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The road to love is not always easy.

Chapter 1


Jared POV

Hey!! I am Jared Larson. High school student and werewolf in La Push. There are a whole bunch of us. Sam was first, then Paul and me, Embry, Jake, Quil, Leah and Seth, and Collin and Brady. It has been weird with a girl phasing, but we got used to it. Being is werewolf is great for the most part. It sucks that vampires have to exist for us to change, but the speed is great.

Another thing we do, which sometimes is not so great is imprinting. Sam was the first. He was dating Leah and then her cousin Emily came down for a visit and he imprinted on her. He tried to fight it so he wouldn't hurt Leah, but it hurt him too much. Jake and Leah have imprinted on each other so Leah's pain is just a memory. I sure hope that doesn't happen to me. I have Kim. She is a great girl and I don't understand why I never imprinted on her, but I guess since I have her and I love her so much that maybe I wont imprint. It is not supposed to be a common thing.

We are going to the beach today with Jake. His best friend Bella Swan, Charlie's daughter, who moved back about six months ago and is living in Forks. She is coming with her boyfriend Mike. Jake said he is a marshmallow and doesn't know what Bella sees in him. Oh well. We have been working overtime lately cause of random vampires in the area so a day at the beach with my Kim will be great. Emily and Sam are coming which surprises me. Ever since Sam accidentally hurt Emily she doesn't like to go out and let people see her scars. They were fighting about the imprint and Sam was still not in control of his feelings and phased to close to her. I have seen it in his mind. Oh yeah we can read each other's minds as wolves. It is awful how he feels. The rest of the pack is coming too. It should be fun.

Bella POV

I cant believe it has been six months since I moved here. I really thought I was gonna hate it, but it is not too bad. Mike makes things better. He is wonderful. He is funny and makes me laugh all the time.

Jake called me last night and asked me come to the beach today. I asked him if Mike and my friends could come too. He was very hesitant at first, but he agreed. I know he doesn't like Mike and I don't know why. Yes Mike is a little weird, but he is so sweet. He said the rest of his friends will be there and we can have a bonfire later that night.

So I am all ready to go and I am just waiting for Mike, Angela, Ben and Jessica and Eric so we can go. I am wearing my favorite bikini just so I can knock Mike's socks off. We haven't done anything further than second base, but I am hoping that soon will change.

Mike beeped the horn and I flew out the door and we headed to La Push. I was very excited. My mom took me to North Carolina a few years ago and Blackbeard the pirate is very famous down there so pirates are a big thing. I know, why am I telling you this. Well their treasure is called booty. Weird. I saw this cover up for my bikini when I was there that has a pirate head and the crossed swords and underneath it says "Surrender the Booty" I saw the double meeting and thought it was hilarious. I wore it today hoping maybe it would give Mike some ideas.

We got to the beach and I saw Jake and ran up to him to give him a hug. I still cant believe how huge he has gotten. Leah is lucky to have him. I am glad he found her and got over his crush on me. It was kinda awkward. The rest of his friends came up and he introduced them. While he was getting ready to that I took off my cover up and set my towel down. Mike about froze when he saw my bikini. Good it was working.

"Bells. I want you to meet the guys and girls. This Sam and Emily, Paul, you know Leah, this is her brother Seth, Collin and Brady. And this is Kim and her boyfriend Jared." Everyone this is Bella."

Wow! Jared is hot! I really shouldn't be thinking that. I just want to walk up to him and hug him. What is wrong with you Bella! You have Mike and he is with that girl, Kim. I just feel this pull towards him. Weird. Was he staring at me? He is just gawking at me and his girlfriend is standing right there. What a creep! The guys are looking at him kinda weird too. I have had enough I am going down to the water.

"Mike come lets go in the water."

"Ok Bella I am right behind you." I bet he is. He just wants to look at my ass. Teenage boys I swear.

Jared POV

Well here we are. First beach. Kim looks amazing in her bathing suit. Maybe I can find a secluded part of the beach and finish what we started earlier before the guys got there. Sex with Kim was amazing. She had a little bit of a wild side which no one of course knows but me, but I love it.

Jake ran up to who I assume is Bella. We got to her a few minutes later and she was looking down with Mike wrapped around her. He seemed to feel threatened by Jake. Jake was right he is a marshmallow. What is she doing with him and why was I suddenly jealous I wasn't holding her.

"Bells. I want you to meet the guys and girls. This Sam and Emily, Paul, you know Leah, this is her brother Seth, Collin and Brady. And this is Kim and her boyfriend Jared." Everyone this is Bella."

Holy cow! Bella looked right in my eyes and she was all I could think of. Suddenly the whole world stopped. Nothing else mattered, not even Kim. I was being kept on the earth by this beautiful angel and held to her with wire cables. She was my everything and I had to get to know her and protect her. SHIT! I just imprinted on Bella. This is gonna kill Kim, but I have to be with Bella. I guess I felt bad the marshmallow would be hurt too, but I need Bella like I need to breathe. I couldn't help but stare at her beauty and she looked hot in that bikini.

"Mike come lets go in the water."

"Ok Bella I am right behind you." I can see him watching her ass and I just wanted to rip his eyes out. No one looks at my Bella that way. I have to get into the water and talk to her. They guys were all looking at me weird and Jake and Sam pulled me aside.

"Jar- you imprinted on Bella didn't you?" Sam asked me

"Yeah. I did. I feel so bad for Kim and Mike too, sort of. Sam how did you do it?"

"It wasn't easy dude. Leah was really hurt, but I had to be with Emily. It is not going to be easy and maybe even a little harder since she has a boyfriend too. I will be there for you man."

"Wow Jared. I cant believe you imprinted on Bella. I know the situation is bad, but I cant tell you how awesome I think it is. She will eventually be away from the marshmallow and loved and protected her whole life." Jake said.

"Thanks Jake, but I still feel bad for Kim and I hope she will eventually be ok with this. I am going down to the water to see if I can talk to Bella."

I walked down the beach with Kim following behind me. She was not a dumb girl, she knew something was up. Of course she didn't know about the wolves, so she had no idea what imprinting is. I am gonna have to break up with her gently.

I could see Bella just standing in the water and she was breathtaking. We walked in the water and I walked up to her to talk to her. Mike was off talking to Eric a little deeper out and Kim was talking to Emily.

"Hey Bella."

"Um. Hey."

"I'm Jared"

"I know your name." Wow why was she talking to me like that. Maybe she caught me looking at her before.

"How do you like our beach so far?"

"It is great, but shouldn't you be hanging out with Kim? She is your girlfriend right?" Did I detect a little bit of jealousy.

"We have been dating for a bit. I really have to tell you though. I think you are gorgeous." Idiot she is gonna think you are a creep

"Listen Jared. I am sure you are a nice guy, but I am with Mike and even if I wasn't I am not into guys that already have girlfriends." Right them Mike came up and snaked his arms around her.

"Hey baby come on lets go out a little further." the marshmallow said.

"Mike I really just want to go and lay on the beach." My angel said.

"Isabella I want to go further out. Lets go now!" Whoa. Who does this asshole think he is. Didn't Bella just tell him she didn't want to

"Mike is that your name? Bella said she didn't want to go. Lay off man." I told him trying to do everything not to rip his head off.

"Dude go back to your girl and leave mine alone. Lets go Bella."

He grabbed her arm and started dragging her further into the water and that is when I lost it. I pushed him back and tore Bella out of his arms and put her behind me protectively. He was fuming and looked like he was ready to kill. There was something really weird about this guy and I didn't trust him. They guys came up then to see what was going on and I gave them the shortened version. I didn't expect what happened next. Jake walked up to him and punched him the nose. Bella fought through us and ran to Mike to see if he was ok.

"Jake what the hell is wrong with you?" Was she serious. The creep was trying to make her doing something she didn't want to.

"Bella he was trying to force you to go with him. Jared said you were struggling and there is no way any guy is gonna force you to do something." Jake was getting really mad and I could see him shaking

"Jake chill" Sam told him

"Jake, I am fine. Even if I didn't want to go with Mike that was no reason for you to punch him. I am ready to go home Mike. Can we go. We will talk later Jacob"

No! No! The angel cant leave. Plus I was afraid of what Mike may do to her. He better not have ever hit her or I will kill him. I could feel my heart starting to ache , just from thinking about Bella leaving. It would be too weird if I begged her not to go and I haven't talked to Kim yet. I have to let her go.

They were in Mike's car and gone before I could say goodbye. This was gonna be messy and it would have to handled delicately.

I walked Kim home and decided now was a good as time as ever.

"Kim we need to talk."

"What's going on Jared? What was that about on the beach with that girl?"

"Kim I don't think this is working anymore. You are a great girl and I am sure you will find someone someday that deserves you. I just don't want this to go any further and you get more hurt later on. I'm sorry." Shit now she was crying and I could tell she was getting angry.

"What the fuck are you talking about Jared. We were about to have sex this morning when the guys barged in. Now you are breaking up with me. I don't get it"

"Kim please. This is hard for me too."

"Wait! I got it. It is that girl. We have been together almost a year and now cause you met that bitch for a few seconds you want to break up with me and try to get with her. You are an asshole."

"Kim! This is not her fault and she is not a bitch. Don't call her that. I'm sorry I have to go. I hope you can forgive me one day."

I called Jake on my way to Forks to find out where Bella lived and I just sat in the woods behind her house. I could hear her crying and I wanted to go and comfort her, but I didn't. I did need to talk to her tomorrow though.

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