Chosen For Supremacy: A Yu-Gi-Oh GX/Pokémon X-Over

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Chapter 1: Mewtwo's Warning

Kanto Region

Ash Ketchum rarely got a chance to relax and enjoy some fun in the sun, but when he had been offered a chance to relax on the beaches of Cinnabar Island, he had accepted and, after leaving several of his Pokémon with Professors Oak and Rowan, he, Dawn and Brock had made for the island.

As Ash and Pikachu looked out over the sea from their boat, the 3-time Pokémon champion gave a sigh and rubbed his forehead, removing the red and white cap that he had first worn after setting off on his adventure. Dressed in a sleeve-less top and his black and yellow t-shirt, Ash was one heated argument away from baking in the sun.

Looking to his left, where Pikachu was perched on the rail, Ash stroked his loyal friend behind the ear and, seeing the exhaustion in Pikachu's black eyes, he smiled and explained, "Don't worry Pikachu, we'll be at the island soon."

With his cute smile, Pikachu smiled at his trainer and friend, "Chu, Pikachu," he replied, which roughly translated into I believe you partner, but, as he stared out over the ocean, Pikachu couldn't help but feel strangely uncomfortable. There was only one time when he had felt this way and that was before their adventure with the three legendary birds as well as Lugia; but that time it had been because the forces of nature had been off-balance and threatened the world. This time, Pikachu couldn't explain it, but there was something he didn't like; a feeling of cold seemed to press down on his heart and actually force the thunder in his body to spark from his cheeks.

Noticing this, Ash smiled and nodded to their cabin, "Come on buddy, we'll grab a cold drink and get out of this sun."

Down in the cabin, Ash looked to Brock, his dark-skinned, black-haired companion, as he began mixing several batches of Pokémon food; his eyes fixed on the mixture before him. Taking a seat on his bed, Ash allowed Pikachu to curl on his pillow before he asked, "Brock, have you seen how hot it is out there?"

"Yeah," replied Brock, "It's almost too unbearable for Pokémon," he looked up and smirked, trying not to laugh as he added, "And judging by your face, trainers as well."

Ash looked with confusion until he retreated to the bedroom and gasped; his face was heavily tanned and the area under his eyes was red from tears of sweat that had run into his eyes. Returning to the cool shade of his bedroom, Ash slumped down and was just about to close his eyes when a voice, so soft and mysterious that it was almost musical, spoke to the two of them.

"Pokémon Trainer; we meet again."

Opening his eyes, Ash squinted against the sun as he saw a strange, and yet familiar, blue bubble appear before he and Brock, a very familiar purple Pokémon with three fingers on his hands and lips that never moved, but occasionally smiled looked at him, his eyes a deep shade of violet, yet now they were as blue as the ocean as he looked to Ash and Brock.

Almost instantly, Ash and Brock looked up, their eyes scanning the face; it was impossible, but there was no explaining the fact of who they were seeing before them.

"Mewtwo," Ash said with a rather confused tone, "What are you doing here?"

"I am here to tell you of a great danger approaching; Master of Legends," replied the Psychic Pokémon, his lips tweaking into a smile as he stared at his old friends. "You must work together with combatants from another part of the world to see through this danger; this time, the Pokémon power will not be enough."

"What do you mean?" asked Brock, "And who do you mean by the Master of Legend?"

"I mean him," replied Mewtwo, indicating Ash, "You who have met the Lords of Time, Space, Darkness, Nightmares, Dreams, Life, Death and Dimensions; it is you who must aid the Champions of this other world defeat the great powers coming from the Light."

"But how?" asked Ash, "Who are these other worlds and what is this danger?"

"I don't know," Mewtwo admitted, "But to you I give the power of my own heart and the source of energy known to these Champions; the energy of duelling: behold!" His eyes flashed with a blue fire before Ash gasped, watching as a strange object materialised onto his right arm; it looked like a Poké ball with an added band of metal on the end, five strange slot-like devices and a slot filled with strange cards.

Looking to Mewtwo, Ash asked, "Tell me more Mewtwo; where will we find these Champions?"

"You will find them at a place known as Duel Academy," explained Mewtwo, "You must help the one known as Jaden or all is lost. For this threat is so great that if you fail, all of Pokémon and this power known as Duel Monsters shall fall as well."

Looking to the disk on his arm, Ash asked, "What about Dawn and Brock? Are they coming with me?"

"Yes," replied Mewtwo, "For they are your Regents of Legend and as such share this power; you will have to work together or this world and the duel world will fall."

With a strong and confident glare, Ash looked to his old acquaintance as he explained, "You can count on us Mewtwo; we'll go to Duel Academy and defeat this danger."

"Thank you Legend," the Psychic explained, "And, as such, now you must sleep; for when you wake, you shall be on your way to this new world. Master your powers and count on those you call your friends, for, as you have taught me, friendship and courage are the only means to achieving true peace in this world." His eyes flared one more time before he directed his psychic attack towards Ash and Brock, both trainers, as well as Pikachu, falling into a deep sleep.

Above them, Mewtwo nodded as he looked to the heavens and spoke in his thoughts, //I have done as you asked Destream; the Chosen is coming and, when he meets the King, he will be ready.//

Anyone looking at the boat would have been confused to see three teens bearing strange devices on their arms flying away, yet, at the same time, Ash was lost in his dreams; his destiny being decided by the hands of fate.



"Wake up Legend, you are needed," the voice was sweet and musical as Ash tried to send his thoughts and memories away; he knew about Mewtwo's visit, but he really hated getting a wake-up call. "Please Legend, wake up, this is important."

Ash groaned as he rubbed the back of his head and looked around in confusion; he was now sat in a room with silvery walls and a strange box before him; looking around, Ash found he was alone, but the voice had been real.

"H-Hello," he called to the room, "Who's there?"

"Me," replied a voice and, when Ash looked, he saw a girl dressed in pink and blue clothes with a strange staff in her hand and, though he'd never admit it in future, a cute smile on her face. The girl seemed to hover as she looked at Ash and added, "It's nice to see you awake Legend; I see Mewtwo was right; you are a powerful heart!"

"Huh? You know Mewtwo? Who are you?" asked Ash, jumping to his feet and taking a wary step back from the girl, who was laughing at his reaction as she gave him a wink and smiled.

"Don't worry Legend," explained the girl, "All spirits know Mewtwo; as for who I am, you may call me the Dark Magician Girl and I have been asked by Mewtwo and your legends to grant you the power of the Legendary Dragons. There is a box before you," she explained, "It contains the spiritual reincarnations of the legendary Timaeus, Hermos and Critiaus; the three Legendary Dragons and their Knight counterparts. Please Legend, open the box and receive your power."

"But what is this power?" asked Ash, "And why does everyone insist on calling me Legend?"

"It is who you are," explained a deep voice and, when Ash looked up, he saw a man dressed in purple clothes and wielding a sceptre with a crystal in the head, his face and head was covered by a purple hood as he stared at Ash, "You are the reincarnation of the Legend Master; a powerful spirit who bears the will to control every legend of both worlds; not just the world of Duel Monsters, but your world of Pokémon."

"And who are you?" asked Ash, "I've never seen anyone dress like you."

"I am known as the Dark Magician," explained the figure, "And, as my previous incarnations have done for other beings of power, I will serve you and be your spirit partner in your battle against the forces against you."

//Dark Magician?// thought Ash, //Dark Magician Girl? Lord of Legends? This is going to be one strange trip,// Looking to the Dark Magician, Ash asked, "What is my power and, I ask again, who is the Lord of Legends?"

"Well," explained Dark Magician, "His true name is the Guardian of Will, but, due to your world, we decided to change it to Lord of Legends and, as I said, you control all the powers of Legend Duel Monsters and your Legendary Pokémon; however, in order to access this power, you must open the Seal of the Legends before you."

Looking to the box, Ash took a deep sigh before he looked to the two spirits and shrugged before he reached down and flipped the lock on the box, a white light filling his vision and, as he looked, he saw three strange piles of cards appear before him.

Above him, Dark Magician Girl spoke, "Those decks are yours to wield Legend; the one in your Custom Duel Disk is filled with card representations of most of your Legends, which now include the three Legendary Dragons and their Knight counterparts. The second contains a legend of Duel Monsters known as the Chaos Luster and Emperor Series as well as Legends of Destiny and Will; the third deck contains the Draconic Destiny Legends, which include a very rare dragon quartet; the final deck houses our power as well as the forces of Time and Space, ready to be used at your command."

With a deep sigh, Ash picked up the three decks and placed them in holders at his belt before he looked to his new allies and asked, "And, where do I begin this quest of mine?"

"Duel Academy," replied Dark Magician, "Now, Guardian of Will and Lord of Legends, awaken and meet your new destiny."

When Ash looked again, he found that he was on a boat; a very confused Dawn looking at a similar Duel Disk and Brock holding his, Piplup and Croagunk by their sides before Ash looked down to Pikachu, who had obviously been trying to wake his partner up, before he smiled and explained, "Well buddy, it looks like we're in for another new adventure!"

"Pika, Chu, Pika-pi," replied Pikachu, which roughly translated as Here we go again, partner.

And that's chapter 1 of my newest, and first, XOver story; I would like to thank Green Phantom Queen for the inspiration and encouragement to write this story. I look forward to reading the reviews from any of the readers.

As you can guess, this is set after D + P Adventures in the Pkmn World and, in the YGOGX World, it is set during Season 2 and will run into Series 3; hence the title of the fanfic. Please note that this story WILL feature Jaden knowing about Haou earlier than the fic, but that's why it's a fanfic.

Anyway: Next Chapter: Dawn, Brock and Ash meet Jaden and the team and Ash tries one of his new decks in a duel against Crowler for the right to be Obelisk Blue…

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