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It's been four years.

Four years from when they had their first kiss.

So many feelings were poured into it.

Love, lust, passion, anger, sadness, fear, happiness, joy, (too name a few).

Yet, now? Well how was she supposed to know? Coming back from Uni, to find out her marriage was being arranged.

Yep. Her parents- well mom- had done the ultimate.

Jessminder Kaur Bhamra was getting married.

To a guy she didn't even know.

So that's why she was in the pub, waiting for the love of her life to come out and greet her with a long passionate kiss and spin her in his arms like he was seeing for the first time in his life.

Usually, she was pretty cynical. Hated it when Jules boyfriend, James, yes James, came over to their dorm and pretty much made out with Jess' best friend on the couch.

But today, she was in the mood for the dramatic swoon-and-smooch.

Smiling, Jess looked down at her drink and traced her finger around the ring on the top.

She'd filled out the last few years. Instead of being a size 26A she was know a 36B. Her hips had widened to give her the perfect hourglass shape. Plus, she started to wear makeup, styled her hair, and wore prettier clothes.

True! Jess, sporty girl Jess, had done these things. She didn't add makeup often, but in some cases she would add a little eyeliner here, blush there. She styled her hair, got bangs cut, giving her a sexy-edgy look. Finally her clothes! Jess began to wear more stylish-yet athletic- looking clothes. So now Jess had become the perfect Indian ladki.

Well, somewhat perfect. Jess still was a footballer and currently, this summer, was planning to go back to the Harriers, except no pay, since she was still in college.

Ah, doctors. What are you going to do with them?

Anyways, our main girl began to sigh, recalling the memory of their breakup two years back.

It was a cold December day. Jess watched the snow fall on the football pitch, slowly getting higher with each snowflake. Jess stuck out her tongue to catch them in her mouth, happily sighing when they melted in her mouth.

"Hi," a soft voice whispered in her ear. She shivered at the touch of the warm lips pressing on the side of her neck.

"Hi to you, too," she murmured back. Jess' lips turned downwards, "Joe we need to talk."

"Okay. Did you know that the Harriers are going to need a captain? I was thinking you and Jules could-" Joe rambled.

"No. Joe. We need to talk about us…" Jess continued looking out into the snow again.

"Us?" He began nervously, "What do you mean?"

"I mean we need to talk about our relationship…" she looked down.

"Why? I thought we were handling this okay. I mean, really Jess, we're doing fine. Right? I mean, come on, I love you!" he exclaimed, his Irish lilt exaggerating his point.

"I love you too, but I can't help but feel maybe we're doing this wrong," she turned around so he could see her face.

"Joe you're 24. I'm 20. I'm still in college. A college in AMERICA. I need to be able to come back to Hounslow and not feel guilty that I'm leaving you. I miss you so much some days that I just want to abandon everything and run to you. But I can't, and I feel scared that I will," she dropped her head, feeling tears began to drip down her face. She wiped her eyes furiously. She looked at Joe, who was biting his lip sadly. He looked so handsome in his blue skinny denim jeans, white tennys, and black Calvin Klein.

"You're right Jess, I miss you too, so much, but I can't leave my life," they both stood still for a few minutes.

She was the first to break the silence, "So where does that leave us?"

After their last day together as a couple, she walked off heartbroken into the snow, going home.

Jess wiped her eyes again. She wished that she hadn't broken the relationship. Who knows? She might have been married to him by now, instead of getting married to some random Sikh.

She noticed her hands were slightly black so she walked to the bathroom to redo her makeup.

When she came back, she went to her seat and noticed Biji's pervert-of-a-grandson was here. Scared beyond belief, she jumped off her seat and ran and sat right in front of the pub owner.

"What would you like?" she noticed an Irish accent. No. It couldn't be him. She shook her head. Maybe she was imagining things. She hoped so. She raised her head and gasped silently.



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