Disclaimer : I do not own Vampire Knight, but I do not wish to own it cause it's hard enough to draw 'Code Geass'

Yuuki wanted something but she don't know how to ask. She would ask Zero but she knows he has blood issues, she would ask her friends but it was a school holiday and all the humans were to go home for that holiday. She would ask the night class students but they might just attack her. She would ask her father, if it were her real one. She knew she had to ask someone. Someone who wouldn't eat her, example, someone whose name starts with a 'K'. Someone who is her crush, someone who has self-control over blood. But how?

Okay, I'm clueless about this story. I don't even know how to start I would appreciate it if you guys give me an idea, Cause I have a lot and i don't know if you guys might like my idea cause i think it's too random.

Gimme ideas¬¬ please please please please please and thank you ^^