Getting the Cast Right

Epilogue 2

By PaBurke (faithburke)

Crossover: Supernatural & Firefly

1000 Words


"Do ya notice River dancing more recently?" Kaylee asked Simon.

Since they were sitting there watching her dance again to music only she heard, Simon merely smiled his answer. "At least she's quiet during the twins' nap."

"True. Zoe didn't even have to threaten her."

River finished her dance and bowed to her audience. They clapped appreciatively.

"Why are you dancing?" asked Kaylee. Where most never bothered to ask Simon's sister a straight question –because they would never ever get a straight answer- Kaylee would.

"The music is too beautiful to sit still," River sighed. "Must fly with."

Simon and Kaylee just smiled at her answer. She was calm and speaking in almost complete sentences. That was something to be thankful for. Understanding might come later. Or it might not.

Zoë came out of the twin's room with a baby on each hip and huffed. She saw them and called out. "Can one of you get the feather out of Donny's mouth? I don't know where he gets them from, but he's found one again."

Simon, ever concerned with the affect of the baby's health, hurried to comply. "Again? I thought we removed every thing in their room that could have feathers."

"Apparently not," Zoë said wryly. "Something or someone must be giving them to him." She glanced at River, but Simon shook his head.

"She danced the entire time."

Kaylee took the feather from Simon. "They're so pretty and soft and white. I hope you are keeping them."

"Got a nice little pile," Zoe admitted. "Not sure what we're going to do with them."

"Inara's told me of pillows and even Ibeds/I made of feathers, supposed to be real soft and comfy," Kaylee dreamed.

Simon tried to put aside all thoughts of his rich upbringing and opportunities he wished he could give the mechanic. Instead he held out his hands to the babies. Donny pouted at him and ignored the offer, still peeved at Simon for taking away the feather. Charlie, on the other hand, accepted. He smiled as he cuddled the doctor. The doctor, of course, took the opportunity to complete a short physical exam.

Zoe watched his expert care. "Have you two thought about babies?" she asked.

Simon stilled, but didn't look at her. Kaylee cheerfully answered. "Later." She grinned big, "We're still having fun."

Zoe laughed at them. "Means more free babysitters for us."

"Good!" Mal called from above. "Two babies on Serenity at a time is plenty. You all know what I say about crew romances to begin with."

"You want one of your own?" Kaylee supplied cheekily.

Mal glared to no effect. He stepped down to join his crew. "When'd'I stop bein' Capt'n?"

"Oh, you're still captain, sir," Zoe reassured seriously. Then she ruined it by dumping poor Donny into his arms.

Mal would have had to be one cold-hearted bastard -or an Alliance officer- to not smile down at the dimpled youngster. Even Jayne was kind to the twins. "I going to give this boy to his daddy and I'll pilot for a while."

"I'm coming with you," River announced. "Maybe I'll hear more heavenly choir." That was River these days: sanity and sense blending seamlessly with insanity and in-sensical.


ICastiel tried to smooth down his feathers. For some reason, Dean insisted on yanking on his wings every time the angel picked him up. It hurt, but he liked the human having a keepsake. Just like how he liked whispering and rocking the boys to sleep. Castiel eased their dreams; they didn't need to remember now.

It was a flimsy protection, but one Castiel was proud to give. An easy duty for now./I


"Donny said his first word today," Zoe announced to the kitchen table later that day.

Wash looked up and grinned. "He finally said Mommy?"

"No," Zoe glared at River. "He said 'bitch'."

Kaylee and Jayne tried not to snicker.

River primly shrugged. "He was talking to his brother."

"River, the first name he calls his brother shouldn't be 'bitch'," Zoe tried to explain. "The boy's name is Charles, or Charlie."

"No it's not," River argued.

Zoe and Wash smiled at each other. "I think we know what we named our kids."

"But you didn't name them right. That's someone else's boys' names."

"River," Simon saw the early signs of her frustration and laid a hand on hers. "Names are something that parents decide."

"Not theirs. Bitch and Jerk have had names since before the Earth-That-Was, you can't confuse them now. The angels use their other names." River had been stuck on a religious theme for a while.

"River," Wash tried, "I'm sure the angels don't call them Bitch and Jerk."

"Of course not," River said. "They call them Dean and Samuel."

The whole crew blinked. They had never heard anyone address the twins by that name. Zoe considered it and looked at her husband with the question in her eyes. He thought about it and finally nodded. He wasn't all that attached to the names either way, it was the boys that he loved. And sometimes, he realized in the scary part of his brain, River was right in ways that he didn't understand.

Zoe leaned toward River. "If we change their names to Dean and Samuel will you stop calling them Bitch and Jerk?"

"Yes. We all call them by the right name and it will streamline their conscienceness. They will be steady in destiny's boat in the stream of time."

Wash was confused but he smiled. "We got a yes out of her. So from now on Donny is Dean and Charlie is Samuel."

"Sammy," River corrected. "He can be Samuel when he grows up into his height." She smiled at Jayne. "Sammy can be a girl's name too."

Wash huffed and dug into his meal. "Next thing you know, she'll want us to declare that Char…Sammy is a girl."

"And now you're just being silly," River countered. She seemed entirely too pleased with how the discussion had ended.