Chosen For Supremacy

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Chapter 19: Chosen Vs. Chosen: Clash of the Titans

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"So that's him?" asked Jaden, "That's the guy that's taken Brock and most of the others from us?"

"It's from Crowler; apparently, we have to duel against two of them," she nodded to the White Dorm, "And if we win, then we have to advance from our dorm."

"But guys," Alexis pointed out, "Even if we lose, I heard a duel against them turns you into one of them: what if we're taken?"

"You two have to do what's right," Ash told them, standing from their hiding place and walking back to the Slifer Dorm.

"Ash, wait up!"

The Guardian turned at the sound of Jaden's voice; running up to him, the young King looked at his fellow Chosen before asking, "What's the matter with you? Our friends are in trouble and you won't be there to support them?"

"I can't," Ash replied, before he looked around and turned back to the King, "I say it because ever since this business with May began, I've been challenged to a Shadow Game, had my close friends taken over by this Light, duelled against duel spirits and almost lost my soul to the very darkness I thought I'd destroyed; there's nothing I can do to change that."

"Yes there is," Jaden replied, before he stepped up towards the Guardian and, before Ash could say another word, Jaden pulled back his arm and swiped him across the face. "You can stand up for yourself and your friends: Brock and Dawn falling; that means nothing, but if we lose you then we lose everything. Need I remind you of what Yubel and Destream said to us: we have to work together, the Supreme King and the Guardian of Will."

"But there's just one problem," said Ash, a deep bruise on his cheek; standing up, he turned and, as he returned the punch with more force, he exclaimed, "You're too frightened to become the King!"

(Lord Guardian, what do you think you're doing?) asked Timaeus, (The King is your ally, not your enemy.)

(And you Jaden,) Yubel exclaimed, (You need to be supporting Ash, not knocking him on his behind.)

(But if you feel that this is how you should settle things.)

(THEN SHUT UP AND DUEL!) declared both spirits, tossing Ash's Guardian Disk and Jaden's Black Disk to each of them.

"I don't want easy," Ash said, his eyes flashing with green sparks for a few seconds, "I want to face the real Jaden Yuki; that is, if you've got the guts to unleash your powers!"

"He said Jaden and Ash are duelling!" announced Syrus, "And it looks like it's going to be a big one!"

"Hey, what are you-?" Dawn was silenced by a strong hand over her mouth before she felt herself being dragged away, Brock's voice in her ear, his tone as cold as his smile.

"Sweet Dreams Dawn, but we mustn't keep Master Sartorius waiting!"

I summon Elemental Hero Neos Alius (ATK 1900 DEF 1300) and next, I activate the Spell Card E: Emergency Call!"

"Very well," Ash nodded, drawing his card, "And if you think you started this off in a big way, let me prove you wrong: I summon an old friend of mine, I summon Evolution Beast (ATK 1400 DEF 1200) and next, I activate-!"

"No," Ash explained, "You see Jaden, not too long ago, my decks were all destroyed by forces of darkness, which left me to use what power my legends had to create a whole new array of decks; one of which, you will now meet: I activate the Spell Card E-Factor!... "So now, welcome a new series of monsters to the field, I summon my Evo-Knight Aquose (ATK 2000 DEF 1900) in attack mode: rise up, my evolved warrior!"

The eyes of the King widened as he looked to Ash and, with an almost hesitant voice, nodded, "Very well, it's a monster and it's one of my most powerful cards: I summon a new breed of hero: come forth, Evil Hero Malicious Edge (ATK 2600 DEF 1800) in attack mode!"

/Evil Hero?/ thought Ash, /Could these be?/

Looking past Jaden, Ash resorted to spiritual speech as he asked, (Yubel, are these the allies of…Jaden's true self?)

(Yes,) Yubel answered, (And now Jaden must learn to harness their power; thank you Ash, for helping Jaden see the power within.)

With a nod, Ash continued, "Well, you may have a monster with high attack power, but we'll see if he can compete with my new deck: I place one card face down and hand the turn back to you."

Drawing his card, Jaden seemed scared of the new hero as he looked to its darkened features: ever since touching the edges of his power against Atem and Kura, Jaden had known all about the Evil Heroes and the fact that they only obeyed one master.

/I can't do it,/ Jaden thought, /They're creatures of evil and I'm not evil./

(Maybe not,) answered a friendly voice, which Jaden recognised as Ash. (But if there's one thing we learned in that duel, it was that you can control the power of the king; you just have to try.)

Jaden looked up as his memories faded away: Atem had been right, he was devoid of darkness, but he was also the King: and now, he had a duel to win and friends who would stand by him.

"Ash," he said in a calm voice, "I remember: Atem and Kura said it: there is no darkness because he doesn't control me, I control him!"

"Yes," Ash nodded, "But can you use him?"

"Only one way to find out," Jaden replied.

Looking to his side, where Yubel was watching, Jaden asked, (Can you give me my power?)

(Only if you think you're ready,) Yubel replied, her eyes filled with pride.

Looking to the Guardian of Will, Jaden nodded and said with confidence, (I am!)

What happened next was almost too confusing for most people: there was a strange flash of dark magic before Jaden became enveloped in what could only be described as tendrils of darkness, his Black Disk almost glowing as the darkness coursed through him. When it faded, Jaden was stood in the same place, but he was now dressed very differently.

His body was covered with black armour that had a series of spikes curling up behind his shoulders, a rather intimidating looking face-plate and helm covering his face; his hands were now covered by clawed gauntlets and his back was adorned by a long, flowing red cape that seemed to billow all around him as energy flew from Jaden's body as winds of darkness.

"Jaden?" asked the Guardian.

"It's me pal," Jaden replied, "Now Guardian of Will, I, Jaden Yuki, Supreme King of Darkness, say to you; it's time for this duel to continue!"



Slifer Pathway: Jaden Vs. Ash:

Ash = 4000

Jaden = 5400

Jaden looked all around, the faces of his fellow students all staring in shock at his transformation, before he looked forward at the opponent he was facing.

/All this time,/ he thought, his eyes flashing gold with emotion, /I have been fearing the power that I have always commanded; that's what Haou meant when he said that I was his master and that he could help me. He wanted only to unleash my power, never to control me: now I have to prove I can use the King's power to make this duel one to remember./

"My move then Ash," Jaden announced, looking to his field, where Evil Hero Malicious Edge was standing tall and proud; opposite them, Ash's Evo-Knight Aquose and Evolution Beast looked at the Supreme King with eyes of determination.

Looking at his hand, Jaden smiled when he saw another old acquaintance now joining his team, "Once again then," he explained, "I summon my Elemental Hero Neos Alius (ATK 1900 DEF 1300) in attack mode, but next, I activate the spell card Dark Armoury!"

A Spell Card showing a medieval armoury rose onto the field, each of the weapons and shelves almost tinged with darkness; at the same time, Ash noticed Neos Alius glowing with dark light.

"What's up with him?" asked the Guardian, looking from Alius to the spell card.

"It's just my Dark Armoury's Special Ability," explained Jaden, "Now, because he was summoned with an Evil Hero in play, I get to send Neos Alius back to my deck and summon any monster from my deck with Elemental Hero in its name: so, say goodbye to Neos Alius and hello to Malicious' Elemental Counterpart: come forward, Elemental Hero Blade-Edge (ATK 2600 DEF 1800) my golden boy of the heroes!"

(Dark Armoury: SPELL/NORMAL: Activate when you have an Elemental Hero and Evil Hero in play: activate one of the following effects:

If you summoned an Elemental Hero in the turn that this card was activated, send the summoned card back to the deck and Special Summon one other Elemental Hero from your hand or deck.

If you summoned an Evil Hero in the turn that this card was activated, select one card with Evil in its name from your deck; the selected card is then added to your hand.)

As the Guardian watched, he was surprised to see a gold-armoured hero rise from the spot where Neos Alius had been: Jaden was right: in some ways, he looked like Malicious Edge, except this hero had more muscle bulging from under his gold armour and, where Malicious had spikes on his hands, this hero had blades protruding from his wrists.

"And now," Jaden added, "I think it's time I introduce you to my new friends Ash; Malicious Edge, attack Evolution Beast with Dark Needle Burst!"

"Not so fast," Ash retorted, before he revealed a card that looked like Hero Signal, but had a letter E in its light, the spotlight filling the card as Ash continued, "Because I activate my Evo-Signal Trap Card: what this does Jaden is stop your attack and then allow me to add one card with Evolution in its name to my hand."

(Evo-Signal: TRAP/NORMAL: Activate when your opponent declares an attack; negate the attack and add one card with Evolution in its name from your deck to your hand.)

"Well it doesn't matter," Jaden smiled, "Because I still have Blade-Edge and right now, he's going to show you how he got his name: this time, Edge, attack Aquose with Slice and Dice Attack!"

As everyone watched, Blade-Edge's wrist-blades, began to slide outwards before the hero dashed forward, his attack cutting through Aquose as Ash felt the sting of the attack depleting his life points.

Ash = 3400

Jaden = 5400

"And now," continued the Supreme King, "I'll throw down a face down and call it a turn: come on Ash, you wanted to see my power? Well now, I want to see yours."

"As you wish," Ash grinned, drawing his card; looking to his five-card hand, the Guardian of Will looked up towards Blade and Malicious Edge, both of whom looked as intimidating as the other.

Replacing the card he had just drawn with another, Ash asked, "Tell me Jaden, do you remember the effect of my Evo-Signal? The card I drew? Well, guess what? I can now summon it to the field and all I have to do is remove one Evo-Monster from play: so, by removing Aquose from play, I summon my Evolution Lord Haos Magnus (ATK 2400 DEF 2100) and now, his Special Ability activates!"

As Jaden watched, Ash's graveyard began to glow with blue light, before a seal appeared on the field, which brought forth a monster like nothing even Ash had seen before: this new creature had silver armour covering his chest and arms, steel grey gauntlets on his hands and boots on his feet. His head was covered by a helm, which had light shining from behind the eye-pieces as well as four huge golden wings protruding from his back and, as everyone watched, this new creature raised both its hands and summoned a lance of pure light from the ether.

"Now he's a good monster," commented Jaden, "But Ash, his attack strength is still weaker than both my monsters, so he'd need some kind of supreme power, no pun intended."

"Good thing he has it then," Ash explained, "In fact Jaden, Haos Magnus has 3 abilities: first, he takes the level of the Evo-Monster I removed from play and his attack points increase by 100 for each level; second, he takes each level of each of your monsters and increases my life points by 100 times that level and finally, guess what? He can't be destroyed in battle, which makes him immune to any monster effects you may throw my way!"

/Okay,/ thought Jaden, watching as six blue orbs surrounded Haos Magnus, before his attack power went up to 3000, /I'm impressed./

After that, the Supreme King watched as Malicious Edge (Lv.7) and Blade-Edge (Lv.7) both began to glow with white light as Ash's life points were restored, almost equalising their scores.

Ash = 4800

Jaden = 5400

(Evolution Lord Haos Magnus: ATK 2400 DEF 2100/8Star/LIGHT/WARRIOR: This card cannot be destroyed in battle: this card can be Special Summoned by removing one monster with Evo in its name from your graveyard; if you use this effect, this card can attack twice on the turn it's summoned. When this card is summoned, increase this card's attack by 100 multiplied by the level of one Evo-Monster in your graveyard or removed from play; when this card is Special Summoned, increase your life points by 100 multiplied by the combined level of your opponent's monsters.)

"And now," Ash exclaimed, "I attack with my Haos Magnus: destroy Evil Hero Malicious Edge with Shining Sky Lance!"

The blade in the Lord's hands began to glow with ethereal energy before Haos flared his wings and began to rise, just before he threw the lance through Malicious' body, sending the Evil Hero to the grave and reducing Jaden's life points.

Ash = 4800

Jaden = 5000

"And since he was summoned by the sacrifice of an Evo-Monster, my Haos Magnus can attack twice in this turn, which means it's time for Blade-Edge to go bye-bye: avenge your fallen kin, my Evolved Lord, go, Shining Sky Lance!"

This time, it was Blade-Edge who felt the sting of the lance; however, as he was sent to the grave, Jaden looked to his fellow Chosen with fire in his eyes.

Ash = 4800

Jaden = 4600

"I activate my Hero Signal Trap Card," Jaden declared, revealing another of his old favourites, watching as the emerald light shone in the sky as he added, "Now I get to summon one Elemental Hero from my deck, such as the monster I used to summon Edge, my Elemental Hero Neos Alius (ATK 1900 DEF 1300) welcome back pal!"

/Him again?/ thought Ash as the white-skinned hero rose onto the field, his pale blue eyes looking to Evolution Beast and Evolution Lord Haos Magnus with determination.

"Very well Jaden," Ash grinned, looking to his hand, "I switch my Evolution Beast to defence mode and place another two cards face down: it's your move, Supreme King!"

With their life points almost equal, Jaden knew he had to be careful: he had felt the ferocity of the King's power always spiking whenever they were in a crisis and now, with the Slifer's determination to win, he was sure that Haou would pull out all the stops to win.

(Not quite,) a voice suddenly spoke in his mind.

Looking to Ash, as if asking him if he had heard the voice, Jaden then remembered his duel against Aster as he asked, (Haou?)

(Yes Jaden,) replied the spirit of the King, (And I want you to know that I never wanted to hurt you, nor did I have any intentions to turn on you, I only wanted to help you.)

(But you're the Supreme King of Darkness,) argued Jaden, (Why work with me?)

(You have a pure heart,) explained Haou, and Jaden gasped as he felt a wave of content emotion run through him, (And it is this heart that seems to have evolved both me and my power: now, I wish to help.)

(Can you swear to that?) asked Jaden, (I mean, after what Kura said about you.)

(I can,) Haou said, before adding, (Anyway, did you know that Pharaoh Atem and the Thief Lord were also like you and I: two spirits in one body?)


(Yes; the one known as Yugi carried the spirit of Pharaoh Atem inside the Millennium Puzzle, whilst Kura, or Bakura as he was really known, was carried inside the power of the Millennium Ring: when the Pharaoh freed Kura's spirit, he was revealed to have been possessed by another dark power named Zorc.)

A/N: I know this isn't the story, but given Kura and Atem's alliance, I thought it would make a decent story.

(I never knew,) Jaden sighed, (But what power are you kept inside?)

(Our black disk and the Supreme Armour: once summoned, our two souls are one and I will always be there to help you: if you can trust in the power of the Supreme King?)

(Well,) Jaden sighed, noticing another familiar spirit beside him; with a smile, he nodded, (Yubel trusted you and so…I will too, but please, only use your power if I ask it, okay?)

(As you wish,) Haou told him, (Now let's get this game on!)

Drawing his card, Jaden looked to Neos Alius before he explained, "Because this is my Main Phase, I can activate my Neos Alius Gemini effect: by using him as my normal summon, Neos Alius gains the powers of his big brother, Elemental Hero Neos."

Ash watched as Neos Alius began to glow with white light, the image of Elemental Hero Neos appearing behind the smaller warrior as he seemed to become pumped up with energy.

"And next," continued Jaden, "I activate the Spell Card N-Force!"

A Spell card similar to Heated Heart appeared on the field: a silver letter N on a galactic background.

"What does that card do Jay?" asked Syrus, watching as the Supreme King gave a slow smile, while, at the same time, Ash noticed E-Hero Neos Alius glowing with silver energy.

"What it does Sy," explained Jaden, "Is allow me to summon two new breed of monsters to the field known as the Neo-Spacians: the cost of this is that Elemental Hero Neos must be in play."

"And since Alius has Neos' powers," Ash continued, "Jaden can play N-Force without having to wait for Neos himself."

"Ash is right and so, without further ado, I summon two new breed of monsters: behold Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab (ATK 500 DEF 500) and Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird (ATK 800 DEF 600) come on out you two!"

(N-Force: SPELL/NORMAL: This card can only be activated if Elemental Hero Neos is in play; Special Summon two monsters with Neo-Spacian in their name from your deck.)

As everyone watched, two completely new monsters appeared on Jaden's field: one looked like a bird of some kind, except that this bird stood on two legs like a humanoid monster and had two huge white wings protruding from his back.

The second monster was a dark-skinned insect-like monster with a horn similar to a rhino beetle protruding from his head: his body was covered with black armour that curved at the elbow.

Before Ash could take time to inspect these newcomers, he noticed Air Hummingbird taking off, heading for Ash's field; however, at the same time, Ash's two cards suddenly changed into pink flowers, which were both touched by Hummingbird's beak, a green shower of sparks flowing from Ash's field to Jaden's body.

"What gives?" asked the Guardian, watching as Hummingbird returned to Jaden's side of the field.

"What gives," explained the King, "Is Hummingbird's special ability: once per turn, he takes the number of cards in your hand and gives me 500 life points for each card, so, with two cards in your hand, my life points increase by 1000!"

Ash = 4800

Jaden = 5600

"And next," continued Jaden. "My Scarab's effect activates: for every Spell and Trap Card on your side of the field, Flare Scarab gains 400: so again, with two cards on your field, my Flare Scarab gains 800 attack points, raising him to 1300."

Ash looked to the two newcomers with a strong sense of dread: Jaden wouldn't summon them unless he had a plan and, although he couldn't read minds, the Guardian of Will had a feeling that Neos Alius had something to do with what that plan involved.

"Now," Jaden announced, "I activate a very special ability of my Neo-Spacians: if Elemental Hero Neos is in play, I can send him and my Neo-Spacians back to my deck and summon a Fusion Monster in their place."

"What?" gasped Alexis, everyone else echoing her surprise, "How is that legal?"

"It's called Contact Fusion," Jaden told her, "And it's legit: so now, I send E-Hero Neos Alius, N-Spacian Air Hummingbird and N-Spacian Flare Scarab back to my deck to summon a new Elemental Hero: from the heart of fire, I summon Elemental Hero Phoenix Neos (ATK 2700 DEF 2300) in attack mode!"

The skies began to darken with galactic energy as Neos Alius, Hummingbird and Scarab were sent back to the deck, a new monster appearing from a plume of flames: at first glance, anyone would mistake him for Phoenix Enforcer: this newcomer had white skin with flame tattoos covering his chest, arms and legs as well as two large red wings protruding from his back. His head was hidden by the same black-armour helmet as Flare Scarab, except this armour was shaped like a phoenix's head. As the new hero looked to Ash, he also noticed that this hero had two orbs of red and yellow colouring over his shoulders and what could only be described as fireball insignias on running down his legs.

"Now this guy's cool," Ash exclaimed, "But I can guess that your Contact Fusion comes with a price."

"And you'd be right Ash," Jaden told him, "At the end of my turn, Phoenix Neos is returned to my deck, but his Special Ability is all I really need."

"And why's that?"

"Because if he's either destroyed or sent back to my deck after dealing Battle Damage, I can automatically summon him back during your Standby Phase, but he won't be coming back alone."

/Then I need to stop that,/ thought Ash, /Because I can sense that Phoenix Neos has other powers./

"Now," commanded Jaden, "Elemental Hero Phoenix Neos, attack Evolution Beast: go, Sunburst Slash!"

The wings of Phoenix Neos began to glow with burnt red light before the new hero swept his wings forward, beams of energy emanating from the fiery feathers and sending Evolution Beast to the graveyard.

(Elemental Hero Phoenix Neos: ATK 2700 DEF 2300/7Star/FIRE/WARRIOR/FUSION: Elemental Hero Neos – Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab – Neo Spacian Air Hummingbird: This card can only be summoned by sending the Fusion Material Monsters back to your deck (you do not use Polymerisation) when this card successfully destroys an opponent's monster, you can Special Summon this card from your Fusion Deck as well as the Fusion Material Monsters from your deck during your opponent's Standby Phase: if this effect is activated, you do not have to send this card back to the Fusion Deck. This card must be returned to your Fusion Deck during your End Phase.)

"A gutsy move," Ash told him, "But because Evolution Beast was in defence mode, I take no damage and now that he's destroyed, I can activate my Devolution Trap Card!"

A Trap showing what looked like an Evolved Entity and Evolution Beast appeared on the field; the image showing the Entity leaping through a ring of flames, it's front end changed into Evolution Beast.

"And now," explained the Guardian of Will, "When an Evolution or Evo Monster is destroyed as a result of battle, you have to discard one card from your hand for each of his levels; plus, at the End Phase of this turn, you take 100 points of damage for each of the levels."

(Devolution: TRAP/COUNTER: Activate when a monster with Evo or Evolution in its name is destroyed as a result of battle: your opponent must discard one card from their hand for every level of the destroyed monster; during the End Phase that this card is activated, inflict 100 points of damage to your opponent for every level of the destroyed card.)

"I guess I have no choice," Jaden told Ash, before he held up his empty hand and explained, "But I don't lose what I don't have Ash, so all I can say now is that I end my turn."

With his Master's turn finished, Phoenix Neos vanished in a swirl of lights before Jaden grunted as the after-effects of Devolution hit his life points, reducing them by 400 points.

Ash = 4800

Jaden = 5200

"My draw," Ash explained, looking first to Haos Magnus before he looked to the field, watching as a red veil fell over Jaden's field, Phoenix Neos returning to the field.

/I knew it,/ thought Ash as he then noticed N-Spacian Air Hummingbird and Flare Scarab back on the field: this time, however, they were joined by a white-skinned hero with no mouth and two electric blue eyes. In the centre of his chest was a blue crystal with three red streaks around it; the hands and feet of this newcomer were covered with the same blue skin as Neos Alius.

It didn't take Ash long to figure out who this was; looking to Jaden, he asked, "That's Neos himself, isn't it?"

"Sure is pal," Jaden nodded, "Thanks to Phoenix Neos' effect, when he's summoned back, he brings the Neo-Spacians and Elemental Hero Neos (ATK 2500 DEF 2100) back with him."

Looking to his hand, Ash realised that Jaden, despite his fears, must have tapped into the King's power to summon a monster as good as Phoenix Neos and now Ash was going to make sure that he saw real power.

"I activate the spell card known as Card of Sanctity," he explained, watching as coins fell from the sky, "Now both of us draw until we have six cards in our hands; and next," he added, seeing the combo he'd been waiting for, "I summon another Evolution Monster: I summon Evolution Dragon (ATK 2100 DEF 1600) in attack mode!"

A silver-scaled dragon rose onto the field, the Kanji for 'Power' on his chest and his eyes shining with ferocity: as he looked at Jaden, the dragon seemed to emit a strong pulse of energy, which was felt by the N-Spacians as well as the two heroes.

"Hold up," Jaden suddenly argued, "How did you summon a Level 5 monster without a sacrifice?"

"Easy," Ash told him, "Evolution Dragon's Special Ability allows him to be Special Summoned if I have another monster with Evolution in its name, but that's not all: now I play the spell card Evo-Aura!"

(Evolution Dragon: ATK 2100 DEF 1600/5Star/WIND/DRAGON: This card can be Special Summoned if you have a monster with Evolution in its name in play; when you play a spell card during your turn, increase this card's attack power by 500.)

A Spell card showing what could have been mistaken for an Aura Sphere appeared on the field, the Evolutuion E glowing in the centre as Ash explained, "Now first off, my dragon's special ability activates, which gives him 500 points since I activated a spell card: and next, Evo-Aura's effect activates, which allows me to discard one card from my hand to summon the big monster of my deck: behold the Lord of Evolution: I summon Evolved Entity Aurelius (ATK 2800 DEF 2600) in attack mode!"

(Evo-Aura: SPELL/RITUAL: This card can be used to summon Evolved Entity Aurelius from your deck; you must also discard one card from your hand to the graveyard.)

As Jaden watched, there was a swirl of red and blue light before another dark seal appeared on the field: from this seal came a blue-furrred creature with two white spikes on the back of both his hands. His face was almost dog-like with blue and black fur split across his face and over his head; the body of this monster was covered with yellow fur and held the kanji for 'Spirit' on his heart.

"Now he is one awesome creature," exclaimed Jaden, "But I can't help, but feel that I know him from somewhere."

"You should," Ash explained, "This is another one of my Pokémon-turned-Duel Monsters: in the Pokémon regions, he's known as Lucario and he is said to be one of the toughest monsters. Now, he'll show you why: when he's summoned, Aurelius selects one fallen Evo or Evolution Monster and deals you damage equal to that card's attack power; so, who's it going to be?"

(Evolved Entity Aurelius: ATK 2800 DEF 2600/8Star/LIGHT/BEAST: This card can only be summoned by the effect of Evo-Aura; when he's summoned, select one Evo or Evolution Monster in your graveyard: inflict direct damage equal to that card's attack power. When this card attacks, increase his attack by 300 for each Evo or Evolution Monster in play.)

The spirits of the fallen Evo Monsters flashed before the field before Aurelius seemed to snap his fingers, the spiritual roulette stopping…on Evo-Knight Aquose (ATK 2000 DEF 1900) before Aurelius then turned and seemed to place his hands at least three inches apart.

"All right! Laughed Ash, "Aquose is back for some revenge Jay: so show him Aurelius, go Aura Ball Blast!"

The blue spirit of Aquose seemed to shrink down until it became a small blue orb that placed itself in Aurelius' hands: as Jaden watched, he saw Aurelius' eyes glow with energy before he threw the orb forwards, the life points of the King being depleted by the attack.

Ash = 4800

Jaden = 3200

"And that," Ash explained, "Was just his attack: now Aurelius, show Jaden your real power, attack his Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab with Aura Ball Bombardment!"

Aurelius spread his arms before his eyes glowed blue and, as everyone watched, at least a thousand Aura Balls appeared around the creature, before he threw his arms forward and watched as the attack neared Flare Scarab.

Jaden cried out in shock as his Neo-Spacian was destroyed, but not before he felt an even greater pain inflict damage to his life points.

Ash = 4200

Jaden = 900

"How did I lose more life points?" asked Jaden, "I thought your Aurelius was 2800?"

"He was," answered the Guardian, "But, when Aurelius attacks, he gathers the spirits of the other Evo and Evolution Monsters in play and, during my Battle Phase, his attack power increases by 300 for each one, which means that he was 3400 when he destroyed your Flare Scarab!"

/Oh no,/ thought Jaden, /And that means if he attacks with that Lord against Hummingbird, it's over! There has to be something I can do!/

(Trust me,) Haou told him, leaving Jaden feeling confused, but nonetheless, gave a nod to show he did.

"And you know what this next attack means Jay," Ash told him, "It means that I will win: show him Dragon, attack Hummingbird with Evo Power Blast!"

"I don't think so!" Jaden growled, his voice sounding like Haou as he explained, "You see Ash, when you let me draw my cards, you let me draw one of my old allies: behold!"

A spirit dressed in black and red armour appeared on the field, before he seemed to stand in the way of Ash's monsters, his black armour almost enveloping the field.

"Who is he?" asked Ash, "I've never seen him before!"

"I know," Jaden replied, "Say hello to Evil Hero Shadow Gardna (ATK 700 DEF 2000) and he has one sweet ability: when I have the same number of monsters in play as my opponent, I can discard Shadow Gardna to my graveyard to end the Battle Phase."

(Evil Hero Shadow Gardna: ATK 700 DEF 2000/4Star/DARK/FIEND: When you have the same number of monsters on your field as your opponent, you can discard this card to the graveyard to end the current Battle Phase: as long as this card is in the graveyard, any Battloe Damage you take is halved.)

"That is a good ability," sighed Ash, before he added, "Since you have forced my Battle Phase over, I place a face down and end my turn."

Drawing his card, Jaden looked to his opponent before he explained, "Since it's my Standby Phase, Hummingbird's effect activates, which restores my life points by 500 for each card in your hand, and you have three, which gives me 1500 life points."

Ash = 4200

Jaden = 2400

Looking to his hand, Jaden closed his eyes and seemed to disappear into his soul, speaking with Haou, (I trusted you to do the right thing and you came through for me: thank you.)

(My pleasure,) Haou told him, (But now the time has come for your familiar to come out and play: use the card you just drew and this duel will be yours: if you truly trust me, then you will know what to do.)

(Haou,) Jaden said, (If you ever need to switch with me, I trust you enough to do it: now let's win this duel.)

Opening his eyes, Jaden saw the card that he had drawn was as Haou had told him, the card he needed to summon the familiar he had gained as one of the Chosen: it was time for Arceus to come out and play, but first, to summon another card he had drawn.

"Ash," he said calmly, "I want to thank you pal; you have shown me everything I needed to see: I have finally accepted my place as the Supreme King and as your ally in the coming battle, so, to thank you, I think it's time for a Clash of the Titans: I sacrifice Phoenix Neos and my Air Hummingbird to summon my own friend: time to come on out, I summon Yubel (ATK 0 DEF 0) my Guardian and friend!"

There was a swirl of dark energy before Ash watched with shock and pride as Jaden's field was emptied of his most powerful monster and his weakest before, in a burst of dark energy, she appeared: Yubel, her dark skin and clothes providing an intimidating effect to her power as Jaden looked to the Guardian of Will.

"But why would Jaden send a monster like Neos away for someone with zero attack points?" asked Syrus, watching as the two good friends exchanged a challenging smile: in some ways, this reminded the short Slifer of the duel between his best friend and his brother.

"Because Yubel has a special ability, am I right Jay?" Ash asked, his smile wide; this was the kind of challenge he liked.

"You're right," Jaden told him, "Now my good friend Yubel can force one of your monsters to battle: so, Yubel, I think we should go into battle with that Dragon!"

Yubel's eyes began to glow with a hypnotic glow before Ash noticed the dragon doing the same: as he watched, Ash then asked, "But why? Yubel will be destroyed and you will lose life points…unless!"

"Right!" Jaden grinned, "When Yubel goes into battle, it's my opponent who feels the sting, so…"

As the two monsters' attacks met in a burst of energy, Ash screamed as darkness filled his body, the power of Yubel dealing 2600 points of damage to his life points.

Ash = 1600

Jaden = 2400

"And now," continued the King, "I think I'll summon two new monsters: but first, I send Neos and Yubel to the grave to summon the ultimate fusion of Neospace and Supremacy: I summon Neos Wiseman (ATK 3000 DEF 3000) in attack mode!"

Yubel and Neos seemed to look at one another before the two of them seemed to merge in a tornado of light and dark energy: the monster that came from within the tornado was nothing like the two that had been there: he was a perfect fusion of both of them: Neos Wiseman had Neos' skin, which was covered at the head, upper body and legs by black armour that seemed to be from Yubel. Behind his shoulders were two huge black and red wings as well as Neos' blue crystal.

"Wow!" gasped Ash, "But Jay, how will you summon two monsters?"

"With this," Jaden explained, revealing a Spell Card showing the Big Bang contained in an hourglass, the sun and moon either side of the glass.

"This is my Creator's Paradise Ritual Spell," he explained, activating the card, "And it works by sending Yubel out of play, which, thanks to her friendship, allows me to summon my familiar: yes Ash, I have one too: so come forth: Elemental Hero Arc Neos (ATK ? DEF ?) the creator of all spiritual energy!"

(Creator's Paradise: SPELL/RITUAL: This card can be used to summon Elemental Hero Arc Neos, you must also remove monsters from your graveyard that equal 10 stars or more.)

The sun and the moon seemed to shine on the field before another new monster appeared on the field: he was dressed like Neos, with the blue crystal on his heart and red streaks over his body: but his head was almost animalistic; his face was dark and had two red eyes looking over the field from behind a black mask with white armour spiking behind his head. In his hand was a gold staff that held two crescents connected by an X-shape bar as well as several archaic runes.

"Why are his attack and defence points undetermined?" asked Ash, looking to the duel monster, noticing how it seemed to remind him of someone.

"Because," Jaden explained, "My Arc Neos' special power increases his attack by the combined attack of Elemental Hero Neos and then by half of one Neos Fusion in my grave, such as Phoenix Neos, which increases his attack to 4350!"

"That's impossible!" gasped Alexis, most of the academy echoing her thought.

"Not impossible," Jaden told her, "And now, I'll throw down a face down and end my turn."

(Elemental Hero Arc Neos: ATK ? DEF ?/10Star/LIGHT/WARRIOR: This card can only be summoned by the effect of Creator's Paradise: when this card is summoned, increase this card's attack and defence by the attack and defence of Elemental Hero Neos and one Neos Fusion Monster in your graveyard. When your opponent takes their turn, they must conduct their Battle Phase.)

"My draw!" Ash exclaimed, before he noticed the staff of Arc Neos glowing, his monsters all straightening up as he asked, "What's happening?"

"My Arc Neos' effect is happening," Jaden explained, "Now, because it's your turn, you MUST battle Arc Neos."

With a groan, Ash looked to his hand, before he looked to his face down and smiled, "As an old friend of mine would say Jay; if that is what you wish! But first, I activate my Trap Card: Evo-Curse!"

A skull and crossbones appeared on the field, before it's print seemed to lock onto Arc Neos and Haos Magnus, Jaden gasping as he saw what was about to happen.

"Yes," Ash laughed, almost reading his friend's mind, "Now, during our Battle Phase, only our highest attacking monsters can do battle and then, we take the same damage no matter what! So you know what that means!"

"Sure do!" Jaden smiled, shaking his head as he felt a sense of déjà vu from his duel with Zane, "And if that's what you want Ash then so be it: Arc Neos attack: go Flames of Creation!"

"Haos Magnus attack!" Ash exclaimed, "Go Shining Sky Lance!"

The two attacks met head-on as Ash and Jaden felt the aftershock shake the island and indeed their duel, knocking both the King and the Guardian off their feet, the gasps of all the students mixing with the blast.

(Evo-Curse: : As long as this card is in play, only the highest attacking monsters on both sides of the field can conduct Battle: any battle damage is dealt to both players.)

Ash = 0

Jaden = 0

Ash groaned as he rubbed the back of his neck, before looking to Jaden, "Well, I wasn't expecting that! But how did both our life points hit zero?"

"Wiseman's special ability," explained Jaden, "When we conduct battle, you lose life points equal to the defence of your monster, but since your curse hit us both, we both lost!"

"So does that mean we got to duel again?" asked Ash, changing out of his Guardian's Armour.

"Yes," sighed Jaden, following suit, "And this time, nothing will hold me back!"

The two friends, and future rivals, then met each other in a firm handshake, the spirits of the familiars beside their masters, the academy all applauding in respect to what had truly been a close duel.

When they parted, Ash then looked around before he scoffed and groaned, "My toughest challenge and Dawn misses it: where is she anyway?"

"She's gone," Jaden gasped, "And I bet I know where!"

(Yes,) Yubel agreed, appearing before the two Chosen, (The Maiden has fallen.)

(Do not worry Guardian,) Destream spoke up, (We will rescue them, but to do that, we must defeat the Light.)

"I agree," Jaden nodded, "And I, Jaden Yuki, Supreme King of Darkness…"

"And I, Ash Ketchum, Guardian of Will…" added Ash, the two facing the direction of the White Dorm.

"Shall overcome all obstacles and save our friends: if darkness is my ally then I will use it to defeat Sartorius and all who follow him!"

"This battle," Ash nodded, "Has only just begun!"


KC Manor:

(See? We told you he was different now!)

May, Max and Mokuba stared in shock as Atem, Kura, Seth, Jouno and Khonsu let the vision of the duel fade away, the spirit of the Pharaoh looking to the Goddess of Joy as he waited for her response.

"He became the King May," Max told her, "And duelled with pride and friendship: not with evil: I've waited a long time to say this, but, you are clearly wrong about Jaden!"

(Wrong or not,) Jouno suddenly spoke up, (There is one piece to the puzzle yet to be revealed.)

Looking to the soothsayer, May asked, "What do you see Jouno?"

(I see a tower,) explained Jouno, (I see enemies becoming allies and I see a challenge from those who dwell in darkness: I see…a return of an old friend…I see…a place where destiny unfolds…)

"Do you have a name for this place?" asked Mokuba.

(Yes,) Jouno replied, before he looked to the Goddess, Defender and Prince as he announced:

(This battle, and the truth about the Chosen, will be revealed and fought…IN DOMINO CITY!)

So, two worlds are about to collide and Ash and Jaden stand alone as the Last Chosen of DA, but can they overcome the challenges and defeat Sartorius or will they fall?





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