My name is Selene and I am sixteen years old. I have been running for the past two years. But that's not important right now; let me start from the beginning. I was six when the Division took my parents. My mom was a Mover and my dad was a Pusher. At least that's what the Division calls them. I am a 2nd generation mover, but through the years I've found out that I am a pusher also. And that's why Division wants me. I am the first of my kind. I am the first with two abilities.

Three years ago, a Sniffer found me in Chicago. The Division took me. I was put through "tests" and was a lab rat for two years until they found Kira. Then they choose Kira and I, if that's what you want to call. We were the only ones who survived the rest were killed during "the tests". Kira was the first one to get the drug and the first to survive. She was also the first to escape. Last I heard of her, she joined the resistance. That's where I plan on going, if I don't get caught first.

Six months after Kira survived "The drug", Division decided to inject me with it. I was the next to survive. They planned on developing me into a weapon. If there was going to be war, Division would win because they have me as there weapon. So I ran and I haven't looked back since. I don't remember what happened after I got out of there. The next thing I remember was waking up a week later in an apartment in London. I had a suitcase with me, with enough of the drugs to last me six years. I found out that after the first dose of the drug, you only need to take it once a week for two weeks then once a month before you start to get sick.

Two of my years are up. I need to find Kira, soon. But where do I start? This is my story.