By PaBurke

Summary: Not my fault! Smoop and crack and humor.

Cross: DC universe, JLU universe

Words count: 100

"Cas!" Dean was so flabbergasted he ran out of words. He pointed to the curvy, unconscious figure on the bed. "Cas!"

Sam was the levelheaded one. "Dean, give Castiel a chance to explain."

"Yes!" Dean said. "Explain. You can bring fictional characters to life –like real life- and you choose this one?"

"I only have enough grace for one," Castiel explained patiently.

"You choose this one? Why?" Dean looked horrified. "Out of all the characters in fiction, or all the characters in her universe, why her?"

"She understands redemption."

"And?" Dean prompted.

Castiel looked slightly abashed. "I like her wingspan."


Yes, Castiel chose Shayera Hol.