Alright first, this story used to be a Maximum Ride fic for those of you getting alerts. But I changed it to Mortal Instruments because I have a better inspiration for that one. And I just can't get enough of those all human fics for Jace and Clary so I thought I would write one myself! I hope you enjoy it.

Here's the prologue.


Love hurts. We all know that. You can't feel love without feeling pain.

And you can't give love without giving pain.

But now, after being deluded into thinking love didn't exist, I have come to a very important question:

Will love hurt?

I look at my past, and the scars on my body. They all are telling me to turn away. That I'm just going to hurt myself even more.

But there's another pull; telling me that love is all there is to life. If you get it right.

I could easily choose to continue on my own, living this life I already have, alone.

But what if I miss the chance and regret it later?

Someday, I know I'll have to

Pick My Poison.

How was that? I little emotional, but I liked it^^

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