure that most things that were acceptable on his planet or in the ranks of Freiza's army was probably all illegal here on earth...human's were very boring "The one in the kitchen wasn't big enough" He said, slipping the med kit in a panel beside the fridge

She made a choked sound at the back of her throat "YOU ATTEMPTED TO STEAL MY FRIDGE!" she cried in amused surprise, leaning forward on both palms, trying to catch the reaction and reply from him.

"I did" he started "...but it broke so I blasted it"

It took a while to register this... "So we don't have a fridge" she said slowly


Bulma opened and closed her mouth, leaning back "Man how did I not notice that" she asked herself, shaking her head at the stupidity of it. Seriously how do you miss not having a fridge? it was huge enough to notice when it was gone. And where was all that food that her mother made coming from? She smiled and opened her mouth to say something else when she caught him staring at the broken pieces of the scouter beside her, a lost look jumping through his eyes, and a pang of sympathy rose through her stomach but dared not voice it. Humming lightly, she looked up at him with a firm stare "I'm gonna fix it"

That seemed to break him out of his thoughts, his eyes sliding to catch hers, his stare still unguarded without his knowledge "I don't care" he said hoarsely

Her eyebrows furrowed in a frown "Yes you do" She said "And I'll fix it, I promise"

He didn't say anything else, but she knew she had caught him. She had caught some of his trust, in a promise that she wasn't sure she could fulfill.

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