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Barbara wheeled inside her penthouse, it had been a wonderful evening. She left her bag on the table and moved towards her bedroom. Since the accident she had needed to adapt the place to be able to move more easily inside her apartment and the Clocktower.

It had not been easy, she was depressed for almost two months and she had needed learn to live again, to do things for her herself. She had always been an independent woman and she wanted to stay that way.

Little problems became monumental tasks. Her challenges now came in all shapes and sizes and when least expected. Sometimes when she went to the orphanage a young child grabbed the handles on the back of her wheelchair and tried to push her, she was sure they would try to move the lever that controls the movement of the electric wheelchair too. The curiosity of a child is normal, but it could also be dangerous. Guarding the controls of her wheelchair was extremely important for the safety of all concerned.

Other times, while she was wheeling around some department store or park, a child would suddenly appear out of nowhere and stop, standing directly in front of her with eyes wide open as big as saucers, staring at her as if in a trance. So far she had always been lucky enough to stop her wheelchair in time to avoid running them over. Their feet seemed to be planted in the ground, unable to move until their mother arrived to grab their hand and jerk them aside, while glaring at her as if she had done something wrong, or scolding them for getting in the way.

Amused, she shook her head and began to fill her tub before untying her hair.

Sometimes she suffered the lack of ramps or sloped curbs instead having to hurdle high curbs or steps at every turn.

While she had to admit that great strides had been made for the benefit of people who have physical disabilities, post office, banks, service stations, public parking, and rest rooms, services that the entire population needed, were not always available for people in wheelchairs.

She removed her clothes, she needed a really warm bath.

Service stations were far behind the times in providing access for the wheelchair population. Most stations had lowered their gas pumps but had given little thought to providing sufficient room for wheelchair access in-between the vehicle and pump to fill their gas tank. If she parked too far away, the hose would not reach her gas tank. Nearly all of the full-service gas stations had been replaced with "convenient food store" fuel stations without outside attendants and that was terrible.

Few employees at these stations were trained on how to help a patron in a wheelchair. Often, employees who are trained, operate alone in the store, and they were not required to help because they would have to leave the convenience store unattended.

She slowly, transferred herself inside the tub. Once she was comfortable, she bathed her arms with a soft soap.

Her thoughts returned to her new daily problems. Most discouraging were parking spaces in shopping areas. The city and store owners had spent big bucks changing parking signs to read "Van Accessible", but often she was not driving a van with a lift. Worse was the fact that no one seemed to be able to control who parks in the van accessible parking stalls. The police did not usually issue tickets or have compact cars towed off.

The challenge of just going to a department or grocery store sometimes made her want to stay at home. Aisles were frequently too narrow, displays could be in the way, and she was fortunate if the wheels on her chair did not latch onto something that caused a large crash as she passed.

The real challenge was determining what and how much to buy, finding ways to get everything needed in one shopping trip, and then back home.

Barbara chuckled to herself resting her head on the ledge of the bathtub and closing her eyes. This goal could be accomplished, believe it or not, depending on exactly how ingenious she was using her wheelchair.

What she hated most were the hostesses in restaurants who invariably seated her in the direct line of traffic within an aisle. This made trying to consume a meal an ordeal as the back of her wheelchair was often jarred by people walking behind her, or worse, accidentally tripping over her wheels. She had learnt her lesson and now she always asked for a position away from the direct line of traffic.

After taking a warm and pleasant bath, the redhead dried herself and dressed in a light top and cotton shorts.

She wheeled inside her bedroom and transferred to her bed. Laying with her head on her pillow she stared at the ceiling.

God. She missed Helena, she missed her so much.

She thought she should be used to this by now, but no.

She turned her head to her night table and picked up a picture of herself and Helena. It was from the first time they had shared a Christmas with her dad as a couple. Her smile was so bright, so open.

She smiled and hugged it against her chest.

She wished she could be with her now.

Cooking was definitely not one of her best skills. The smell of burned eggs filled the place. Taking a cloth she grabbed the pan and threw the now black eggs inside the bin.

Barbara shook her head, it seemed her only option was to go out for breakfast. She looked at the mess she had just made in the kitchen. It was incredible how a computer genius like her couldn't even cook eggs. She moved a thread of hair back behind her ear. Maybe she could call her dad and ask him to join her.

"I knew you would be in trouble." A voice behind her said.

She recognized the voice and turned her head in surprise. "Helena?"

The brunette lifted the plastic bag she had in her hand. "I stopped to buy breakfast before coming here."

"What are you doing here?" Barbara asked happily.

Helena left her backpack on the table with the plastic bag and rested her hands on the arms of the wheelchair. "I couldn't last another day without you."

Barbara cupped her cheek and pulled her against her to give her an intense and hot kiss, cupping the back of her head with her hands. Helena opened to her and moaned in pleasure.

They enjoyed the caress, Helena loved the way Barbara kissed, it was soft, intense, gentle and sweet.

"Now, that was a great welcome home kiss." The brunette purred with golden eyes moving a few inches back "You do know that I have not had sex for a whole week?"

"I bet."

"I think I need a cold shower now, you are so damn hot".

Barbara chuckled. "I missed you so much."

"I missed you too." The young woman brushed her cheek against her. She moved back smirking and observed her. "I see your wheelchair is finally ready."

"Yes, it took me a while but it is working pretty well." Barbara wheeled back and lifted her hands in celebration.

"Pretty cool red." Helena said admiring her friend's new invention. This will help her to move more freely.

"So, you said you brought breakfast?" the redhead lifted her eyebrow.

"Yep, your favorite from Joey's coffee shop." The brunette opened the bag. She took out a cup of coffee and put it on the kitchen table.

"That's excellent. I thought you were coming back tomorrow, why didn't you call me? I could have picked you up from the airport."

"I wanted to surprise you." Helena sat at the table and passed a food container to the redhead.

"You did it, it was a nice surprise." Barbara couldn't hide her happiness.

"Oh. Look what I bought for him." the brunette put her food down, reached for her pack and opened it. She poked around for a few seconds and finally pulled out a plastic bag. She took out an oversized T-shirt.

"A Batman T-shirt?" Barbara asked amused looking the at black shirt with a Batman logo on its front.

"It's not a T-shirt, it's pajamas." Helena took out the matching boxers.

"Boxers with bats?"

"They're pretty cool, heh?" Helena said extending the shorts and looking at them.


The brunette showed Barbara a wooden box. "Look, this is for your dad, original Cuban cigars."

"Oh." Barbara took the box and looked it " 'Monte Cristo' he will love them."

Helena got up, moved behind Barbara and placed a thin necklace around her neck.

"And this is for you." Helena whispered kissing her cheek, "I thought of your eyes when I saw it."

Barbara admired the thin white gold and emerald pendant around her neck. It was exquisite. It seemed Helena had the same taste for jewels as her mother.

"Helena it's so beautiful." she turned her head and cupped the brunette's jaw between her fingers. She gave her a soft kiss on her lips. "Thanks so much."

"Anything for you." The young woman winked at her "Do you want fruit? I brought some with granola."

"Sure." Barbara touched the small pendant with her fingers. "Oh my, this really is so wonderful."

"I'm glad you like it." The brunette opened the food containers

"How was your travel?"

"The orphanage in Utah is working very well."

"And the factory? You said you were going to open it tomorrow." Barbara opened her container and took a fork.

"We opened it yesterday, so we will start selling shirts and raising funds with the profits soon. I tried to take last night's flight but it was full," Helena gave Barbara a glass of orange juice "so I took the first flight this morning."

"I'm glad your idea is working."

"Me too. How was the dinner yesterday?"

"It went well, your dad sends his regards." Barbara put a piece of watermelon in her mouth "Mmm, this is delicious."

"I'll call him, maybe we can have lunch with him. I need to tell him I've got tickets to the New Gotham vs. Yankees." Helena sipped her orange juice "First row area 101."

"Those are excellent seats. How did you get them?"

"I have my contacts."

Barbara felt happy. When she had thought all hope was lost, trapped inside the destroyed factory, Bruce as Batman rescued them.

Alfred had told her that while he was following her signal, Bruce had arrived at Clocktower looking for her. He had just returned from his long trip out of the country. He was there when the bomb exploded.

She had pleaded with him to help Helena, she was seriously injured and weak. The brunette fought for her life for almost three days, in all that time Barbara hadn't thought about herself. It wasn't until she knew Helena would survive that she realized that she was seriously injured, her spine had been damaged and she never would walk again.

She felt depressed and sad, thinking it would have been better to have died that night.

As soon as she could, Helena was at her side and didn't move until Barbara had left the hospital.

She'd had infinite patience with her, in her bad days, in her most depressed moments she was always there and she never made her felt useless or less than a complete person.

The young woman worked hard with Bruce and Alfred adapting the Clocktower and their penthouse to make it easier for her to move her wheelchair.

Bruce and Helena had finally learned how to talk to each other, Helena had moved on from her hate and had learned to forgive and live. She and Bruce had developed a good relationship and it was Helena who had proposed the twice a month meals with their parents; "We need to enjoy our family" the brunette had said.

She found that while she was sleeping at night, Helena spent hours in front of the computer reading and learning about disabled people.

After a few months they began to train together again. Barbara also trained under the tutelage of Richard Dragon, one of the best martial arts masters, and learned to engage in combat using eskrima sticks from her wheelchair. She developed her upper-body strength and targeting skills with both firearms and batarangs.

She spent hours on her training. Some days she took so much time training that when she was finally exhausted it was late and Helena had fallen asleep on the couch waiting for her. The brunette never complained, instead she always supported her.

She never stopped showing her love for her.

At first she had felt guilty, she refused to be intimate with the brunette for several weeks after her recovery. Helena had never been mad, instead she had been gentle and always said she would wait for her.

But she couldn't refuse her for long, Helena was sensual, breathtaking. She could say that Helena had seduced her and again she couldn't resist. Together they had learned a new way to make love, and every time it had been wonderful.

She observed Helena talking, she was expressive and waved her hands as excited as a big child. She could have any women or man she wanted. When they went out or to a restaurant it was common to see heads turning to see her.

Once she had heard a comment that had made her stop to think about the future of their relationship.

"How is it possible that this gorgeous girl could be with that invalid? She must be wild in bed, she needs someone who could satisfy her."

Sometimes she thought it was unfair for her young lover to be chained to a disabled person like her, she was young, full of life, bright.


Barbara blinked.

"I have been talking to you but it seems you are in another world." The brunette said cleaning her lips with a napkin.

"I'm sorry sweetheart," Barbara played with her fork on her plate "I was just thinking…"

"Thinking? About what?"

Barbara took a deep breath.

"When you have to take your time to answer it means it's bad." Helena crossed her arms on the table.

Barbara chuckled. "It's not that bad, I was thinking that maybe all this is unfair to you Helena."

"Unfair?" puzzled blue eyes looked at her, "What's unfair?"

"You, being tied to me." Barbara fixed her eyes on her "You are young, with a full life to live, you need some one who…"

The brunette stood up and walked to her, not saying a word, she leaned and kissed her. It was a light, soft and tender caress. The redhead kissed her back, it was impossible resist the call of her lover, her advances, her touches.

When Helena moved back her blue eyes showing her want, her need for her.

"Sometimes you think too much." Helena whispered letting her fingers trace the curve of her cheek. "I love you as you are. My life with you is full Barbara, it's the first time I know I don't need anything else."

"You make me feel like a complete woman." Barbara caressed the dark hair.

"You always have been." Helena locked her eyes on her "I can't avoid feeling jealous when I go out with you and I see how men look at you. But then I remember you are mine, and I feel so proud because you could choose anyone, handsome men, rich men, but you chose me, gave your heart to me. It took me so long to find you," she gave her a soft kiss on her lips "I'm not going to let you go now. Today I want it to be just you and me."

"You said you wanted go out to lunch with your dad." Barbara smiled "Maybe it would be good to call him first."

"Let him keep thinking I'm back tomorrow." Helena looked her with tender expression "Did I tell you how much I love you?"

"No." the redhead said playfully.

"Oh man, I always forget to say it…" the brunette purred "I'm an asshole, I love you red. I carry your heart with me and I'm never without it, anywhere I go, you go."

Barbara felt her heart ache, she never thought she could be loved with such devotion.

She trapped Helena's lips surprising her. This time her kiss was intense, filled with passion and Barbara felt an overwhelming need to be with her, she wrapped her hands around the young woman's neck.

"I want to see you dressed only in the necklace." Helena whispered in the redhead's ear.

Barbara smirked. "I can do that…"

The visual image was enough to make Helena's libido soar. Blue eyes morphed to gold. Helena kissed her and lifted her out of her wheelchair with a fast movement, the redhead chuckled.

"It seems you are in a hurry." She said.

"Do you know that your smile is an invitation for my imagination to go wild?"

"Mm… I'm going to smile all night."

Helena couldn't believe she had her in her arms, she couldn't believe the happiness filling her life. She felt blessed, loved, she felt so full, Barbara had changed her life. "I love you so much."

"My love for you is a journey;" Barbara traced her lips with her index "starting at forever and ending at never."

"Let's start it then…"

"Forever? Is it a promise?"

"Ending at never." Helena kissed her and not breaking the kiss, she carried her to their bedroom.


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